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Good ol' TF boardgames.

Corrections offered without malice.

“Just call it a dice,

a die

the dice

the die (twice)

I'm wiiiiininggggg~" Cadance sang.

need a double N in winning…anda comma before the quote.

“I'm stiiiiill wiiiiininggggg~

And again.

A sexy cursed board game. I love it.

Holy fuck this is magnificent and I can't wait for some more. Great work on this, Azure!

9360483 cadence not calling them "die" is intentional - she's teasing shining. also, the tilde is a punctuation mark (or at least is being used as one here) and thus having a comma is incorrect. it'd be like ending a quote with an exclamation mark and then a comma.

the missing extra ns in winning is totally on me, tho.

i want that board game

Not to many good stories like this anymore. Can't wait to see what's next

Whoever made Jumanji should be taking notes.

this is awesome!
But what if the Story were About a tabletop rpg instead? You know, kinda like the powerpony Comic.
Every exp earned, brings them Closer to the Edge, untill they Level up, makes them bigger and stronger...

This game sounds really fun, however, its kinda odd, that only cadence happens to gain growth effects, when its supposed to be a symmetrical game.

But what if the game was intentionally assymetrical, like, that one mode in mario Party, where 1 Player controlls bowser and takes on all the other Players that share controll of the car thingy.

9360937 By the way, have you considered using the Quote function for the Cards of the game?
I mean like this: Cadence drew a Card and read:

Advance two spaces

It would be nice eye-candy for the Readers!

Well this was quite a chapter can't wait to see more.

Comment posted by Oogie Boogie deleted Feb 10th, 2019

“Just call it a dice, dear, no one cares how many sides it has.”

Ahem. Semantically speaking, one is a die. Not dice.

Any chance we could get more of this? It's been lovely so far!

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