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Hey! I like Derpy. And butts. And Derpy's butt. Other butts are cool too, though. ~TOOWC

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glad to see this on here!

One word: teleportation.

I want to see the full picture of the cover

If the author replies to this, then awesome, but I wanted to know what everyone thinks happened to Twilight. I tend to accept whatever the author writes or, if it's open ended like this one, try and rationalise for some way to make myself feel less shameful, like making it non-fatal. I will accept that of the author views it as fatal then It's fatal and I will have to live with another drop of shame in the pond of shame.

I like to think of it as non-fatal. But we'll never know unless we go up and try ourselves.
Who knows? We might just meet Twilight in there.

Was this an adaptation from a comic?
If not, then the dialogue is a hell of a coincidence.

It is, in fact! I did it on the page of the comic itself, so as to stay relatively true to it by taking note of positions and dialogue throughout.

What the actual fuck! XD

inb4 The Abyss

Jesus dude, this is so awesome <3

! Thanks! You're the reason it exists , though, since you inspired it.

Thank you for that story.
I like Twilestia, vore, ass worship, Tia's butt and we have all of it in that story.
Two thing I didn't like, a bit strange dialogue and that this is not-consensual, but this is ok, because the story based on a comic and have a open ending.
Hope to see more stories like that from you, but a bit longer and with storyline, not just vore part.

I am myself more fan of non-fatal vore and think that would end like that:
Celestia finds where is Twilight and pooped or teleported her. Than they talk, Twilight admit that being inserted into such fine ass isn't so bad. They try it again and this time Twilight like it. They become a lovers and their sex sessions always ended with Twilight inside Tia's butt. Than they got married and Twilight receive a title "The faithful royal butt plug". Happy end.

Have sex with Twilight inside Celestia's anus, why not? :trollestia:

Thanks! And actually, the comments on the page of the image itself had a funny bit about how Luna might climb in to retrieve Twilight, but end up accidentally climbing inside the little unicorn, and then Cadence follows, forming a four-pony alicorn vore caption.

After your comment I read comments at derpibooru, and it would be a hilarious sequel. Sadly it will end with fatal digestion.
Curious, how many ponies could fit inside Celestia's butt?
Also, do you plan to make a sequel to your story? If you plan to do it, than on which wersion it will be based? And it will be a fatal or not?
I'll prefer non-fatal version of pony matryoshka.

You could do what AJ's roller derby sexcapade did and create multiple endings for this fic, like a fatal, non-fatal, and maybe some other outcomes that fit on the spectrum.

Wowza! Honor to see you here, friend.

6995800 whats the cover image?

Derpibooru image #1020290

one word, five letters, WTFJH!!!!!?????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

6993483 I'll get my chainsaw, a small one, I don't plan on seeing if I survive or not, and what better way to get out of someone's gut

Personally, I like to think of this as nonfatal permanent entrapment.

Welp, there's a new way of looking at it.

And it's hot.

I'm sure she'll grow to love it. :heart:

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