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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! (and I wish the Twijack fandom wasn't dead)


Hiatus: October 3rd, 2016

Twilight casts a spell that is supposed to take the Mane 6, CMC and Spike to a Wonderbolts show. Instead, they get sent to a whole other world! A world of cats and humans. The cats belong to the Clans and the Tribe of Rushing Water. One prophecy shall endear these new arrivals to ThunderClan, where they will grow up once again. After facing many challenges, will this be the one that defeats them?
Only one catch exists. They live in the world of the Warriors with no memory of their pony lives, except for a few flashback-like instances. How will some of our favorite characters return to the world they once knew? May StarClan light their path in this epic journey.

MLP-Warriors Crossover.

In the Warriors Timeline: Occurs 6 moons after Cinderheart's kits are born
In the MLP Timeline: Occurs after The Friendship Games

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 60 )

Who is swit's?

So when is the next chapter going to be?

7066580 I'm working on it, I promise. Sorry I couldn't get it out sooner.

7072029 when it been ready?

7076308 Maybe some time next week?

Comment posted by Night Of The Roses deleted Apr 3rd, 2016

is that it, it kinda short chapter to me?

7091685 Yeah, I know. Sorry. I'm working on this and another unpublished story at the same time, as well as trying to read other author's fan fiction. I don't have forever to write. But the next chapter is going to be longer, I promise. :yay:

7091780 ok and what this new story you're making?

7078785 I haven't submitted it yet, but it is called "Unleash the Truth"
It isn't Warriors related. Sorry if that was what you were looking for.

7091883 what is unleash the truth?

Well this is new... You have my attention!

Wow! Thank you! I really didn't expect so many people to like my story!

7183930 I've read the original books and was hooked on them instantly so when I saw your story I was magnetically pulled to it.

7183930 No problem, I've been a fan of Warriors for a long time, and with the new arc out, things just got interesting

7183948 I haven't read the Apprentice's Quest yet, and I'm having trouble finding many of the Dawn of the Clans series at my local library, so don't spoil it for me.
7183936 I'm glad to provide any Warriors fan with some reading material related to it.

7183967 I've only read the Prophecy Begins Arc, the New Prophecy Arc, the Power of Three Arc and the Omen of the Stars Arc, haven't even done Dawn of the Clans or the new Arc yet, so you don't have to worry about that

7183984 Thank goodness. There's nothing I hate more than a spoiler for a good book. Also, this takes place after Bramblestar's Storm, while disregarding the comic at the end. I hope I am not spoiling the series for you. If I am, then I'm really, really sorry.

7184011 Nope, besides, I have Bramblestar's Storm so I know how it ended

Hmmm.... Taking tabs from Into the Wild with Nightpaw and Bramblestar? Other than that, awesome job as always!

7251685 Well, yeah. I had to do it. In the show, Twilight always struck me as "the leader" and AJ as a "deputy". Therefore, who better to mentor them than the leader and deputy of ThunderClan?

7254953 Mwahahahahaha! I am an evil super villain.

I'm guessing Fogpaw is Sombra...

7265076 Uh... no. Good try, though.

I'm probably very wrong

7267834 Nope, you're 100% correct! :yay:

7272977 I had to. I'm not sure how many people are actually interested in reading romance, but in every Arc of the series, there has been at least on main character who becomes the mate of another character.

7273051 I figured that I should have at least a little romance in this thing. I like shipping, but not the boring kind of shipping with a happily ever after and some kind of weird "everything was perfect" thing. This is not a perfect ship. You will notice references to Leafpool meeting Crowfeather in this though. Hahaha.

Warriors fanfics are good, too bad there aren't many crossovers with mlp.

You got my attention, and I intend to read ALL OF THISSSGFUJREJXJFIAJRUUY (rage happiness, ignore me.)

7286283 First, thank you. Second, okay... Third, do you mind the romance that is about to happen in my story line? Fourth, have you read up to Bramblestar's Storm? If so, disregard the comic at the end. Fifth, if you have read farther than Bramblestar's storm, do not spoil it for me!!!

Thank you,
Moonlit Scribe

Holy mother of god did I just find a cross over of my favorite book series with mlp?! :rainbowderp: INSTA LIKE FAV AND- oh sorry maybe i should read it first huh? :twilightblush: (i've only read the second series :ajsleepy:)


7326995 it's your favorite to? Glad to see I'm not alone.

I have never read warriors. Is there anything I should know before I start reading? Also, thanks for adding your story to my group!:twilightsmile:

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