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Cloudchaser has been dating Thunderlane for quite some time but things don't go so well when she discovers he isn't real serious. Cloudchaser is heartbroken but fortunately for her, her sister Flitter will be there to mend her broken heart.

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Nice story and it had relly good happy ending u earn a good tumbs up :twilightsmile:

Thunderlane, you fucking moron. :ajbemused:

7059414 Thanks, I decided it should end happily. I was inspired by other FlitterChaser stories to write one with this ending.

Oh, this is going to end in tears. WATCHING! :pinkiecrazy:

Idiot move.

The one you love is closer than you think.

This story was a charm to read. I cried on the second chapter and my heart warmed up on the third. I love the amazing plot of fake love to true love. These two are definitely my favorite twins to read about. You can really feel the love coursing through your body.


They are a great set of twins, I'll admit that. Both are unique in their own way but I'll admit, Flitter is my favorite of the two....that bow in her mane makes her so adorable.

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