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Fluttershy's Musings - DeathFox4

Twilight Sparkle, curiosity piqued, by Cadance's answer, begins asking questions. She starts with Fluttershy. "What is kindness?"

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Fluttershy's Musings

Author's Note:

Please Read!
So the last story, Cadance’s musings, was my most popular story yet. I don’t even…
Anyways, here’s the sequel. But, please, read this.
Some of you guys wanted a sequel. And I hadn’t planned for a sequel.
So, I’m left here pondering, why was the last story so popular? Why did people love it?
Was it just something that blew up for no good reason?

No, there has to be a reason.
So I pondered. I thought. And I philosophized. And I came up with this.
I can’t continue Cadance’s musings. To continue her musings would be to force the story, but I don’t want to force the story.
But I realized, love is not the only question we muse about.
So, the sequel was born. (Yes, born. This story wrote itself.)

I’m scared to submit this. I don’t want to disappoint y’all…but at the same time.
Please, remember this. I am only the author. I write words, but without you, the reader, the story will never come to life. So please, whether liked or disliked, loved or hated…
Learn from my life.

Point of View: Twilight Sparkle

“What is kindness?”

I raise my eyes and look at Fluttershy. She pauses in drinking her tea, then puts down her cup.

“It can be a friendly feeling or liking. You see, kindness is the state or quality of being kind. A kind pony is one of a good nature or disposition. She is indulgent, considerate and helpful.”

I blink. Then I shake my head in frustration.

“Did you just quote the dictionary at me?”

“Um…no?” Her voice grows quiet. I give her a glare and she wilts.

“Probably not.” She pauses as I continue glaring at her.

“Maybe…Possibly…” She gives me a pleading look. I sigh at her.

“umm…yes…” She says in the quietest voice she can muster. “Please don’t be mad.” She buries her face in her hooves and wings.

“Fluttershy.” I reach out and pry her hooves from her face. “Look at me.” I smile as I see her bright sky blue eyes look back into mine. “I’m not mad. I could never bring myself to be mad at you.” She nods in apprehension. “Now, please, what is kindness? And tell me what you think about it. I just want to hear your honest answer.”

“Kindness?” I nod. “Umm…” She shrugs. “I am not sure. But…if you want me to, I can try.”

“Please do.”

She hesitates. “Twilight, do you remember when we met?”

I smile as my mind flirts back to our first meeting. “Yes, Fluttershy, I do remember.”

“Remember how scared I was then?” I nod. She continues speaking…ehrm…whispering.

“To be honest, I thought it was because you were going to criticize me.” I flare my wings in surprise.

“What! Fluttershy, I may have not known much about friendship then, but I would have never done that! Your music was incredible!”

She smiles at me. “I need to start from the beginning don’t I?”

“I thought we were starting from the beginning. What do you mean Fluttershy?”

She giggles. “Oh goodness, no. That was the start of our friendship, especially with Spike there, but that is not the beginning of the story.” She shakes her head. “Rather, it begins at flight camp.”

I sit back down on the stool. I gesture to Fluttershy for her to continue. She smiles gratefully.

“Before I met you, before I met anypony, I was often times alone. I couldn’t bring myself to speak out to anyone.” Her voice quivers. “When I was just five, just a little filly, my dad died. I still have no clue how it happened, all I know was that he died doing what he loved the most.”

“May…” I hesitate. “I ask what did your dad love doing the most?”


I feel my eyes widen in surprise. “So…is that why you went to flight camp in the first place?”

“Yes.” I remain silent. “I told my mom that I wanted to fly. She saved up her money, sacrificed her time, and by the time I was seven, was able to send me to flight camp.”

“And then?”

“Despite my shyness, I was able to fly. It took several tries, but I was able to fly. That’s when I met Rainbow Dash. She saw my determination, and she began training me when she could…but then…” She pauses, and I freeze as I see tears in her eyes.

“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. Don’t be sorry.” She looks at me, and despite her tears. “It’s time I told you and the girls this.”


“One year after my first steps into the school. I had just finished the second to last exam. In one month, I was to take the final exam, and I was set to pass with flying colors…but then the mailmare arrived.” She chuckles lightly. “You know the mailmare. She’s Dewdrop.”


“That’s Derpy’s name. She was as sweet as ever, and was not cross-eyed…at least, not before this day.”

