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My Little Pony - The Legend of Friendship - Danieru

The lonely and boring live of an Earth Pony changes completely after he was chosen by one seventh Element of Harmony. Not only will this pony discover friendship but also the true story about the Elements of Harmony. Even if he doesn't want to...

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33. The Perfect Pet

Star Twinkle moved his head closer to a goldfish bowl on the second floor, where his pet goldfish Comet was inside.

“Alright! Are you ready Comet?!” Star Twinkle said

Comet didn't move and only blinked once. Star Twinkle then feed Comet with some fish fodder. Comet didn't move in response or even looked at the fodder that fell down past him.

“Okay! Don't eat too much or you'll get overweight,”

He put away the fodder and walked to his door in order to go outside for a while.

“I'm leaving now. And behave while I am gone, okay?”

Comet didn't move as a reply.

“Yup! See you too!” Star Twinkle said closing the door after waving to Comet.

He didn't know what the day had to offer but if he met one of his friend's something was sure to happen.

“I wonder what the others are up to,” he thought. “I think I go visit somepony!”

He then visited various places like Sugarcube Corner or Rarity's boutique in order to find somepony to spend time with. But nopony seemed to be home.

He went to the Golden Oak Library to look if Twilight was home. After knocking on the door a few times, Spike opened the door and greeted Star Twinkle. “Hey, Star Twinkle!” Spike said greeting Star Twinkle.

“Hey, Spike,” Star Twinkle greeted back. “Is Twilight home?”

“No. Don't you know? She is going to this Pony Pet Playdate,” Spike explained.

“Pony Pet Playdate?” Star Twinkle asked lowering his eyebrows in confusion.

“Yeah, she went to the park with Owlicious to meet everypony. They meet there every week,”

For something that they seem to do every week, Star Twinkle first heard about it right now.

“Didn't they tell you about that,” Spike asked puzzled.

“No,” Star Twinkle replied a little offended.

He felt a little left out to hear that. Maybe it was some kind of girls day? But it is called Pony Pet Playdate so it had something to do with pets? But Star Twinkle had a pet! So why wasn't he invited? Maybe this was all some kind of misunderstanding.

“Can you tell me where exactly they are?” Star Twinkle asked.

Spike told him where they went and Star Twinkle decided to visit his friends on this, Pony Pet Playdate. He went to the place that Spike described and found his friends, hanging around with their pets. Everypony except Rainbow Dash, who he found napping on a nearby tree. Under the tree were Winona, Gummy, Owlicious, and Angel. Those were all the pets of his friends. Opalescence was also there but she was climbing the tree, hissing at the other animals, causing Rainbow Dash to wake up.

Everypony walked up to the tree and fetched their animal companion. Rarity apologized if the animals caused Star Twinkle and Rainbow Dash any trouble.

“What are you all doing out here?” Rainbow Dash asked.

She didn't seem to know either, why the others gathered here but Star Twinkle slowly got an idea. It was rare to see everypony with their pets in the same place at the same time. But before he could end his thought, Applejack did the explaining.

“Why, we always round up our critters for a regular ol' Pony Pet Playdate in this park,”

Rainbow Dash didn't know about this either from the looks of it. This worried Fluttershy. She thought that Star Twinkle and Rainbow Dash knew about this. Pinkie Pie then explained the situation.

“We were totally gonna invite you, then Twilight remembered that you don't even have a pet, and Rarity remembered that you really like to take naps in the afternoon, so Applejack figured you wouldn't be missing out on anything anyway, and Fluttershy and I nodded our heads in agreement like this,” She explained making herself and Fluttershy nod.

“Oh, please don't be mad at us,” Fluttershy said apologizing.

That confused Star Twinkle. Did he never tell anypony about Comet? Everything was indicating that they didn't know. That would at least explain why he was never told about this weekly meeting.

Rainbow Dash felt a little left out and felt upset but that quickly changed after she looked at Star Twinkle in a rather relieved way.

“Oh, We're not mad. You all are right. Not much point of a Pony Pet Playdate for us if we're ponies without a pet, right Star Twinkle?” Rainbow Dash said kinda relieved since she expected Star Twinkle to not have a pet either.

Star Twinkle overheard that and felt that he should do some explaining.

"I have a pet..." he corrected bluntly.

The others all let out a surprised gasp and looked at Star Twinkle shocked.

