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After nearly being mugged Twilight turns her considerable talent with magic towards self defense. When a fight with Luna goes farther that either of them wants it to, Twilight will need to find redemption in her new position as Luna's bodyguard and stop a conspiracy that wants to bring back a force more dangerous than either of them.

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Thumbed it up, fav'd it. Keep it up. :pinkiehappy:

Also, my first ever first! :rainbowkiss:

This chapter brought to you by:

Ha ha it does help when I give the GitP folks the sneak preview before it goes up. Glad you enjoyed it.

I really gotta get back to reading Clockwork, I'm like 4 chapters behind

"The two mares stared at him for a long moment, long enough for Reinolds to consider just how far out of line he had stepped by implying that the princess hadn’t taught Twilight to protect herself property and had put her in danger."

Property should be properly. Other than that, good story. I want to see where this goes.

EDIT: first!

Oh my. Oh my oh my. This is good. I'm hooked. Tracked, thumbs up, and a demand for MOAR!


Maybe it wasn't a typo. Maybe the second chapter is going to reveal that Celestia is actually a reincarnated Ayn Rand in Equestria and society breaks down forcing Twilight "Galt" Sparkle to take drastic measures to protect her rights from other, less worthy ponies. :pinkiegasp:

Or maybe "t" and "l" just looked a little too much alike when I typed this up. That's probably more likely. Fixed now.

Ur avatar totally puts me off from reading this...

Wow! This fic is epic! :D Tracking and loving it!

Hah, this is awesome :pinkiehappy: Badass Twilight is best Twilight, please do go on.

743058 You know, I thought that the first explanation was right at first, but I just wanted to make sure. Maybe you should write that fic too...

Twilight doing badass magic that would likely never be seen in the show proper? Yes please!

Like, fav the whole shebang. Let's see some real magic!!

Although I have to admit being worried that if this is self-defence training what she would be like using more 'battlegeared' techniques :twilightangry2:
forget friendship, have a magic-guided missile aimed at you

I expect great things...

Very interesting indeed! Consider me hooked. By the way, am I inventing the Firefly reference on the good browncoated captain? Whether I am or not, he is fully voiced by Nathan Fillion in my mind's eye theatre.

intriguing. tracked, cant wait for moar :rainbowkiss:

It doesn't have anything to do with the story and it isn't meant as any sort of political statement, although I am American. I'm not planning to change it, though.

Done! Alright, sorry everyone else, the current story is cancelled until I can finish an epic "Atlas Shrugged with ponies" crossover. Send all thanks to cammerhammer over there.

I'm pretty sure self defense training here on Earth would be real different if a third of the population had combination swiss army knives/rocket launchers permanently attached to our foreheads.

The Firefly reference wasn't intended when I came up with the name, but I certainly noticed it a few pages later and decided not to change it. And reference or not my story could only be improved by Nathan Fillion (Fillyon?:facehoof:) voice work.

I bet everything is going to turn out great!(read: He's f:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:). Well, faved, liked, etc. etc. see you all later. I'm on an Avatar season!

Edit: Those hearts are bigger than I thought they would be...

Nice book title. And from earlier, I'm not the only one imagining Nathan Fillion voicing the good captain. Or providing said book to Twilight. (Either him or Guybrush Threepwood.)

Also makes me curious about pony martial arts; they do exist in the show. Rainbow seems to favour pragmatic fighting, while Rarity might be more of a graceful stylist (comparing headbutt versus left cross from the wedding brawl). And what might happen if Twilight were to pick up on either.

And Pinkie tag? Anyone got some duct tape for the space-time continuum? We're gonna need it :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Nice! Thumbed and faved. I'm definitely going to keep tabs on this. :pinkiehappy:

Pinkie tag? Isn't that impossible to win?

And she discovered that most problems could be overcome with enough fire, lightning, or some combination of the two.

I live this line.
It's so true.


To quote a movie:
The only way to win is not to play.



Nah j/k

Awww, poor Rarity.

Trash talk doth cut so deep.

I've seen this mistake a couple of times (in general, not just in this fic):

They were always happy to see her, of course, and Rainbow Dash especially seemed impressed by the training regiment she was undergoing.

It's actually regimen. Regiment is a military unit.

Other than that, keep it up. I'm interested.

Twilight's going to obliterate her. Isn't she.

-Take personality from Luna Eclipsed.
-Add 2 parts self-entitlement with a dash of sociopathy.
-Mix inside author with a bottle of cheap wine.
-Type wildly until passing out
-Recover from hangover
-Edit result for clarity (optional) and serve cold

OK, that may not be EXACTLY how it happened, but I know Luna probably doesn't come across as especially lovable here. Stay tuned for some exciting action next chapter, when Luna takes Twilight up on her offer to play chess and delays my having to write an action scene for another 5000 words!