I lean forward. “What happened?”

She closes her eyes and begins speaking. I widen my eyes as I hear the volume of her speech. Not whispering, not quiet, not meek, but firm, solid, conversational. I clamp my muzzle shut as I feel the strength in her voice.

“Dewdrop had handed me a letter. It was marked like any other letter from my mother. I remember being so happy as I opened the letter. It was in her hoofwriting, so exquisite. I was reading through it, squealing as my mom described her life and talked to me. She made me feel like I was there by her side, listening to her speak, and it made me so happy. Then I saw a scrawl off the paper. And the writing continued…but it was not my mother’s writing.”

She pauses and wipes a tear from her eye.

“I don’t remember what the writing said. All I know was that it said that my mom had collapsed from something and she was hospitalized. I didn’t read further. I could hear Rainbow asking me something, but nothing mattered anymore. I just flapped my wings and took off towards the hospital. I flew as fast as I could…and I accidently flew into Dewdrop. I didn’t look back, but Rainbow told me later what had happened.”

“What happened?”

“I had pushed into her, right as she was lifting the mail bag over her head. She had fell, and the mailbag fell onto her, which had a heavy package causing some brain damage. However, when doctors analyzed it, they could only determine that somehow, it had only caused her eyes to become crossed. She can focus to bring them back into focus…and I’m getting side-tracked?” I nod. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine.”

“I was flying as fast as I could towards the hospital, and while it was fast, it wasn’t fast enough. I kept pushing, and pushing, going faster than I had ever gone. And after a time, I could fly no faster.”

I nod, knowing how fast Fluttershy could fly.

“I could feel something resisting me, and I couldn’t break it. It flung me backwards, and twisted my wing. I nearly hit the wall of a building, but Rainbow Dash grabbed me. She just hugged me close and spoke two words. ‘Where to?’ I told her the name of the hospital, and she flew as fast as she could.”

A new voice speaks up, startling me. “I remember that Fluttershy.”

Fluttershy sips at her tea. “Pleasure to have you here Rainbow Dash. What brings you here?”

“I was flying by your house, when I heard you recounting the story to Twilight. I just had to listen in. I think I should go now. See ya!” A gust of wind brushes my mane. I raise a hoof.

“Yes, Twilight Sparkle?”

“Does that happen regularly?”

“More than you know.”

I blink. “Well, may I continue to hear your story?”

“When we arrived at the hospital, I rushed to the counter. I was crying, panicking, until I felt Rainbow’s protective wing cover me. She spoke to the mare, and she pointed to a hallway. I rushed down the hallway, and Rainbow flew after me. She picked me up, gently flew me back a couple of rooms and put me down. I rushed inside of the room, and I saw her. My mother.”

I feel tears running down my cheek. “She was covered in a white sheet. A doctor was in there and he looked sadly at me, and spoke. ‘We received word that you were coming. I’m sorry to say little one, but she only has a few moments.’” Fluttershy whimpers. I stand up and walk over to her side. I put a wing over her.

“What was a little filly supposed to say in those moments? I had nothing to say, and as my mother looked over at me, she smiled. I could see the pain in her eyes, so I…I sang to her.” I listen as I hear Fluttershy begin to sing. “Hush now, quiet now, it’s time to lay your sleepy head. Hush now, quiet now, it’s time to go to bed. Fly now to heaven above, and see the colors of boundless glory. Forget the pain, forget the ache, and forgive all the hurts and aches. Fly to now to the angel’s county, and grieve not for those below.” I hug her as I feel her crying.

“She died in my arms, but she died with a smile.” Fluttershy gives me a grateful smile. “I went back to flight camp, and I continued training. But my heart was not in it, and several times, I failed so badly. I would land on the clouds, failing to take off, and the kids would make fun of me. Rainbow defended me with a passion, refusing to leave my side.”

“When the final exam came, I tried…but I didn’t make it. I was labeled as a mare who couldn’t fly, and everypony made fun of me. Everypony but Rainbow Dash. She picked me up, and with determination in her eyes, said these words. ‘I’m going to finish what you started.’ And well, you know the rest. She performed the Sonic Rainboom, and I got my cutie mark. To this day though, I don’t what she meant by it.”

I gape at her. Finally I close my muzzle, and I fold in my wing. “Wow…” I struggle for words.

