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I know your English isn't perfect, and it shows a bit here. But it's still a very enjoyable story! I'm looking forward to more of this! :ajsmug:

Uh...Vav didn't write this... I did... Murican...

7056644 Haha, you're overshadowed by Vava ! 8D
I know that feeling !

Well, joke aside...
Some good clop, with some amazing characters. Characters that are well mastered even if they are not yours.
And it is also very cute.

okay, WHY would he refuse? thats like growing a bunch of food, storing it up, then saying "nah, i dont want to eat it or sell it for money." it makes no sense to make a machine to heal all wounds if you dont use it to heal wounds. why make it at all then?

why does she have hands? this does not make sense. what is the logic? what are the rules....

new idea, come up with a better premise for a clop story. i doubt by the end of this anyone will actually care about how they started sex, just that they had sex.

You do know this is based off a comic, right? A comic that explains all your questions...

Comment posted by CheerDaLee deleted Mar 23rd, 2016


But wait, one would think. If a kiss is needed to make a card, then how does he have one of himself? And to find the answer to that question, go read the comic. Well go on now; we'll sit here and wait patiently while you go read it if you haven't already.

There was a link to the comic right there, at the very beginning.


Haha, you're overshadowed by Vava ! 8D
I know that feeling !

Same as Luna. :trollestia:

7056970 Yeah ! /)
We will soon call him Nightmare-Otaku ! 8D


I'm not Celestia...=w="

Hmmm. i do believe Little A.J. (such a stupid name) is something that is called, A bitch

7056949 Ah. I missed that. My apologies.

Still. It's hard for someone to have to go through 56 pages to learn about the whole kissing and card thing

68 pages before SEEING the hands

80 before you first see the whole "Save Point" thing

82 before you get SOME idea WHY she has hands

and Serene wasn't even named yet even in 100 pages.

You can see why having to have someone go through all that just to understand your story is a bit off putting

I hope impregnation did happen...


Maybe you might misread. But you know this fiction is commission? It's something not originally write for everyone but those who read that comic. It's spin-off fiction that artist commission him to write it cause artist can't write it themselve. A comic to entertain them. So anyone who don't read comic will get some confuse for sure. But if only you don't being too serious and read it only for clop. You might can enjoy it...

Not bad but having read one (oreven more) seperate comics just to make full sense was a story is a pita.

Nine Months Later and he's got to deal with an angry Twilight And an Ecstatic Granny Apple.

Well...He just jinxed himself with not having safe sex is OK.
Also, I like the comic...Just done reading it a second time. Still waiting for that update.
And the drawings here are quite good.

I love these characters, haven't read the story yet, but it already has all my attention.

Finally had a chance to READ the story and it fully met and then exceeded expectations. It helps that I've already read the comics and am already in love with these characters. I had hoped some lovey dovey stuff of Alter and his 'Number one assistant' would pop up and I'm happy to have stumbled across this!

As Vav told me when I showed him what I had at the time: "Assistant needs more love!"

There, still standing stoically beside the desk, was Serene... She was so quiet that the two had completely forgotten she was even in the room. She...she saw everything!

And no reaction... I may or may not have gotten hard on this....

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