“What?” Everypony replied in sync.

“Since when?” Rainbow Dash asked slightly bothered.

“Did I never tell you about Comet?” Star Twinkle replied, looking at everypony confused.

Judging from everyone's reaction that didn't seem to be the case. Fluttershy quickly walked up to Star Twinkle in excitement.

“Why did you never tell me? Where is he? What is he? Oh, you have to show him to me!”

It was really weird seeing Fluttershy this excited for Star Twinkle.

“Um...if you don't mind that is...” she shyly said backing away a little again.

Now that he thinks about, he really didn't tell anypony about Comet. This subject never seems to come up.

Pinkie Pie also walked up to Star Twinkle in excitement and had an idea. "Then how about we visit Star Twinkle's pet instead?" Pinkie Pie suggested.

Everypony liked that idea and gathered their pets to visit Star Twinkle's home in order to meet Comet. But Rainbow Dash had other plans.

“Now wait a minute!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed. “Since everypony of you got a pet, it would only be fitting if I got one for me as well!”

This caused Fluttershy to grin heavily in excitement. Of course, if Rainbow Dash wanted a pet, then Fluttershy would be the best pony to go to first. Rainbow Dash had practically no choice but to get dragged by Fluttershy to her cottage, where she could pick a pet.

Meanwhile, Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie, along with all their pets, followed Star Twinkle back to his home. They all were visiting Star Twinkle before, making it only more confusing why they didn't know about him. But just like Star Twinkle, Comet also liked to be in the background. That must have been the reason.

He opened the door of his house and walked up to his bedroom, where Comet was.

"Well, here he is. Meet Comet!" Star Twinkle said presenting everypony to an orange-colored goldfish inside of a fishbowl.

The girls let out some impressed expressions after seeing the small goldfish for the first time.

"That's why you can't take him outside. He's a fish," Twilight said.

"Guess it wouldn't matter much if he was inside or outside while in this bowl," Applejack pointed out.

Star Twinkle then introduced Comet to everypony and their pets. Pinkie Pie put her face close to the fishbowl, carefully inspecting Comet along with Opalescence who hissed at Comet but being the brave fish, he is, he didn't show any fear.

"He doesn't seem to be moving," Applejack said.

"Yes, is he okay darling?" Rarity added worriedly.

Star Twinkle wondered what they meant with that and inspected Comet himself. "What do you mean? I never saw him this excited before," Star Twinkle said happily.

The other three ponies once again looked at Comet with more inspecting eyes but couldn't see any difference.

Comet wasn't moving an inch but Star Twinkle kept staring at Comet as if he was the most entertaining pet ever.

"Oh! Does he know some tricks?" Pinkie Pie asked excited while bouncing up and down.

Star Twinkle was waiting for this question. Of course, Comet knew a lot of tricks, ranging from underwater loopings, stunt jumps or spirals. But Star Twinkle decided to show them a trick, that Comet mastered a long time ago. This one will surely show them how awesome of a pet he is.

"Alright, get ready!" Star Twinkle said excited, grabbing the attention of everypony again.

It worked. Everypony seemed excited for whatever was coming up. Star Twinkle looked determent into Comet's bowl and gave a signal. "Comet......play dead!"

Nothing happened inside if the bowl. Comet was still not moving an inch but Star Twinkle smiled proudly as if the trick was a success.

Pinkie Pie let out a huge gasp. "It's like he really is...dead..." Pinkie Pie said worriedly.

"Don't worry, he's fine," Star Twinkle assured.

Meanwhile, the other three ponies looked at each other confused. They didn't quite know how to reply to this "performance".

"Okay, stop scaring them anymore, Comet, " Star Twinkle said.

Rarity poked Applejack's side, prompting her to say something since she clearly was at the loss of words.

"Well, he does seem to be...unique..." Applejack said trying her best to describe Comet.

"Yes! Just like you!" Twilight added.

"Exactly!" Rarity joined.

Star Twinkle felt flattered after hearing these words. But he was not expecting anything else. He already knew how awesome Comet was.

“I hope Rainbow Dash will also find a pet like Comet,” Star Twinkle thought to wonder with which animal Rainbow Dash will end up.

Later that day...

From what Star Twinkle gathered, Rainbow Dash was holding some kind of competition to find out which pet was most suiting for her. Star Twinkle wanted to find out what this was all about and decided to check out this competition.

