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Politics are bad business.

The stuff behind politics is even worse.

Prince Blueblood knows this and hates this, but knows he must trod through this "stuff" resolutely. For at the end there is a light that nopony can know about without understanding its consequences.

And some things just aren't allowed to be known...

Written for this contest. Kept intentionally vague. Even the best of investigators may struggle to find the nugget of truth in a field of highly convincing lies.

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“Morbid Fascination… Amber Rose… Flyby Gale… Fit Autumn… Rosebud Skies… Slick Two-Hooves… Opus Magnus… Delilah Morning Song…?” He paused. “Those… those cannot be the real names. Too extraordinary. However…”

He consulted the letter, reading aloud what his correspondence had written: “The firsts of two firsts… then the seventh of the third, fourth of the fourth, first of the fifth, first of the sixth, the initial of the seventh, and the middle minus one of the eighth. Then shall the answer you seek be revealed.”

I got MAGARSOM and couldn't figure out the last part... I'm way off the mark, aren't I?

7030643 I changed a few things to try and make it easier to solve. Take another look.

I got it! It gave me a chuckle.
Good read over all.

I can see that its M.A. Larson! :twilightsheepish:

whoa! i liked this!! good job! :raritywink:

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