Nah, don't worry. It. Is. On! :raritywink:

The next chapter is probably a few days out, and I may take another pass at this one as I'm sure I made some mistakes with all the thee/thy/thou stuff in Luna's dialogue.

Thanks, should be fixed now

Holy crap dude, are some kind of posting ninja? How did you read all that and still beat me to the comments?

Guess you'll have to wait for the next chapter to find out... :trollestia:


Holy crap I'm in the featured box. I'm blown away, thanks for all your support guys

nyeeeeh i want moar :fluttershysad:this is too epic to wait for, but i dont want spoilers, they just kill the point of reading more :eeyup:

when is next chapter? well?:duck:

I've been pondering a fan fiction like this for over a month, so if anypony tells me I'm copying this author, Fluttershy hates them.

Totally going to read this at some point. :D


Family is arriving literally any minute, I'm posting this now because I won't be on the site or have a chance to start the next chapter until at least Sunday, plus I need to edit Writing is Hard for submission to EQD (Me + Quotation Marks + Punctuation = :derpyderp2:I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT WENT WRONG!:derpyderp2:. so I would guess late next week

Here's hoping twilight wins. I always cheer for the underdog, even though luna's my favorite

754718 hmm...okay good enough for me as long as its 1500+:pinkiehappy:

jkjk. seriously, it doesn't matter. youre just so awesome:rainbowkiss:

Copy away, there's plenty of room for different takes and approaches to the same story for me to exhaust with a single fic.

>.> (not saying any thing!)...>.<

Luna, y u so adorably awkward?!

754738 :twilightsmile: I'm just a gentle giant / hypercompetetive stallion with the heart of a filly. Don't mind me. :twilightsmile:

I am liking this so far. Nice to see a new featured story up on the box.

I am loving this. You sir have just earned a watch!

Brawler Luna is best Pony :pinkiehappy:

I'll keep an eye on this on how it develops, even though both Combatants are clearly not in the same leaque.
A bit of Slice of Life never hurt or maybe in this case it will hurt Twilight :twilightoops: dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Luna_apple.png

any Chance you have other Fights planned?
I would pay all my Bits to have a Luna vs Celestia Match although Equestria might not be in one piece after that :trollestia:


Luna's disregarding The Code and Equestria runs on narratavium (Pratchectt Refeferences are Go!). Twilight Sparkle is a Hero and an Underdog against an opponent who has shown signs of Contempt (Luna waving off the safety talisman). The only way Luna could have asked more to get her tail kicked in is to say something like "I am Invincible."

Very entertaining story so far! :pinkiehappy:

Looking forward to Luna's future flank-kicking. :twilightangry2:

754894 Just because Luna is considered to be a demi-god, does not mean that Twilight cannot match and/or surpass her in magical ability. Celestia did not tell Twilight she was the most powerful Unicorn Celestia has ever seen in thousands of years for nothing, you know.

Just Like in her fight against Nightmare Moon, Twilight is going to show Luna how much combat styles and modern fighting had actually evolved in 1000 years, so is no wonder if Twilight is going to beat the manure out of Luna if we considered that some combat techniques she may possess are either outdated, over disected to the point to counter them may be considered basic training, or demned completely useless in comparation to the new combat tactics, techniques, styles and even modern warfare, yea sure there's going to be some actually some awesomely epic legendary combat tecniques that Luna(And Celestia) may now be the sole or last practitioners and masters alive, in a way they're going to finish up that fight they've got a few years ago when Luna returned from her vanishment as Nighmare Moon.

Ladies and gentlemen, please remember that Twilight doesn't have to win to be impressive. After all, a good showing in a loss can go pretty far. For those who don't understand, there's a couple of films from Sylvester Stallone I'd like to refer you to.

I am, of course, looking forward to either a good long slobberknocker of a match, or Luna looking at a crater and admiring Twilight's ability to not die from having Pluto swing by to say hello to her. (And Twilight mumbling things about dwarf planets versus actual planets in regards to personal combat use.)

I am eternally sad that I never thought of something this singularly awesome. :fluttercry:

not looking forward to Twilight getting creamed
its either that, or the next chapter starts in the hospital with Celestia asking her faithful student why Luna is in surgery

It's true. At this point Narrative Causality has kicked in and there's no hope for Luna. There is, however, one way that she might be able to break herself out of the chain. Twilight may be the Hero and the Underdog, but Luna is playing the Socially Awkward Authority Figure card here. It's possible that she'll beat Twilight, because any time a ruler/goddess in her position stumbles onto a situation like this and then challenges their only friend to a fight in order to make everyone else like them, they inevitably crush said friend mercilessly and then wonder why everyone else hates them for it.

Luna is a thousand years out of date, and going up against a trained, Super-powered Twilight... oh... she's gona get her flank handed too her, and it will be glorious.

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