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Who can take a rainbow, color it with dew, graze under it with a cupcake or two, the Ponyman, oh the Ponyman can.

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were you get cover? it looks like an ss. and Ive never seen that scene

Reminds me when I used to play mini-golf with my friends.

Good story. :pinkiehappy:

A fic about nothing, but very funny. "I'm the eighteenth hole" cracks me up. Faved and upvoted!:rainbowkiss:

There's a link called "source" under the pic. That takes you to the relevant dA page.

Frankly, this was cute and funny. You managed to successfully capture the spirit of the Crusaders, though their dialogue seemed a little too adult.:ajbemused:

A few grammar mistakes, otherwise, well done.

k thanks....
I'm a bit disappoint that its not an SS for an episode in s3
but also happy that it isn't

A few spelling/grammar errors, but overall a very fun and charming read.

Well-written, pretty funny and in-character! Nice.

I think my main praise is the same as my main criticism - this is probably the most accurate application of the Slice of Life tag I've ever seen, in that pretty much nothing happens. It is literally just a day in the life of the CMC. Even the cameo reveal is just a gag, with no overall arc to give it context. But, like I said, it works to its benefit as well as its detriment. What it lacks in... having a point, it gains in just being an easy read. It killed five minutes, and it's five minutes I enjoyed.

So... yay!

LOL loved this story, you have always got to love the spirt and focus of the CMC always wanting their cutie marks....amazing job, and I have not really seen any errors or spelling that needed correcting so you did perfect. Hoping to see more of these awesome little fillies.

:applecry: :scootangel: :unsuresweetie: = Like BOSSES!!!

Derpy...is boss!!!

Me too, although I'd have to increase the rating level if I wrote about what my friends did on some of our mini-golf excursions...

The be all, end all hole!

Yeah, there are a few cases of dialog that are above them, Scootaloo's last line in particular. I need to work on that for next time.

Well, I hope you still enjoyed the story. Maybe there will be mini-golf shenanigans in season three to laugh over!

Thanks for enjoying! Looks like I'll have to comb through this again to find those flubs.

One thing you have to remember about the internet is that absolutely nothing happens.

Maybe! Who knows when my muse will strike again. Also, that wasn't Derpy as the owner of the mini-golf. :derpyderp1: It's a character from one of my other stories. Though, if I get complaints about that, Derpy will be my go to character to change it to.

Thank you all for enjoying! It's always a pleasure to bring pleasure to others with my work!

744096 Never a problem, I was very impressed with this story, if I have time I'll be sure to look at the other stories you have written. and I know she was not, but I'm just saying that she is badass, she might even be able to teach the CMC a thing or two...that makes for an awesome idea, but I'm not ready to write a MLP: Fim fic yet, so maybe you wish to hear about it and maybe write it if you want.

There can be hole in one, as Connor McCloud was wont to say.

That stallion at the beginning, was it a Cinderella story? Hint,. hint.

This is, without a doubt, the greatest MLP Mini-Golf fic I have ever read. :trixieshiftright:

He was an unknown, coming out of nowhere.

Because it's the ONLY MLP mini-golf fic you've ever read.:trollestia:

>60 is a fail? :S What crazy high standards do they have in Ponyville?


About the same kind of standards as most colleges, it seems. In my experience, a D is basically just an F that doesn't dick your GPA as hard. You still get no credit.

Pretty much what Mally said, but I was going off of my own experience in grade school. Everything was a numerical grade with very few alphabetical ones. Generally, 70 or below was failing though recently the failing point has been lowered to 65. That's just my neck of the woods though. Other countries or states all have their own standards. Ponyville just happened to inherit my own.:applejackconfused:


Just to clarify, are these percentages? I just assumed they were, which is what surprised me, 'cause over here 40% is the pass mark in Colleges and Universities.


In my experience, the only fail grade is U, which is anything less than 40%. Anything higher (E-A grades in College and 3rd class to first class in Uni) is a pass.

I'm not sure how it worked in High School, but I'm sure it was similar. That the pass mark was only about 40% or so.


The hell are U and E?


E is just below D, and U stands for...Something. It's basically means you failed.


You must be in some other part of the world. Never heard of U. And E I only know from playing games originally from japan

Heh heh, I had suspicions about who was the owner of "Discoland". But come on, Discord. The CMC are the ones who originally released you, so show some gratitude.:pinkiehappy:

Nice story, by the way. I like playing miniature golf myself, but I tend to have bad luck. Usually I end up hitting the ball like a maniac.:pinkiesmile:

*Grins* Very cute fun, I rally loved the hydra, that was truly adorable. And gopher? do i spy a reference in there.....:pinkiehappy:

cute and funny littke story.

at least Discord did something good with a little chaos to make a wacky mini golf course.

i wonder of Diamond Tiara will do on the course since a sequel is sorta possible if Sweetie Belle gives her the free pass if DT is being mean to the CMC.

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