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Foreign royalty is visiting Ponyville to meet with Princess Twilight Sparkle. One of them, a sociopath named Prince Glut, abuses Pinkie into fulfilling his wishes. If she doesn't comply, the whole political meeting may be called off, or worse, something could happen to the Cakes.

Desperate to please the prince for Twilight's success, she keeps her ordeal a secret. Now she must find what Prince Glut has requested.

She needs meat.

This was written for the 10th Rage Review's F*** THIS PROMPT! contest.

Pinkie Pie is secretly a murderer!

Edited by AlicornPriest.
Preread by Malozi
Art used by tsand106

Chapters (5)
Comments ( 12 )

Oh my fucking god dude, that is stupid!
You know what pinkie pie would do if a gryphon actually demanded pony meat?
"Oh twilight, is horrible! That gryphon wants me to murder and cook somepony! He wants pony meat!"
"Wtf?!! I'm writing celestia. Pinkie, i need you to get the oryal guards and keep on eye on him."
a few minutes later, celestia confronting the gryphon.


and thus the circumstances would be resolved.

Seriously dude, by no means or expectations would this actaully work. The concept requires pinkie pie being nothing short of brain damaged here. She is quirky, but she isn't THIS!
how it would actually go down.

"Twilight, the gryphon wants meat pies."
"Oooh...... I shoulda seen that coming. Hmmm, manehatten has a gryphon population, i'll have some meat delivered from there."

siiighs. forced drama is drama that is forced....... like this.

She's being emotionally intimidated and manipulated. When you're under enough stress, you tend to make bad decisions. In Pinkie's case, she's at a point where she feels like she can't escape. She's afraid of the consequences that might happen if she brought in a princess. How would it affect the meeting Twilight worked so hard on? Glut, the huge dick, has convinced Pinkie that he has all the power in the situation and Pinkie's options are more limited than they actually are.

It's like kids who are bullied but don't tell anyone, but more severe.

Sorry you don't like the story.

7026940 its beyond me not liking it dude. its that the concept does not work and relies on idiocy of a character. and does not work as a concept when the solution is as simple as that exchange i wrote between twilight and pinkie pie.

besides, the moment he stated he wantedp ony meat, pinkie pie would have gone straight to twilight. or, even, one of the regal sisters. because fucking no way it could go down either way.
because you know whtat that is? by the standards of a world where there is more than one sapient species, that is FREAKING CANNIBALISM! cannibalism dude. there is no conceivable way pinkie pie would not recognize it as it was; a psychopath who wants to eat another sapient being.

andguess what? as an element of harmony, her word would probably override his. and twilight would udnerstand. she wouldn't want a CANNIBAL to be threatening ponies or her friends.

seriously man, you ahve no put enough thought into this.

Sigh, don't worry about that guy :ajbemused: I've been reading this beauty all night and I love it. It's good, like freakishly good and I REAAAALLY hope you continue this. :heart:

It shall be continued. There are three or four more chapters left and will be coming out real soon. I just probably won't update until after the prompt contest is over.

I'm glad you're enjoying it!:twilightsmile:

7029302 Oi, when's the contest over, mate? Getting excited here! :pinkiehappy:

I feel like Lyra's going to have a bad time.

*Sees it get cancelled.*
I don't know how else I was going to comment on this. But when I saw this get cancelled and looked at your comments, I just kind of laughed for some reason.

The more I tried to write it, the more I hated it.

Maybe *hiatus* would be a better fit, but for now I don't ever see myself completing this story.

7420509 Please finish it! This is a beautiful story and I love it so. It breaks my heart to simply see it lying here in a hiatus.

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