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The Sirens were defeated at the Battle of the Bands. Adagio and Aria disappeared, leaving Sonata behind to fend for herself. After two weeks of being alone the lone Siren returns to the school where her life changed, intending to use the portal to go home at long last. Instead she ends up in a land that's at war with itself, split between two factions that fight for dominance.

Sonata will have to use all her wits, her skills, and anything else she can muster if she wants to survive the experience. She'll have to fight the undead, people who rob others for wealth, crazy demons, and dragons, all while wondering if there's a chance to redeem herself and get a fraction of her former powers back.

(This is my first story, so I apologize if there are spelling and grammar mistakes. I would also like to credit the authors Blackdrag-rose and Erised the ink-moth, for without their Elder Scroll stories I would not have been inspired to write this story.)

Chapters (40)
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Comments ( 475 )

This is an interesting start to an adventure. Never thought I'd see one of the Sirens go to Tamriel, but I'll wait and see what the random Siren does.

I can't wait to see the rest of the story. I hope Sonata pulls herself together and uses the cogs in her head more often. Other than that, good start.

Never would have expected Sonata to go to Nirn, but I'm definitely going to watch this and see where it goes. Sonata would make a good Dragonborn... or maybe Kree.

7049701 I thank you both for giving the story a chance. I'll make sure Sonata pulls herself together.

7050225 And thank you, for giving me the inspiration to write.

7050225 I'll bet this will be like Sunset and Bjorn. Remember: any character who can read the word walls means they are very likely to be Dragonborn.

7051543 Lol. Yeah, I guess that's true. Pretty sure its Sonata though.
And now I have to wonder if she'll go to Helgen first or write up the events before hand.

This looks interesting! I love sonata and I love skyrim this is a match made in heaven for me! I look forward to seeing where you go with this story!

Loving this so far! I think I'll keep an eye on this one.

So did Kree see that Sonata still have the potential to use her magic, which she accidentally accessed during training?
Or did she see that there might be a fragment of Sonata's Siren powers lingering around her?

And so Ulfric and the Stormcloaks arrive in Fort Neugrad (I'm assuming that those are the prisoners). Which means that Helgen is going to happen soon.

Somewhere along this story, I'm going to laugh if Sonata notices she regained water breathing in the middle of a crisis :rainbowlaugh:

Because if Sunset had a horn in Blackdrag-rose's story, why can't she hold a trait of her native land?

Alduin has returned, just like the prophecy said he would!
But in seriousness this was a different take on the opening of Skyrim, and I approve.

Very well done. I can't wait to see what happens next!

And now the adventure of Sonata and Kree can truly begin. Definitely doing a good job.

Nice. Now all they have to do is go to Whiterun and tell the Jarl about the dragon.
Or head to Bleak Falls Barrow and get the claw back for the general goods owner.

That start was interesting, having the captain ask if she was okay and then followed by throwing up.

Found this one after reading the latest chapter of Blackdrag-rose's fic. We have Sunset in Skyrim, and now Sonata. Should I jump on the bandwagon with a Spike in Skyrim fic?

7089864 That would be neat, but how would that actually work?

7090128 I dunno, I'd have to do some more thinking on that.

I'm loving this story! Does this mean sonatas Dragonborn?

I'll bet that Sonata's part Argonian and I'm glad she's portrayed as smart here.

7092228 Well she read and understood the Word Wall, so I think its safe to assume that she's Dragonborn.

7092264 It seems that she might be showing pieces of her power. I'm also glad that she's being smart in this story.

Bleak Falls Barrow is cleared, the Golden Claw and Dragonstone are recovered, and the possible Dragonborn has been revealed.
Now its time to go to Whiterun.

7092320 Sirens sing, Dragonborn shouts
Coincidence? I think NOT!@
Maybe there's still a Dragonborn who isn't Sonata?
Maybe they will have more power to their shout while she has superior control over the effects?

7093372 Hmm... Maybe Kree is the actual Dragonborn, and when they combine their two powers Sonata actually augments the overall power! That actually sounds like something that might actually be possible.

7090257 I thought about the idea... maybe we could have a Starlight in Skyrim story? Spike would be great and all, but I'm not certain how that would even work out.

When did Bjorn and Sunset show up?

7131873 Methinks someone goofed and copy-pasted from Blackdrag's story, then forgot to make edits.

7131923 Actually, I had the latest update from his story on my mind when I was writing this and, well, I seem to have accidentally added his characters and didn't catch my mistake.
Forgive this writing novice and my mistakes.

7131873 I can answer that... I had Blackdrag's story on my mind while I was writing this... I apparently mixed his Bjorn with my Kree and his Sunset with my Sonata.
I'm a novice at writing, so I hope my readers can forgive me when I make a mistake.

7131923 I'm going to have to believe the two of you, because it seems like she corrected her error the moment you guys said something.

Is it bad that I'm interested simply because I just started playing Skyrim a few weeks ago (I'm late to the party)? I mean, ever since I started, I've become more interested in stories like this. Anyway, time to read!

Good chapter as per usual. I laughed my butt off on that one scene where Lydia charged in shouting Leroy Jenkins.

7195511 I have to agree with you, I laughed when she did that. I'm liking this Lydia already.

Lydia in canon has a habit of rushing into battle, especially if she's equipped with a greatsword or battleaxe.

"LEEEEROOOOOY JENKINS!" Lydia shouted, charging at the fortress

Ah, there is the Lydia everyone knows from their Skyrim adventures.

Huh... Sonata in Skyrim. I wonder where she'll go in this story.

Interesting. I do believe that she might be on to something.

And there's Alduin. Now the story can truly begin.

Hahahahaha. Sonata throwing up was awesome! :pinkiehappy:

So, Sonata's the Dragonborn and she's got the argonian ability to breath underwater... interesting.

One dragon down... about a legion more to go.


And there's the canon Lydia. :pinkiehappy:

I'm guessing that Sonata's at a high enough level to trigger the Dragonborn DLC. I actually think that Sonata being a siren with the soul of a dragon is pretty cool.

So Sonata knows the chidori from Naruto and the Cultists of Miraak are basically the Nazgul from the Lord of the Rings.
Things are definitely getting interesting.

7222552 They actually arrived after you visit the Greybeards, but I've never encountered them until I've already cleared out Ustengrav for the horn. I guess the author decided to be different.

Great now Miraaks cronies are after Sonata's head. I can only picture how she'll encounter the Dawn Guard if she does at all.

7222741 There's a mod that enables you to change when to start the DLCs... and some sidequests. I often have Hearthfire first because of all the stuff I have on me, then Dawnguard at level 10 and Dragonborn at 15. Unlike Fallout where certain enemies are encountered as the game progresses, the enemies level with you and they are much harder to deal with if the PC is at a high enough level. Even worse if you're a level 81 mage trying to fight legendary dragons, and they're basically glass cannons at that point.

7222791 Ah, I see. Didn't know about that mod.

7223311 If people can use mods to tell a story in Fallout, then it can also be done in Skyrim.

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