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So, my name's Jackson. Or, at least it was. Now it's [REDACTED], AKA The Doctor. My best friend, Jones is now a Type 40 Mark 3 TARDIS. An antique. To think, I'm over a thousand years old when a bit ago I was 23, and all of this because of some stupid Doctor Who merch at Comic Con. So, join me as I become the "last" of my race, and on to crazy adventures!

This is a Doctor Who displaced by the way, if you didn't catch that.

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I like this, you did well making the first chapter.

I have stories on Fanfiction too, they are all under ‘magical fan18’.

Okay, now that’s clever so now if he ever wants to look or appear as a different doctor then all he has to do is just think and will it to happen and the Tardis copies his Doctor’s desires.

I think it only happens when he's inside the TARDIS and not outside, also I think the TARDIS changes to what that Doctor use in the show... I think.


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