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When one can no longer feel the warmth of others, is there any reason to move on through life?

A sad little tale about one of our favorite Pegasi, Rainbow Dash, and (if i continue it), will show how one small accident can ruin a close friendship, but hopefully make it even stronger after all is said and done.

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This was, Interesting...
I liked it!

Slightly confusing-you should continue it simply to make it les confusing.

one of the few good sad/dark fics...:fluttercry:

Awesome story! I really enjoyed it.
I hope that you decide to expand this story, you have a lot to work with! :twilightsmile:

i want moar!
for some reason, i dont really know why, i just started crying at the end...
beautiful story!:heart:
id love another chapter! maybe about what had happend or something... anyway, keep up the great work!:heart:

This was lovely. I think it works great on it's own, but I would not object to an expansion either :pinkiehappy:

Please continue this, I must know where it goes.

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