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just another brony with random story ideas.

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While I do like that Glimmer is in the story, does it really count as something to put in the futaquestria group? Unless of course, your version of Glitter is actually a hermaphrodite or they're not the reason for it.

7049618 Glimmer isn't the herm/futa in the story, but there is one in the story, so yes, it goes in Futaquestria.

Why do some of y'all start sequels for stories that are not done yet? :ajbemused:

7054271 This is a spinoff story, has no relation to the 'prequel' other than it is a part of that universe I have created. I just needed a way to attach it to the 'Main Universe Story' and all we have is the Prequel/sequel thing.

7054279 thank you, it didn't click like that. :twilightsheepish:

so this is clop?

Nice and good story! I hoped for the presence of villains, and your choice (even if a bit prevedible) doesn't disappoint. I'll be waiting the next chapter with joy.

7054469 If it was, we would've seen what Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were up to. There will be clop like scenes and possible clop though.

7054614 I wanted to try coming up with something different, but I had to work in an hour and said "fuck it, yolo, Diamond Tiara"

7055520 yeah i was just wondering since i saw the futanari group this story was in

the next chapter is partially written. I do plan to update this eventually. A lot on my plate at the moment but I am on vacation right now and writing up a storm of updates

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