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Doctor Tex

Greetings, Agent. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read. Read as much as you can in your time. You may end up learning a thing or two.


It's Hallows Eve, or as some would call it, Nightmare Night. In Ponyville, everypony's having a fantastic time! Only, that time will soon run out. In a graveyard not too far away, a blue hoof strikes through, leaking with Negative Energy. The Nightmare has awoken, and has taken back control!

Meanwhile, close by, a Halcandrean in Pony form by the name of Doctor Vohr T. Tex received this negative charge and went to investigate. Soon, he shall see how real Nightmares can be. They will see. Both him AND her...

Written by: Dr. Tex
Publisher: TexTek Inc. and DTI (Drew Tech Industries).

Doctor Tex, Professor Nique, Shadow Tex, and Carter L. are owned by me.

Sunny Bright, Nightmare Sunny, and Charmy (was that her name?) belong to the YouTube user Sunny Bright.

All other characters belong to their respective owners.

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Ok. Now to comment before I forget.

This story is cool, and I want to go to your other one, as I noticed they are connected.

I also must say, MOAR!

7081842 Yeah...a lot of stories in my head are connected. I haven't gotten around to writing them yet, but I hope to soon.

And I will demand this to my future self, MOAR!

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