“Oh, wait, I just realized! I never did answer your question.” She giggles. “I’m being forgetful today, aren’t I? Let me answer your question.” She leans forward.

“You see, Twilight Sparkle, kindness is many things. When I was growing up, I thought it was the definition that the dictionary gave us. The act of being kind. But now, I see that kindness is so much more. Rainbow Dash taught me one form of kindness. She is not the kindest, in terms of the definition, but she defended me. She fought for my happiness, and she was there when I needed her, when my mother lay dead on a hospital bed.”

“When I met you, I knew about being kind. And I knew what Rainbow had taught, but I honestly believed that was all there was to kindness. By Celestia, was I ever wrong. Kindness is sometimes patience, sometimes loyalty.” She pauses as she looks back at her wings.

“I’m not the best portrayal of kindness, so I don’t even know why you’re asking me.”

“What? Fluttershy, don’t say that. You are the kindest pony that I have ever met. If there was a Princess of kindness, I could think of no better candidate than you.”

“But, I wasn’t truly there when you needed me.”

“What? When was that?”

She says nothing, just stands up and walks to a nearby drawer. She opens the drawer with her wing, and gingerly reaches in and pulls out a purple feather. I blink in shock as she puts the feather in her mane. My eyes catch the speck of red on the edge of the feather.

“Do I truly have to say anything more to you, Twilight Sparkle? You recognize this feather.”

“Uh…I preened.”

She gives me a stare. I gulp. “I swear that is what I did. Just preened.”

She walks towards me and stops in front of me. She looks me over, then points behind me. “Bear, eat her.”

“What?” I shriek and fly up as I twirl around. I blink as I see nothing there. I land on the ground and glance at Fluttershy. “What was that for, scaring me like…” I pause as I feel a hoof touch my extended wings.

“I needed you to be surprised to prove my point.” She parts two feathers, and I see the gap in the feathers. I sigh.

“Yes, that is my feather. And my fault.”

“And my own.” I glance at Fluttershy. She puts her hoof on my muzzle and shushes me. “Yes, Twilight, it is my own fault. Because I did not portray kindness in myself.”

She lies down on the floor and lays the feather down in front of her. “You see, Twilight. Before you came here, I did not know what kindness truly was. But now I do.” I lay down beside her, and together, we look at the feather in front of us.

“Kindness. Such a simple concept, but it’s so complicated. It can be the act of being kind, but that’s not truly kindness as a whole. Kindness is this, Twilight. It is being there for your friends when they need you. It is being someone they can trust. But above all, kindness is caring for someone’s needs. Sometimes, as with the Breezies, their needs are different from their wants. In those cases, kindness is assertive.” I hear Fluttershy sigh. “Twilight, I know I’m not the perfect example of kindness, but I’m trying to be. It takes courage to be kind, and I’m still learning.” She looks into my eyes. “But, Twilight, if you don’t mind, I would love to continue learning with you as my friend.”

“I would love to.”


I walk out the door. I smile as I think over the events of the past couple of hours. I look at my notepad full of notes, and I grin. This was so worth it all. I’ve learned a lot about kindness and I’ve closer to Fluttershy now.

“Finally! You were taking FOREVER!” I jump. I see Rainbow Dash flying above me and I groan. I hear her brash laughter. “Oh, goodness, startling you never grows old.”

I grimace. “Were you waiting out here for me just to startle me?”

She continues laughing.


She slows down in her laughter. “Sorry Twilight. I wasn’t trying to scare you. I just wanted to tell you something.” She lands in front of me. “Remember when Fluttershy told you about her flying to the hospital?”

I nod.

“Well, when she was flying there, she was flying so fast, that I could barely catch up to her. I only managed to catch her when she was flung back by the sound barrier.”

“Oh…that’s nice. So she…” I pause as Rainbow’s words register in my head. “SOUND BARRIER?”

“Yes. She was flying so fast, she nearly broke the sound barrier.”

“What! She can barely go fast now. Why?”

“Because, when it comes down to it, she doesn’t know that she can do so. And she did injure her wing. I don’t think she will ever come close to breaking that barrier again, unless there is a need for her to move that fast. That’s why I finished what she started when I broke the sound barrier.”

“Why did you never tell her?”

“Because, when it comes down to it, she only flew that fast to try to save her mother. And honestly? I don’t think she will ever be able to hear that she nearly accomplished something amazing when all she was doing was saving her mother.”