The competition was held next to the Town hall of Ponyville. A duck, a hawk, a flamingo, a toucan, a butterfly, a bat, and much more flying animals have assembled in front of Rainbow Dash. Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie were watching nearby and Star Twinkle decided to join them. Before he met up with them, he couldn't help but overhear Rainbow Dash's words.

“So! You all think you've got what it takes to be my pet, do ya? Well, we'll just see about that! If any of you don't think you can handle it, bow out now before you humiliate yourself in front of your peers. This competition isn't for the weak. You'd better be prepared to step up your game! There's only room on Team Dash for one of you, and my future pet needs to be able to take it to the extreme! Any questions?” Rainbow Dash shouted to the animals.

Star Twinkle raised an eyebrow after hearing those almost intimidating words from Rainbow Dash. When he arrived near the town hall building, his friends seem to have the same reaction.

“Does she understand what a pet really needs?” Applejack said.

“She does seem to take it a little too serious...” Star Twinkle added.

Fluttershy pushed a turtle next to Rainbow Dash, helping it to enter the competition as well. Rainbow Dash wasn't exactly happy to see that.

“Seriously, Fluttershy! The turtle? What did you bring that thing here for?

“Technically he's a tortoise, and he's always dreamed of being some ponies pet. He just wants a chance to compete, he won't get in the way. You won't even know he's here,”

Rainbow Dash instantly refused after just looking at the tortoise but Fluttershy managed to convince her to at least let him try.

“Alright, now these games will determine which one of you has the most important qualities I'm looking for in a pet. Speed. Agility. Guts. Style. Coolness. Awesomeness. And radicalness,” Rainbow Dash said, explaining what she was expecting from her future pet.

She planned some tests in order to find out which pet is most suited for her. Star Twinkle didn't exactly see the reason for that. Rainbow Dash should not judge the animals by their skills. But since one of them will be Rainbow Dash's pet. He guessed that other rules would apply.


The first test was a good old race. Every animal placed themselves on the starting line and waited for Rainbow Dash to start the race. It was a somehow close race with the falcon being first. Unsurprisingly the tortoise was last, barely moving from the starting line. After Rainbow Dash saw that she approached the tortoise.

“That's just sad,” she said to the tortoise disappointed.


This test involved some kind of obstacle parkour. The animals had to fly through multiple obstacles in order to prove their agility. This time a hummingbird was standing out of the crowd.

“Yeah, baby, now that's what I call agility!“ Rainbow Dash said impressed.

She then offered a high five to the hummingbird but the bird fell down a little since he had to hold himself up in the air with his wings.

“I'm gonna shave a point off your score for that,” Rainbow Dash said, scribbling down something on her clipboard.

Again, Rainbow Dash looked over to the tortoise. Since the little guy couldn't fly, he could not show off any of is...skills in terms of agility.

“Wanna know the opposite of agility? That,” Rainbow Dash said, flying past the tortoise.


Nopony was really sure how the next test was supposed to be until Rainbow Dash brought a cat cage with opalescence inside.

“Okay! Which of you has the guts to try and get Opal's favorite toy away from her?” She said before placing a toy mouse in front of the cage.

Opalescence walked outside the cage and hissed angrily sending shivers down the spines of every animal except the butterfly. The butterfly approached Opalescence and hypnotized her with her colorful wings, giving it the time to snatch the toy away and bringing it to Rainbow Dash.

“Now that takes guts!” Rainbow Dash said impressed.


The next test was basically a photo shooting in Rainbow Dash style. Every animal was supposed to shoot a stylish picture with Rainbow Dash. Rarity, of course, helped out a little.

“Any pet of mine's gotta look good, 'cause you gotta make me look good!” Rainbow Dash said before taking the last picture with the tortoise.

But right before the picture was shot, the tortoise drew in his head, leading to a really lousy photo. It was not clear which animal won this competition but it was obvious that it wasn't the tortoise...again.


Star Twinkle was not sure what this test was supposed to prove. Every animal had to let out a shout that sounded cool.
In the end, an eagle seemed to win this competition. The longer the competition was, the more Star Twinkle was wondering.

There were so many animals to choose from. But Rainbow Dash was taking it a little too serious. Judging them all by their abilities or appearances seemed...wrong.

