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"AQUA!" He cried banging on the window hoping it would give into him, "AQUA YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF THERE!!" He knew his voice fell on deaf ears but still he cried out to her, "NOT HER, NOT MY LITTLE SISTER..." He sobbed shaking the window with each strike, "AQUA PLEASE, YOU HAVE TO SHUT IT DOWN. AT THE LEAST GET OUT OF THERE!!!" As the gravitational pull grew it slowly pulled Aqua and Sam, Leyline could only watch as his little sister cried out for help.

This is my first OC story look at it!!!!!!!!!!

from your Aqua

Chapters (3)
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I have never seen someone name the character after themselves so obviously. Bravo. I'll read this later, hopefully it'll be... Interesting.

:fluttershysad:...............:fluttercry:...............:raritycry:wauuugggggggggggghhh!! So saaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaadd!!

Wow........off to a good start I see......Good Luck:pinkiehappy:!!

7106277 thank you!!! It's my first story on FIM
7106956 HAHA
7106975 THANK YOU

For the scifi angle this story is trying to take, the lack of detail with the actual science takes away from the pace of the story a bit. But kudos in creating a storyline to get the character from their world to the pony world, That isn't just a magic beam,they just poof or get summoned into Equestria.

It is original.

The characters are interesting, the plot and story, worthy of a view. I could spot some spacing issues and grammar issues, but that is about it. I had fun reading so I'll jump to chapter two. I'll hoof up and fav and why not even follow.:pinkiesmile:

7107437 I don't know why your thanking me, all I said was that you made it obvious that this was a self insert story. Not exactly my cup of tea.

You know, there is one thing I do want to know though, what does the S.D. Stand for? I have a idea, but I'm not going to say it because I'm not sure how old you are.

7107690 I'm 21 btw and I like thanking ponies is all

7107714 Ok then excuse my mind for seeing acronyms as opportunities to swear. Does S.D. Stand for sweaty dick?

7107750 I don't know I had a friend help me with this

Am I heartless that I ain't crying or feeling anything about the black hole sucking her into it...?:unsuresweetie:

7122722 yes bc you don't know Dr Aqua Light like i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before she could as where

Ask not as. Makes it a bit hard to read for those of us that disabled our autoreader.

7122867 lol I had hope with this. Ask Grey Mane about it

7123073 Ok, and ok! (response for the blog reply.)

7123222 No problems. I had autoreader on.

*falls to back knees and shakes front hooves at the sky* NNNNEEEEOOOOOO!!!! Post new chapter neow!

7153921 NOOOOO!!!! (Lol I will when I have something in my head)

7154209 Give me a spot you want it to land and I give you an arrow.

7172134 Basically, I can give a basic arc with a mere idea. Like right now, I wanna go ask PyraFlare Bullet about a story idea I got from reading another story that uses his CATR story arc.

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