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Just a guy who loves MLP. I write a lot, and I just want to share what I've written. I'm on DA, Wattpad, and FF.net. I'll be posting a story I've finished on FF.net first.


This story is a sequel to Arms of Arceus

The sequel to Arms of Arceus. It's been eight months since Joan's meeting with Charles. God's Breath and Equestria are now embroiled in a heated debate. The question: in light of Infinite Energy, are the humans who reside in the Pokémon world worth saving? They must find an answer, for the Dark Arms have returned to Arceus and their influence on the god grows stronger every day.

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Comments ( 2 )

Took me long enough to figure out this was on FimFic. :facehoof:
I'll go ahead and repeat what I said earlier on FF.net

This is a truly interesting story. The plot is much deeper, more interesting and thought provoking than most FanFics out there. For now it is fun to read and imagine all the character interactions.
My only complaint would be that there are just too many different series all combining and mixing it's impossible to keep track of them.
I do enjoy what you have made so far. Thank you and keep it up!

And then add that all the characters are confusing. Keeping track of the Mane6 humans and all their Pokemon is difficult. I should probably go back through and make a character chart for all the Pokemon characters' names and species.
Still, your questioning of the ethics of Pokemon is poignant and quite insightful.
Once more I repeat, Thank you and keep it up! (this time with fun) :pinkiesmile::raritystarry::ajsmug:

7592632 Thanks again for your kind words :)

I know keeping track of the human Mane 6 is a bit difficult. I think I can improve that by giving different titles to their sections, but I haven't been able to think of a title I like yet, and I try to include mentions of their Pokémon's species when I can do it without it feeling forced. I'm afraid that's just the nature of the story and my writing style. I'll try to improve, but it might be a continuing flaw. I've got name charts on my side at least, though they're not exactly fancy. I'll work on updating section titles next week. I've finally got a clearer idea of where the human group is going in this story, so it might be easier now.

Once we get the new EQG movie out, along with the new Pokémon games, the pace of this story should finally pick up. I love canon, and want to include as much as possible. I'm getting ready to go back to college in the spring though, so no guarantees.

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