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Hello! My name is Nick Roy. I've decided to start anew, and write new things :)


A orphaned teen named Lucas doesn't have any friends. While Lucas does collect toys, comics, and movies, he's very lonely. However, his luck changes when he meets a mysterious girl named Celestia. She can't remember a thing, and other parties are seeking her for some reason.

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Good start of an interesting story. This should be a good one of how Lucas will hold up on having a relationship with memory-less Celestia and that the mane 6 are trying to find and bring the Princess back home while Chrysalis has some unfinished business with her.

7040011 Thanks. Also, thanks for the favorite.

Seems good so far, i shall fav it.

hmm great potential this story has...

7045098 For the praise, thank you.

7045195 thank me do not, for your skills alone thank yourself

Another great chapter,keep up the amazing work. Not to sound rude, but how often can we expect a new chapter, Like one a week?

He had black hair...


Dave was a gentleman.Though

You forgot to space

OK, I will say this only once, maybe a bit more. What the actual fuck are you writing about? Are you like a big Star Wars fan or something, because I can't understand half of the phrases that you use. And if you're writing a lot about Star Wars, then put a warming in the description.

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