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Ancient Chronicles is a historian. Not exactly the most common, or useful, occupation in the wastes, even two years after the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows. Nonetheless, he carries on in his quest to compile an objective history on the beginning of the NCR. He has gathered information from many sources, from Fluttershy to one of Redeye's generals, but never from a member of the Enclave. And so, when he meets one, he jumps at the chance.

Written for the January 2016 Fallout: Equestria group collection, with the prompt, "Sunshine and Rainbows."

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Comments ( 3 )

Well, that was interesting, I like your idea of talking about the events of the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows and its aftermath from the perspective of an Enclave soldier, very nice.

What a rather dark, but expected, ending. Still, it has a resonating effect, just as haunting as Chronicles felt.

The perspective of Enclave characters in these FOE side stories is so often misinterpreted, providing indoctrinated soldiers way too much understanding and insight of the organization's faults. Hopper is an instance of the perspective done justice. He is naive and patriotic, even a little racist, but he has enough depth to seem just like any other pony and complain of the minor issues.

The interview itself is well-constructed, allowing personalities and idiosyncrasies to shine without forcing them in with exposition or ostentatious gestures. I especially enjoyed the way Hopper gradually opened up more and more into the interview and the way it was communicated through greater liveliness in both dialogue and action.

One of the only faults I really have with the story is the unrealistic way Hopper is able to hold his drink and speak with such clarity. The bartender even thinks the guy has had too much to drink, and yet Hopper recites his whole life story with amazing eloquence. Suddenly, he is no longer drunk when the interview starts.

Wonderful one-shot, in all. With a fully realized potential and thoughtful characterization, this story is a perfect fit into the Fallout: Equestria world.

7062497 Thanks! I probably should have made Hopper drinker, slurring his speach and such. The only half-defense that I have is that alcohol effects different people different ways, but that's more of a cop-out than a defense.

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