“I…I think I understand.” She nods and flies off.

“Rainbow Dash?”

She pauses in her flight. “Yes?”

“Thank you for telling me.”

“Anytime Twilight!” She salutes me and flies off into the setting sun.

Point of View: Princess Celestia

“Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.” I growl in frustration. “BY THE SUN, I hate this PAPERWORK!” I look at another stack of paper next to the paperwork. “Let’s move on to the petitions. I’ll deal with the paperwork later.”

I grip the petitions in my magic. “Let’s see…nobles…blah blah blah…next! Nobler bullcrap. Bullcrap… I really wish I could incinerate these papers.” I look at the next paper in the stack. “Petition from Queen Chrysalis?” I blink. “What?” I pull the petition from the stack. “Let’s see.”

“Petition from Queen Chrysalis. Received…” I glance at the date. “Two weeks ago. Subject: Rehabilitation/Psychological help.” I pause. “What?” I continue reading. “Dear Princess Celestia, I sincerely apologize for the problem I may have caused at Cadance’s wedding. However, I have to ask for asylum for me and my subjects. I have only now recovered my wits ever since Princess Luna showed up with her…ahem…mister cuddle master. Most of my hive is still recovering their mental capabilities, and thus I wish to join whatever mental institutions you may have to recover. Sincerely, your subject, Queen Chrysalis.” I glance up. “What the actual?” I shake my muzzle. “LULU!”

I blink as Luna teleports into the room. “Yes tia?”

“Care to explain this?”

She grips the paper and reads over it. “Oh yes, I remember this! I decided to have a little fun with mister cuddle master. This is why I was almost late for the reception.”

She hands the letter back. I glare at her. “So what am I supposed to do with this?”

She shrugs. “Accept them. She did plead for asylum, so accept it.”


“Yes tia?”

“Who is mister cuddle master?”

She jumps eagerly. “OH! You haven’t seen mister cuddle master yet? He’s such a cuddly wuddly little buddy!” She flashes a teleporting spell and as the flash clears, I blink in shock.

“Lulu. Explain two things to me.”


“Where did you get him?”

“Fluttershy helped me find him.”

Keep calm. Keep calm. I breathe in heavily. “Now, I want you to explain something to me.”

“Yes? Tia?”


She just hugs the ginormous cosmic horror. The cosmic horror makes an indescribable sound.

I blink. “I think I may need asylum after this.”

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Comments ( 15 )

Perfect. I love this one!

I was always wondering what kindness and generosity truly was... I want to write a story about Generosity now.

7037094 Aww, shucks. Thank you. Thanks for the fav.
Considering how popular this series is becoming, I might keep doing this until I go through all the mane 6. Hmmm, not sure yet.
Hopefully you read the prequel. It's why all this started.
Thanks again!



There was a sequel!

Also, why WOULD Luna call a cosmic horror "mister cuddle master"?

7042233 I might keep doing this until I finish asking most of life's questions. Hmmm...maybe there will be a sequel to a sequel?
Did you like it?
And that's beyond me. Idk either, the story wrote itself.

7042253 Yes I liked it!

You must answer all of life's questions now. You have a lot of work. Now I know what true kindness is!

7042653 The path is set! Onwards!
I just realized...there's no Luna emotion.

7042678 Welp. I think I know what the next bonus scene is. Time to get writing!
I'll post it as a sequel to this...geez, this is going to be like ten stories long! But people love it, so not complaining.

7042702 By they way, I found someone who answered what friendship was! It's called The Starlight Student. They've done your job for you!

Welp, we can all go home now.

7089145 The only problem? I haven't seen Season 5 yet.

I found this story better then it's predecessor. The story is smooth and delivers the same as the prequel. Other then that, I can say I wouldn't mind something new along the lines.

7107756 Thanks for the review! That helps! and I'm going to continue this...when I have time.school sucks:rainbowdetermined2:

7110031 Happy to help.

On another note; and I'm sure you'll understand, care to share the love? I'm always looking for reviews from different people since different people always have varying views. My current work on Fimfic is only 2-3k words long and wouldn't take up a lot of time.

If enough fucks are given...here ya go: Living Nightmare.

Also apologize if this appears selfish. Not very good at social normality, if ya know what I mean.

Was Fluttershy referencing with the feather the time she was Discorded?

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