Awesomeness/ Radicalness

Every animal had to perform something awesome on stage in front of Rainbow Dash. This ranged from dancing, knitting, magic tricks Rainbow Dash was not impressed by most performances. This time the bat won by playing a familiar theme song on some wine glasses, before shattering them with a screech from his voice.

“Whoa! That was truly awesome!” She said impressed. “But I'm afraid this is the radicalness competition, so I'm gonna have to take some points off,” she added.

And again the tortoise tried his best too. He attempted to walk through some home-made and dangerous looking obstacle course. There was a jumping board, a pool, a guillotine, a looping, and a burning ring. Luckily he didn't come very far because he tripped after a few meters, saving him from going through this monstrosity of an obstacle course.

Rainbow Dash walked up to the tortoise and tried to talk some sense into it.

“Listen, turtle...”

“Tortoise,” Fluttershy corrected who appeared behind the curtain of the stage.

“Whatever! You've had your fun, but I think you and I both know who made the cut and who didn't,” Rainbow Dash hinted waiting for a response from the tortoise.

But there wasn't a response.

“You didn't. I mean... 'A' for effort and everything, you gave it your best shot, maybe I've got a gold star sticker around here somewhere you can have, but, seriously, go home. You're starting to creep me out,”

Rainbow Dash then turned to the other pets to announce the last competition.

“You're all outstanding competitors, but there can only be one of you who's number one. So the final tie-breaking contest is going to be... pause for dramatic effect... a race against... me! Through Ghastly Gorge!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed excitedly.

Ghastly Gorge was a long canyon near Ponyville if Star Twinkle correctly recalled.

“Do you really think that this is a good idea? Isn't Ghastly Gorge supposed to be really dangerous?” Star Twinkle asked.

Nah, Ghastly Gorge isn't scary. It's fun. I've flown through it a million times myself, so obviously I'll be at the front of the pack,” Rainbow Dash assured.

Of course, it wasn't dangerous for her if she flew through it so many times. This competition became more and more ridiculous.

Rainbow Dash turned to the pets again and explained the rules.

“Whichever of you make it across the finish line with me will have proven you can keep up with me and will have earned the honor and glory of getting to be my pet!”

Rainbow Dash wanted everypony to wait at the finish line at the end of the canyon. Made sense since it would take the other a little more time to get to the finish line at the same time like Rainbow Dash.

The race should have started a few minutes ago and everypony had just to wait until Rainbow Dash and her new pet would arrive.

“I wonder which pet will arrive first!” Pinkie Pie said excited bouncing up and down.

“My bet is on the Falcon!” Applejack said.

“I think every one of them deserves it,” Fluttershy said.

Hearing that made Star Twinkle look a little depressed. He had the feeling that this competition wasn't necessary. Picking a pet like that felt wrong...

“This is stupid...” Star Twinkle said, thinking that nopony would hear it.

“What do you mean?” Twilight asked.

“You shouldn't judge your pet by factors like coolness or style. A pet is more than that. It's like a companion. A friend,
I think Rainbow Dash is taking this a little too serious,” Star Twinkle explained with a frown on his face.

“I think you take it a little serious too,” Twilight said with teasing eyes.


“I have the feeling that you want Rainbow Dash to end up with a pet that not Rainbow Dash deserves but a pet that deserves to be Rainbow Dash's pet,” Twilight explained.

“I do?” He replied confused.

“I could tell that you have a really strong bond with your pet. You want Rainbow Dash to feel like that too,”

“I do?” He replied once more.

Was that the reason? He wants Rainbow Dash to be happy? Since when does he think like that?

“Maybe...” he said avoiding eye contact out of embarrassment.

Twilight smiled to see this response from Star Twinkle. She turned her head in direction of the canyon and noticed the first animals approach the finish line. “Look! The first ones getting closer,” Twilight said pointing at the canyon.

Out of curiosity, Star Twinkle turned to the direction of the canyon to find out which animal was winning.

First, the Falcon arrived, followed by the eagle, the bat, and the owl. But where was Rainbow Dash? Shouldn't she be in first place?

Everypony else quickly came to the same conclusion. Twilight took out some binoculars to look out for Rainbow Dash.

“Something's not right here,” Twilight said, looking through the binoculars.

“Where's Rainbow Dash?” Fluttershy said taking the binoculars away from Twilight.

