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Pinkie has a new friend. Oh, you can't see him, or hear him. He's in her head, roiling about like a little cloud. You're probably thinking, "She's just being Pinkie Pie."

Not this time.

Created for the Rage Reviews! group's 10th F*** THIS PROMPT! contest. Sorry guys, I'm drawn to contests like Pinkie is drawn to candy!

Written in a time crunch, so minimal editing has been done.

Artwork is by one Azalia, who appears to have disappeared from the interwebs entirely.

Chapters (6)
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This looks good! Can't wait to read! :pinkiesmile: But I can't right now...:fluttershyouch:

Good story, I'd say. Had this open in another tab while reading a different story, had it tagged to read later and started reading the first few lines to know what I was in for... and read it through before I knew it.
I mean it. It was nice to see a manipulator do his work like this, especially with a pony like Pinkie Pie, which is rather unpredicable with her thought process.
Ending could have been better, but that's really just my opinion (I'm the kinda guy who would have loved to see her kill the twins at the end, or to have it implied).

Don't know what contest this is for, but... oh well. Wishing you luck :D

So I take it King Sombra appears in this story? (no, I haven't read it)

Applause, applause, APPLAUSE! Wow, that was a thrill ride! This is well written and compelling. And just THANK YOU for writing Pinkie so well ang giving her a good reason WHY she's killing others...and it's not her own will, as it should be!!! :twilightsheepish: I could go on and on about how much I love this, but for now, great job, thank you, and best wishes in that contest! :pinkiehappy::heart:

This was a fantastic read !

Wow! Powerful stuff. An excellent read! :pinkiehappy:

Yikes. This is good, but I'm not sure that I can finish it right now... personal stuff, yadda yadda. Gonna have to read the last three chapters sometime when I'm in a better place mentally to deal with the grim, because after reading Twilight's Inferno, I'm certain that things can only get worse for the good guys.

(Maybe if I read a few more saccharine stories and a few less Fallouts in the interim, no?) :twilightsheepish:

Would it help if I reassured you that this one doesn't end in tears? Well, not in sad tears, at least.

Well, that's got to be one of the more emotional reactions I've heard of from a story. Glad you approve!

Damn that was some dark stuff. Very well written, though, and wraps itself up nicely.

Given what it was written for, 'dark' seemed appropriate. Just so long as I didn't do it in the same way as everyone else.

“Yeah, Apple bloom could use some friends right now, too. I guess I should get Scoots.”

Apple Bloom.

Interesting story so far, I'm liking the mystery.

Ugh... Pinkie.
I don't know... Please be alright.

It is an frightening idea that there is some kind of abomination in someone head that forces them to commit murder against their will.

The combination of horror and show """"accurate"""" behavior is adorable

Look at it this way; the blood of an alicorn will keep the Gates of Tartarus—

Your last claim was "gotta seal them for the good of your friends, especially Twilight".

Y'all stupid or something?

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