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Hi, I became an MLP:FiM fan because of a traumatic event. I had decided to take advantage of the show's famous heartwarming moments as a means of helping my recovery. Then I just got hooked.


The Conversion Bureaus. They exist throughout existence. They shouldn't, yet they do. A cancer wrecking havoc across reality. But, much like time, the multiverse is a living thing. To travel through it is to rip and tear at it. Hurting it. All organisms have a "fight or flight" response. However, the multiverse is incapable of fleeing, it can only cower in fear. However, all parallel universes are different. There is a "flow" within the time-space continuum. Fluctuations in nth-dimensional thermodynamics. And, because of unforeseen variables and recent errors in the calculation of quantum metaphysics, the multiverse can at last fight back.
These are some tales of how Equestrian Conversion Bureaucracies experience the true, ultimate consequences of the Law of Excession Under An Alien Sun: they must face an Outside-Context Problem.

This is a Twilight Zone-esque take on MLP:FiM fanfiction "The Conversion Bureau" sub-genre.

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Well, it is called My Little Pony. Love it! So what will the future chapters be like? I'm assuming they will all be alternate timelines in a teleportation of Equestria to Earth, but there will always be something wrong or out of place. Acting upon this theory, I am compelled to suggest a chapter in which all the ponies are turned into babies by the teleportation.

I don't know if I should spoiler-mark that or not.

Thanks for the suggestion, but it's a little to comical for the theme.
Also, not all of them will involve teleportation mishaps.


Please Can you explain how much small by comparing? Is Ant sized pony?


Equestria is about the same size as the piece of gum someone will have the misfortune of stepping on.
And yes, ponies are size ant.


Thanks for the suggestion, but it's a little to comical for the theme.

....you just had them squished by an oblivious kid.

Are you sure you have the right tags?


Yes, I just had a xenocidal caricature of the Equestria that we all know and love literally stepped on.

What do you mean by "am I sure that I have the right tags"?


Reading this chapter, it came across as pretty much a joke. You have the setup, the rising action, and then the punchline. Ponies go to earth to convert humans, ponies struggle greatly, ponies are little. This seems, to me, like a comedy.

A dark comedy, maybe. But comedy nonetheless.

I see your point. However there are two problems with your point.

1) This take on The Conversion Bureau is more along the lines of The Twilight Zone. (I explained this in the description in the form of super small text.)

2) I have already reached the maximum number of tags.


1. There's not really that much Twilight Zoneish about this, at least not yet.

2. You can remove and replace some tags. Horror and Thriller are border cases, and this isn't really Sci-Fi--even factoring in the multiverse concept, that's a common fantasy trope anyway, and nothing here strikes me as true scientifically influenced fiction.


Thank you for the tips.

But I feel that I should inform you that further chapters are pending inspiration.
And, there are several other stories that I am working on.


Umm, I do not understand.

7109396 Whoops sorry, i thought i posted that in your user page.

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