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Princess Cadance wakes up with a hangover, and some garbled memories of the previous night's events.

Thanks to Marston241 for giving me the idea for the story.

Now with a reading by CaptainBron3y.

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I could actually see a continuation with Vinyl having sex with the other alicorns.

I'm glad that this stayed in the "cute" category... it kept the whole thing fun. And I can totally relate to Shining Armor kicking back on the bed eating chips on a few business trips.

It's not much of an arc- just secondhand tellings of a silly thing happening and wrapping up rather anticlimactically- but the character voices really sell it (especially hungover Cadance).:rainbowlaugh:

Much dwunk,so cider,more amore,such ahangover,need pain killer,dex hard cider wow XD btw amazing start

Shining is never going let her live this down. I predict he'll share this with Flurry at the best moment for maximum embarrassment.

This is hilarious! Cadence getting drunk and mistaking Vinyl for Shining Armor?! Why didn't I think of that?

I miss the original cover art. I read this story for that reason.

That was.... :rainbowlaugh: 10/10

That was hilarious. Probably doesn't even need the sex tag, though. I don't think frenching counts for that even for the most stuck up of people.

7263605 The reason I changed it is because it turned out that that artwork had originally been commissioned by another author for their fic, and they requested that I not use it, so I replaced it with the current art.
7264069 I was on the fence with rather to include that tag or not, but I figured I'd better be on the safe side. Also, Cadance and Vinyl's dialogue was a bit more innuendo-laden in the original draft.

Loved how you did the perspective changes to this.

Worked excellent in a way that just outright telling the tale wouldn't have.

~Skeeter The Lurker

7264722 Keep the sex tag. Makes it even better when we read what happened and smile at her oops.

It would be interesting to see Vinal accidentally get into these situations with Luna and Twilight as well. Somehow i see Celestia staring at Vinal at the end of it with a bemused expression saying "oh well might as well compete the set" before giving the dj a quick peck on the lips.

That's one hell of a birthday present! Awesome XD

I kinda want to see one where she tries to get with Twilight for some reason, it would be fun I think. :rainbowlaugh:

“Really? Seventeen mugs of cider?” Cadance couldn’t help sound slightly proud of the accomplishment, even though she knew she shouldn’t have been.

Don't just be slightly proud of that, be very proud of it!

“Let me just say she’s the Princess of Love for a reason.”

Shining is apparently a very lucky stallion.

“But seriously,” Vinyl said, licking the syrup off of her lips, “that was like the best kiss ever. Shining Armor is one lucky stallion.”


Poor Twilight, only notable for having read a lot.

7264735 Thanks. It was a really fun challenge jumping back and forth between the two scenes in a way that kept things moving while keeping the comedic timing. I've always liked the various types of smash cuts that are used in comedy, so I wanted to try to capture that same sort of feeling.


I'm no expert, but I'd say you did pretty good in the attempt.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Now I'm curious to see if Octavia ever ends up seeing just how well Twilight or Luna make out after a good cider-filled night.

Celestia? Well she would probably have confused Octacia for some sort of pony-sized confection.

“So I turn and look, and there’s the Alicorn Princess of Love staring at me with the same face you have when you see a donut.”

Octavia wrinkled her nose in displeasure, but resisted the urge to interrupt.

By far my favorite part of the story. The image that played out had me genuinely giggling at the sight of such a spectacle.

I'm just imagining Shining meeting Vinyl, and the two of them talking about this.

This fanfic is hilarious. I loved it. Thanks.:pinkiesmile:

Great story, very light hearted and fun.

“There were four princesses at that party, and you picked the one married one?”

Just noticed this.

You could try to make extra chapter fo the other Princesses

7266731 I don't think that's a typo, just a little unclear. I think what the author means is 'the only married one', or 'the one married pony'. Technically, 'the one married one' makes sense, it just sounds like a mistake.

