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There are many different kinds of immortality. Some achieve immortality through great deeds of heroism. Some do it by discovering a spell custom-made to kick Death in the teeth. There are a select few who are immortal simply because they consistently avoid dying.

But perhaps the rarest breed of immortal is the one who escapes death by dying so suddenly that they come back to life.

The phoenix is one such immortal, and Philomena is one such firebird. But for all the time that she spends in the company of alicorns, Philomena rarely thinks of herself as immortal or ageless. When one defines the passage of time by one's death, immortality can be a difficult label to wear.

But life has a way of reminding us of our labels. Sometimes it uses traumatic events. Sometimes it takes the form of a blessing nobody else can enjoy. And once in a very rare while, life makes us fall in love with somebody we can never stay with.

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This was spectacular! I love the voice and imagery! :raritystarry:

However, since Luna appears as well should she not get a tag?

7467327 So glad to hear you liked it!

7467328 The choice of art was also splendid!

That was excellent. There are not enough stories which focus on the possible interactions between Philomena and Owlowiscious.

You did a great job conveying what Philomena thinks and feels during her death/birth cycle. And you followed that up with similar verbal dexterity when it came to her opinions on Celestia, Twilight, and Owlowiscious. "Want-a-Cracker Horse" cracked me up.

It was equally impressive how much you were able to convey without using much dialogue. Suppose it is necessary when dealing with two being who don't converse through speech, but it is a very difficult thing to do well. Bravo.

7467352 You there.

You are excellent at feedback.

Wow. This is...well I really can't find the words. I really enjoyed this piece. Good job.


That was a fantastic story. And so well-written.

Well, there's a ship I hadn't expected. ALL ABOARD! :trollestia:

Beautifully written, and a very intriguing look into the phoenix life cycle. :eeyup:

What makes you so sure Philomena is female?

This was amazing and well done. I loved every bit of it.

As I reached the end I now ship Philomena and Owlowiscious.

It was that good.

7467511 we don't know his/her gender

I can't feedback goodly, but apparently you like comments so. . . here have a mustache :moustache:


Philomena is a name usually reserved for females, and Celestia has even referred to her with she/her pronouns. The site wiki also states she is female.

Bravo! You had my complete attention until the end! Now THAT is story telling!

7469180 So glad you enjoyed it!

This was different to say the least, but quite the unique and enjoyable read.

This is a very good one-shot.

:trollestia: It's all your fault Twilight
:twilightoops: but but but but Owlowiscious ?
:trollestia: You've gone way, way beyond friendship lesons my little pony...
:twilightangry2: Spike!
:moustache: taught him everything I know...
:duck: works for me :twilightoops:

:facehoof: stupid romance novels

7467367 I don"t think that I'm the only one who wants this to be continued in some way. would this ever be the case? whether it be a second chapter or a story itself?

Those who fear getting burned will never know love in the first place. What should it matter if the risk is more literal than usual?

On a less poetic note, I loved the sheer amount of subtext here, conveying Philomena's long history with Celestia (and, to a much lesser extent, Twilight) in organic and usually subtle ways that didn't intrude on the primary narrative. And the pivotal scene was one of the most touching silent moments I've read in a while. I'd animate it if I had any capability in that medium.

In short, thank you for this. :twilightsmile:

7486704 Glad you enjoyed it!

I enjoyed this far more than I was expecting to. It made me think, not just about the pairing, but the true meaning and theme here.
Isn't it just funny how the things we love are so often hurt because we are close to them? Truly, for some, it's quite a burden - so far from the safe path that we either must be alone, or risk dragging those we love into the same darkness we can't help but fall into.
Once again, I've found myself loving your stories. Amazing work. Keep it up.
Aw, heck. Take a Holy Muffin. This story more than deserves it.

Oh my sweet Celsetia. This has quickly jumped to being one of my favorite stories on this site.

For a story with very little dialogue this was amazing. I loved the vibrant descriptions from the ceremony to the short ride on Celestia's back. Let us not forget your amazing description of the owls of Equestria. All beautiful and brilliant. My favorite line from this story:

I've called her many things over the years, from 'the student' to 'the Want-a-Cracker horse', and on at least one occasion 'STAND STILL AND LET ME INCINERATE YOU, YOU PETULANT INSECT', but that was then.

The only issue I had with this story was that the romance aspect felt rushed. Mostly because of this line:

This one, this Owlowiscious, he knows what I am and how dangerous I could be to fall in love with.

And it's only because of the word "love" in there. Otherwise the overall pacing felt great and it didn't feel too forced.

7604831 A small edit has been made to solve that little issue.

Wow, Phillomenia is very... interesting i'll say that. She's not really tsundere, but she definitely is not soft... spoken, I guess for lack of a better word? I do like how she described Twilight. All quills are feathers. HAh! I'm surprised she didn't just call her the purple encyclopedia. :rainbowlaugh:

You should have made a section for Shining Armor and Cadence. Luna too. I'd love to hear about Moon, Shield, and Heart. :pinkiehappy: I do like the unconditional way you tell this story through Phillomenas perspective. Combine that with some unique anatomy makes this a joy to read. It also helped expand my vocabulary a bit!

:twilightsmile: Pinkie can you pass me that quill?

:pinkiehappy: *humming happily olbiviously*

:twilightblush: Pinkie? The quill please?

:pinkiehappy: Oh! You mean this 'feather' Twilight?

:facehoof: It's called a quill Pinkie.

:pinkiegasp: *GASP* but why is it called a quill? Isn't it a feather? Does that mean they're the something? Why do we give different names to the same thing? Why is a pair of socks and a pair of underwear the same thing? Why is manila not yellow?


:pinkiehappy: Oh! Sure here's the quill you asked for! See ya! *Bounces away happily*

:twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2: Twilight's rage meter broke.

Look like there's a new ship in my love harbour

This was a very neat story to read. Everything that happened felt very organic, and the interactions and monologue sections with Twilight and Celestia were brilliantly done :twilightsmile:
I never thought Philomena was as... conceited? I need a word I don't remember here, but I always thought she was more mischievous than anything else. Still, this characterisation of her was great for the execution of the final scene, so well done on that!
All in all, a very good short story :pinkiesmile:

That was really adorable! Thank you!

I really enjoyed this story. Would love to see a sequel as to how Celestial and Twilight would deal with the chicks from this union.

Hello! Sorry I never did write on about your story Work got very hectic and I just kept pospossing this, BUT NO LONGER! Now my thoghts on it are that it is very well writen, you can really feel the emotions that Philomena was conveing, it didnt feel out of place and it was overall sweet with a twinge of romance and a bit of sad and a simdge hope in the right proportions, truly amaizing!.

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