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New to writing, but really wanna try and get things out. Oh, and if you follow me, I'll follow you back. Something I got in the habit of doing back on Twitter.



Sol, a kind and protective unicorn with apricot fur, and charcoal black mane and tail with pearl white highlight, and a rose behind a shield for his cutiemark, dies trying to protect his special somepony. As he draws his last breath, he sees the monster that killed him tear her apart. Now, after a unique experience with Death, the king of souls, he stands at the border between life and death. Will he choose to forget his death and try to live life like it never happened? Or will he become a revenant, one of Deaths own hands in Equestria? Or will he forge his own destiny with his new un-life?

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Comment posted by DAMN HAMSTER deleted Mar 26th, 2016

This isn't going to end well.

I'm hooked and really liking this story. :pinkiehappy::moustache::pinkiehappy:

7067504 Thanks! Just published another chapter if you wanna read it!

7067114 Deleting comments isn't a good idea.

7068460 Ah. He insulted me. I'm sorry for doing that, but even I have a limit to how much I'll be pushed before I bite back.

7068460 I dont see anything wrong with that, as is his right to do so towards hateful remarks and such.

7068509 Yeah, but I try not to do such things. Even if they are rude.

7068516 I understand, though I am a bit biased on the subject due to some nasty family business. :pinkiesick:

anyway, great read! I am anticipating the future. :pinkiehappy:

7068549 Hope you get to feeling better... Or am I misreading the emotion in that...? And I plan on continuing until I get done with my basic arc, and then wait for requests to do various fan made demons, like the Six Winged Serpent.

7068556 is in past no worries there. best of luck for you and your stories my friend. :heart:

7068577 A'ight. And same to you!

7068509 Some authors delete criticism, and once a comment is deleted, no one actually knows what it was.

7068939 Trust me, it wasn't criticism. It was an insult.

7068944 Never said I didn't trust you, was just explaining the reasoning to Hare.

7069001 :facehoof: Sorry. I saw that you commented on the story, so I just reacted...

7068939 criticism is fine and helpful. I can see the problem with authors deleting them if it is pointing out flaws and such they dont want to accept, and most of them will never grow to be greater.
and I understand the difference between critism and just plain mean insults, it is the latter that I am against although I cannot do anything about as this is the internet.
please do not take this as an argument, I just like having conversation, it is most difficult for me. :pinkiehappy:

7068939 And personally, I think the author should have the capability to undelete comments as well as delete them, if they're on a story that they wrote.

Why are the chapters so short? Why is this story on hiatus?

7079310 Because I used up the inspiration that came for the story... Plus, I haven't gotten any requests for any demons to pit Roseshield against.

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