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Hope you enjoy some writing.

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My /fic/ write-off entry from a month or so ago. Special thanks to Seattle_Lite and Minjask6572 for their help in reviewing this. I'm terribly sorry if I failed to follow any part of their review, but I hope that overall, they're pleased.

As always, if you spot something that you think is off, feel free to message me. I'll get back to you with my take on it.

Oh, I thought you meant something different when you said they were "living" together... IT was pretty good, I just think Lyra and Octavia go better together. Anyways, It was still a good fic.

Excellent. I love Vinyl-Octavia friendshipping. :pinkiehappy:

You and me both.

Now, Lunar has anything significant changed such that I should reread this?

It's on FiMFiction, and I enjoyed it the first time ("A Dish Best Served Cold" wasn't it?). That's enough for me.

Not very different, but worth another read in my opinion.
> thing; It

I want to say the foreshadowing is better, but I don't really remember the original.
And this time they're just roommates, right? I had the sense they weren't, but maybe that was just fanon getting in the way of your story.

>Hey, just let it lie.
Sounds a little too correct for dialog perhaps... :rainbowlaugh:

I was disappointed to not see this make the top five. Especially since the top five had two pairs of similar fics, but that's how approval voting goes. (To make a pick-five, I'd drop the worse of each pair and add this fic and the Daring Do one.)

The story hasn't changed, but the execution is a lot smoother. You're learning for sure. Are you also having fun? Because if you've got those two, nothing else matters anywhere near as much for continued and greater success.

At least, my two bits. I'm looking forward to writing against you this weekend.

744353 On what? the thing about "Living" together or the thing bout Octavia and lyra?

Its always a joy to read a well-written Octy/Vinyl story. I just love the dynamics between these two seemingly opposite and incompatible (at first glace) personalities. :twilightsmile: Thanks for sharing this great story!

Glad you enjoyed it, even though you didn't get what you expected.

Thank you!

Nope, not really. Just less choppy, apparently.

I hope it's better. I felt like Seattle really pounded on it. And yeah, they're just roommates. I never intended to ship them. Lastly, yes, I had fun while writing this. I may have been a tad disappointed when I saw the ranking it had gotten. I thought I had written better than that.

Okay, I lied. This is the last thing. You can eat my dust in this next write-off. Good luck!

They're a fun pair to write for. Glad you enjoyed it.

Doesn't Octavia play the bass?


Nope, check the MLP Wiki. She plays the cello.

The show's composer stated that the music playing in the episode Sweet and Elite (Octavia's second appearance) included a harp, two violins, and a cello, which would make Octavia the cellist. However, the artistry of the instrument, and the way she is drawn playing it, is very clearly intended to be a contrabass.

Honestly, it's up to fans to decide which is the more important information to follow, and either interpretation works out fine. Personally, I'm of the opinion that she's a bass player.

I LOOOVEEEEE IIITTTTT! sorry, but it was a cute little story tht matches their characteristics exactly.:ajsmug:

Nicely done. Pretty cute, and it does make sense.

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