• Published 24th Nov 2011
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Atom: a pony gamer's story. - RainbowLightning

Vinyl Scratch's younger sister, Atom, discovers a fantasy game which changes her gaming ways forever

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Chapter 1: At School

Author's note: Well, even if you hate the story thank you anyway! You may be wondering " WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU LIKE US HATING YOU?! " I don't like you hating me. I'm saying thank you for providing me views and telling me your opinions. Please, if you don't like it tell me why, and what I should fix. I will probably look over that part and fix it. Thanks!

Hello, my name is Atom. Yes, I am a female filly. I am any pony gamer, but my story is most different from the others. It all starts at school...

The school bell rung. I was startled but sighed with relief soon after. It was recess. I looked at my two best friends, Dinky a unicorn and Twist an earth pony. I smiled and they smiled back at me. Dinky had a mane like her mother's, Dizty Doo, but more round. She had a light purple coat. Twist, had a red curly mane, a white coat and large purple glasses. Dinky and I hadn't got our cutie mark yet, but Twist had two pink candy canes crossed together to make a heart. As everypony was walking through the door, they rushed to me as fast as the Wondervolts! We talked about stuff, like if we should get together or we should go visit Pinkie Pie and help her make some cupcakes. We also thought that over the weekend we should help around town. We all agreed on that Idea. Now we split up doing our usual activities because well, that's our normal recess routine. Normally, I would head over to the monkey bars and start to make music with my horn, because I'm a unicorn. But something caught my attention in the sky. It was a light cyan colored colt in the sky. He was probably my age and he hadn't got his cutie mark as far as I can see. Everypony was in awe. Some ponies whispered about how good he was or some ponies were saying he was a show-off. From seeing his coat, I knew he was Rainbow Dash's brother, but I hadn't known his name. I saw him sometimes in the T.V, he was competing in contests all the time. Knowing his sister, he's pretty fast. Then the school bell rung again and the colt descended from the sky. Everypony swarmed around him so I couldn't ask him his name. Dinky passed a note to Twist and then Twist wrote something on it and passed it to me. I couldn't read it all, because just when I was about to read his name the teacher, Cheerlie snapped, " Atom! Passing notes? Give it to me and I'll see whats so important that it cant wait until school is over! " I smiled when I heard that because she was going to read his name loud and clear. She was about to get to his name until the school bell rung and that meant that school was over. Most ponies cheered but I groaned.But a few ponies looked at me like " What the heck? ". But I just ignored them. And again, all the ponies came swarming around him so I couldn't ask his name. Today was Friday, and that means I have to wait another two days. I groaned even louder and headed home.

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good saert, keep on going

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