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Discord was having a dull day, after having been hanging out with Fluttershy and her friends. Suddenly, an idea of epic chaos occurred to him. He stole away one of Chrysalis's changelings, Apatelodes, and sent him to earth, onto the Hawaiian islands. All is not normal here though, for scientific genetic experiments abound, strange creatures some with even stranger powers. Then there is that strange creature that could be a land shark, a green one eyed monster, and a purple and pink evil scientist that is curious about this strange creature he KNOWS he didn't make! What will Apatelodes do as he struggles to figure out this world, try to find a way home, and stay away from that creature he KNOWS can't be a real dog!
A MLP:FiM and Lilo and Stitch crossover. Reading Long Live the Queen first is not necessary, but it would clear up a few minor details.

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Comments ( 6 )

Great story big fan of Lilo and Stitch. I look forward to seeing how this develops.

Thanks! I'm a big fan as well. Seen it all(except for all of the Japanese Anime of it, but then I just found out about Stitch! (name of the anime) a few days ago.) I hope you enjoy it!

Lets see how this turns out :moustache:

Can't wait for more.:pinkiehappy: and also, great story. Let's see how would Stitch meet him.:pinkiehappy:

Thanks Moonie! Hope I can continue soon for you! :D

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