7267853 Yeah, that's what I intended, but it was phrased in a confusing way.

Oh my, how scandalous! :raritywink:

7267853 7267956

I think what the author means is 'the only married one', or 'the one married pony'.

That just comes across as a bit weird, coming from somepony as Octavia, who's not even flustered (badly) in this shot. It would have made more sense to say - using the whole sentence - "There were four princesses at that party and you picked the one that's married?"

Hah I love it! Sequel please! :)

“Well, a number of years ago, I was once invited to the grand opening of a winery in Los Pegasus. After… sampling their wares, I went missing from the after party.” A trace of nostalgia crossed her face. “They found me in a bakery down the street, fast asleep, with my head buried in a seven-tier wedding cake.”

This gets never old! :rainbowlaugh:

Story Approver

I frickin' loved every second of this. This was hilarious. And, I'd love to actually hear the conversation between Shining and Cadence. I just...really loved this through and through. Great writing, great premise, and it was hilarious! :twilightsheepish:

I'm kind if disappointed, here I hoped Shining got drunk too and pissibly slipped Pinkie the other pink mare the sausage and Luna had to pull him away with him waking up in her room.

Huh. Well, that was amusing.

This is a very good one-shot.

Is there already a story where Vinyl chases down the Princesses to get a kiss from each?
Midnight Song did it, but that was just a small side plot and she just doesn't have an Octavia.

Either way, great story. Love how you write V and Tavi.

Dang... you missed a bet with the ending. You should have had the dialogue between Cadence and her hubby with Shining holding the comic book in front of his face. Then when he lowers it, he's wearing a pair of Vinyl Scratch glasses.

Sorry, can't help but think of things like this when I read stories or watch movies.

“Still not convinced?” Celestia said. “Well, a number of years ago, I was once invited to the grand opening of a winery in Los Pegasus. After… sampling their wares, I went missing from the after party.” A trace of nostalgia crossed her face. “They found me in a bakery down the street, fast asleep, with my head buried in a seven-tier wedding cake.”


Best line of a truly hilarious little story.

Good to see more one shots from you, and this one is one of the best, just utterly freaking glorious.

I listened to the reading you linked. Really fun story! I thought the interplay between Cadence's and Vinyl's worked really well. The dialogue felt true to character and had some really strong moments (probably somewhat brought to life by the Capn, at least in part).

I never would've thought fancy pickles would get so much play in a MLP fic, but it was hilariously done. :rainbowlaugh: I get the feeling you had some fun writing up character actions and descriptions with a hungover princess involved. Overall, the story flowed well and felt realistic and pretty well-paced. There were so many fun moments packed into this. Really, well done! You even packed a little moral in there. :twilightsheepish:

The similarity between Vinyl and Shining Armor is something I've noticed, but didn't see coming until it was obvious. Though now that I look back, perhaps I should've seen it sooner. :derpytongue2:

Glad I clicked on this story, it was a great way to spend 30 minutes. Thanks!

“Somehow, I don’t find it likely that I would ever be in a situation where that is a possibility,” Octavia said, rolling the idea slowly around the inside of her head.

And with that, the universe conspires against Octavia so she will somehow end up being "macked on" by a drunken Luna.

Huh, I was genuinely expecting some sort of twist ending gag here. Oh well, still a delightful story!

Comment posted by A Flying Luna deleted Aug 24th, 2016

Great story. Loved how you changed the perspective repeatedly, very well done.

Author Interviewer

Celestia rolled her eyes so hard that even the guard standing outside the room briefly felt as though whatever he had thought couldn’t possibly have been serious.

You have some crazy metaphors in this story, but this is the best one.

I want to know what Celestia told Shining. :B

I quite enjoyed that.


Now, prying you off of her, that was was more difficult

That was a blast to read! Just wish I got to see a bit more of the Silent Bum.

Edit: "The Silent Bum" now there's an idea for a title.

Kinda cute, to bad there didn't come more around.

Vinyl the princess hunter!

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