• Published 13th Mar 2016
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Feral - GivingSpider

Flutterbat and Timberjack are solitary hunters. Crossing onto each other's territory can only be seen as a challenge. When they meet in the forest their instincts demand retribution.

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Chapter 1

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The pale moon illuminated the forest clearing and all was silent. The sounds of nocturnal animals was lacking; as this night belonged to two powerful predators. One of the two dominant figures hung from a low branch off a lone tree near the heart of the clearing. Her dark features held resemblance to a Pegasus but her wings were sharp and bat-like, and her mouth produced two distinct fangs that held a vice grip on an apple. She drained the fruit of its fluids and let it fall to the ground. It bounced and rolled behind the tree; and then was stepped on by the second master of the night. This one was a powerful Earth Pony underneath great plates and veins that resembled tree bark and sticks.

The sanguine cross between wolf and pony sat and looked directly up at the only other soul in the clearing. The crimson eyed vampire looked back down at her. No word, hiss or growl was spoken; only an unheard acknowledgement of each other and a silent resolve to remain in the clearing. The bat stretched her wings and went into a freefall to the ground. With unanticipated grace she turned and landed on her hooves at the last moment. The wolf stepped closer and calmly sniffed the complex notes of two creatures and felt a sense of familiarity. The part of her that wasn't wild knew the tame pony hiding beneath the mask of night. The dark yellow creature also took in the oak hound in equal measure. She saw something that she knew in the wolf.

Both creatures continues to stare at each other. No animal dared approach. Nature's laws demand that only one can stand at the top of the food chain. When two predators meet in the same hunting ground only one can stay. The meeting of wolf and bat could only end with contest; whether by tooth and claw or by strength of will. One was destined to fall. A gently breeze wept along and leaves rustled. Both figures were unaffected. Eyes were locked on eyes and the world seemed to stand still.

Seconds turned into minutes. The sands of time continued their endless march. The hound stared into the eyes of the bat and was matched with an equal gaze. They could sense that there was a second struggle within them. Their domesticated selves were fighting to control the beasts while the hunters waited for the slightest lapse in concentration. The wolf slowly moved in a circular motion around the bat, who sat still. Her ears perked up and her eyes continued to stare forward. The Timberwolf paced around and searched for an opening to attack while Applejack fought to hold back the leash. The Batpony bared her fangs and stretched her wings in preparation for a lethal dive while Fluttershy stared down her savage self.

Vampire and werewolf. Kindness and Honesty. Monster and mare. The laws of nature could not be ignored. One would fall and then one would rise. The bat cocked her head and met the hungry gaze of the wolf. The wolf bent her knees and seemed ready to pounce. Both animals grinned with primal intent. The flying fiend hissed softly and the terrestrial terror growled with equal measure. No challenge was given except for an equal refusal to leave the clearing. The wolf stepped closer and the bat matched the step. Both animals inched closer and the silent contest was drawing closer to its inevitable climax.

The wind stopped. The light seemed to wane. It was as if even the moon wanted to give more distance between itself and whatever was going to happen next. The Batpony hissed loudly and bared her fangs. The wolf growled and revealed her own razor sharp teeth. Only a foot of empty space remained between them. They stopped their advanced and took one last measure at each other's strength and speed. Somewhere a Pegasus was slowly longing for the freedom of a feral mind. Not too far away was an Earth Pony who wanted to howl at the moon an oath of conquest. The ponies were fading and the beasts were growing stronger.

Slowly the moon continued its climb. Slowly the creatures of the night continued their decent into what could only end with a storm of rage and pride. Both were only waiting for one thing: for the other to make the first move. Who would break first? Who would be the one to attack? Flutterbat grinned and licked her lips as the gentle Pegasus was subdued in the back of her mind. Timberjack uttered a low growl as the Earth Pony’s inner struggle came to an unfortunate end. They belonged to the animals now; and the clearing could only belong to one of them. Luna’s orb continued its migration and the beasts continued their deadly game.

Timberjack firmly planted her misshapen paws on the ground and her right rear paw did not land on level ground. Flutterbat caught the scent of a discarded apple being crushed. The vampire suddenly charged at the uneven hound. Hissing loudly, jaw open and teeth ready to strike, she leaped with murder in her eyes. Timberjack hastily stepped back for a firm stance and braced for the impact. The collision was enough to send her onto her back. On instinct she tilted her front right leg and forced it sideways into the hungry bat’s muzzle, preventing it from fully closing on her flesh. With her free front leg the wolf made a powerful swipe with her clawed paw at the bat’s face. The blow knocked the winged beast off of her; granting enough time to get back onto her paws. Flutterbat landed on her side and turned her head just in time to see the wolf going for her throat. The grounded creature abruptly stiffened her wing and raised it at an angle. Timberjack found her vulnerable barrel painfully struck by the wing, her own weight adding to the sudden impact. She yelped in pain and the other wing cracked her across the snout.

Flutterbat got back to her hooves and hissed. Timberjack shook off the blow and planted herself firmly in place. Bruises would form but for now all pain had to be ignored. Death did not care if you were prepared. Respite could only be earned through victory. The fury with flight advanced with a cruel grin. The now worried wolf took a step back. Was this new vigor of the vampire a bluff or did she really have the strength and stamina to back it up? Underestimating the power of her wings was a painful and costly mistake and Timberjack knew she could not afford any more errors. The laws of nature demanded blood. Nature demanded conflict. The strong get to survive and the weak are eaten to make the strong better. The hound barked angrily and leapt forward. The vampire swiftly hovered just out of the charge before abruptly dropping onto her back. Timberjack quickly turned and harshly wrapped her forelegs around the bat. They tumbled around the clearing, fighting over who would be pinned to the ground and who would be bitten first.

Flutterbat’s wings stabbed the earth and forced them to stop. Her body and limbs forced the wolf to be still. Timberjack thrashed with her might in defiance as Flutterbat bared her fangs. With a reckless but desperate drive the proud earthborn beast slammed her head into the snout of the bat. The blood starved beast was driven back by the force of the blow. She hit the tree with her back and screeched as she rose to her hooves. Timberjack was now also standing her strength and stamina was reinforced by indefatigable purpose. The bat locked her crimson eyes onto the golden eyes of her enemy. The vampire grinned and the wolf has another moment of hesitation. The flying menace had to be in pain, her resolve had to be weakened. It had to be a trick.

Fluttershy decided not to continue reading the notebook labeled ‘Discord’s erotic friend fiction’.

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If you don't mind me, I'm going to kill Discord.

Still find it hilarious.:rainbowlaugh:

The sequel is a romance story, where they both fall in love with Twilight.

Dammit, Discord. XD

XD I LOVE the plot twist at the end.

there really should be more timberjack fics

The twist at the end was great.

full length timberjack x flutterbat story when

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