“Great galloping galoshes! There's been an avalanche in there!” Applejack said, taking a look through the binoculars herself.

“Well, she was the one who said that the canyon wasn't dangerous...” Star Twinkle said which was probably not the right moment to say right now.

Concern was starting to grow in the group until Pinkie Pie spotted something in the distance.

It was the tortoise, carrying Rainbow Dash on it's back.

Being glad that Rainbow Dash was okay, everypony cheered for the tortoise till it arrived at the finish line. But since he was a tortoise, it took quite some time.

“Maybe we'd better go meet him halfway,” Fluttershy suggested.

Twilight then levitated the finish line closer to the tortoise and Rainbow Dash, making them both cross the finish line at the same time.

“Oh, thank goodness you're not hurt, Rainbow!” Twilight said relieved.

“Just my pride,” Rainbow Dash replied rubbing off the dust on her coat.

Rainbow Dash swallowed her pride and thanked the little tortoise for saving her.

Meanwhile, Fluttershy presented Rainbow Dash's new pet. It was the falcon who was the first animal to cross the finish line.

But instead of excitement or happiness, Rainbow Dash showed signs of regret and sadness

“What's the matter?” Spike asked confused.

“You got your perfect pet right?” Pinkie Pie added.

“The best of the best like you wanted, remember? It can fly and it's not a squirrel! Should we sing about it again?” Fluttershy suggested.

The Falcon landed on Rainbow Dash's front leg and presented himself with pride.

“A falcon sure looks good on ya, Rainbow,” Applejack complimented.

Before Rainbow Dash knew what was going on Rarity, took a picture of her and the Falcon, causing the tortoise to hide inside in his shell again in fear. But Rainbow Dash managed to calm him down again.

She seemed confused about what to do at the moment. Her confusion eventually, led her to look at Star Twinkle. Star Twinkle hinted at the tortoise and Rainbow Dash understood what she should do.

The falcon sure does looks cool... He's absolutely everything I wanted in a pet. But I said whoever crosses the finish line with me gets to be my pet. And the only racer who crossed the finish line with me was the one who stopped to save me when I needed help. The tortoise!” Rainbow Dash explained, causing to falcon to feel upset but still admitting defeat and congratulating the tortoise.

The tortoise was happy and slowly build up a smile on his face, much to the amusement to everypony.

Rainbow Dash learned a valuable lesson and wanted Spike to take a letter for the princess.
He took out a scroll and Rainbow Dash dictated her lesson.

I used to think that the most important traits to look for in a pet, or any best friend, were all physical competitive abilities. But now I can see how short-sighted and shallow that was. Today I learned what the most important quality really is. A certain kind of spirit. A stick-to-it-ive-ness. A never give up, can-do attitude that's the mark of a real winner. And this tortoise has it.

“You just can't stop that little guy. He's like a... like a... Tank!” She said naming the little guy.

But despite all that one important question was still in the room.

“I am really happy for you Rainbow Dash but aren't we forgetting something?” Star Twinkle said lowering the mood a little.

“He's right. You didn't want a pet that couldn't fly because it would keep you grounded and hold you back, remember?” Fluttershy added.

However, Rainbow Dash had an idea...

After the race, everypony decided to continue their Pony Pet Playdate. Star Twinkle even decided to bring Comet with him.

“C'mon, Tank! We're gonna be late for our very first Pony Pet Playdate!” Rainbow Dash said excitedly.

A few meters away, Tank was strapped to some kind of flying device, making it possible for him to fly along Rainbow Dash.

Everypony was playing with their pets but Star Twinkle and Comet were relaxing in a quiet corner.

“Well, looks like we have now a special day in the week to spend time together. Right Comet?”

Comet didn't answer nor did he moved.

“It is kinda funny how Rainbow Dash, the fastest flyer in Equestria ended up with a turtle. But then again we are pretty different too, right?”

Comet didn't answer nor did he moved.

“I must admit, I never expected to see a flying turtle...” he said lowering his eyebrows.

Meanwhile, far away from Ponyville a certain Steel winged pony sneezed and rubbed his nostril for unknown reasons...

Author's Note:

I just loved writing that cringe part where Star Twinkle was introducing Comet XD.

I hope you had fun reading this chapter and I would like to hear some feedback from you.
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