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A collection of (mostly) unconnected one-shots all based around pairings as chosen by the Wheel of Shipping. Each day throughout March, I will spin the wheel to produce a pairing and then write a one-shot about that couple. Some stories will be long, some short, some comedy, some drama, some tragedy, some serious, some not etc.

Wheel of Shipping, turn, turn, turn, show us the pairing that we should burn ...

[Note: Not all tags are in all stories. They represent an overview of what the stories as a whole include. Check description for brief notes on the genre of each day's ficlet.]

Day the Twenty-Fifth: Derpy Hooves/Nightmare Moon
Day the Twenty-Fourth: Rainbow Dash/Princess Luna
Day the Twenty-Third: Trixie/Pinkie Pie
Day the Twenty-Second: Apple Bloom/Apple Bloom (grimdark)
Day the Twenty-First: King Sombra/Gilda (comedy)
Day the Twentieth: Trixie/Starlight Glimmer (comedy/romance)
Day the Nineteenth: Discord/Sunset Shimmer (comedy/action)
Day the Eighteenth: Fluttershy/Spitfire (romance/uplifting)
Day the Seventeeth: Cadence/Nightmare Moon (slice-of-life/darkfic)
Day the Sixteenth: Photo Finish/Princess Celestia (darkfic)
Day the Fifteeth: Princess Luna/Gilda (sadfic/drama/uplifting)
Day the Fourteenth: Golden Harvest/Braeburn (sadfic)
Day the Thirteenth: Sunset Shimmer/Fluttershy (fluff)
Day the Twelfth: Noteworthy/Fleur De Lis (sadfic)
Day the Eleventh: Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon (darkfic)
Day the Tenth: Limestone Pie/Starlight Glimmer (comedy/slice-of-life)
Day the Ninth: Sapphire Shores/Countess Coloratura (fluff)
Day the Eighth: Rainbow Dash/Celestia (comedy)
Day the Seventh: Cadence/Tirek (grimdark)
Day the Sixth: Flash Sentry/Spitfire (sadfic)
Day the Fifth: Fleur De Lis/Big Macintosh (slice-of-life/uplifting/drama)
Day the Fourth: Marble Pie/Prince Blueblood (slice-of-life/uplifting)
Day the Third: Fancy Pants/Svengallop (fluff)
Day the Seconde: Rarity/Shining Armour (drama)
Day the Firste: Queen Chrysalis/Noteworthy (tragedy)

If you wish to spin for your own random pairing, the Wheel of Shipping can be found here.

Cover art of the author drawn by Tranzmute in lieu of something more appropriate.

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These are glorious and I can't wait to read more of them :pinkiehappy:

I got Discord and Fleur de Lis as pairing. Now that's a pairing I'd never see coming.

// Sphex

Hell yeah I got Twilight Sparkle and Derpy Hooves my favourite secret pairing.

I can't wait to see more if these because there will be some funny pairings

Normally, I'd just hurl a red thumbs down at the mere sight of any ship that crosses Shining Armor/Cadance, but I suppose what the wheel says goes, so I'll stay neutral.

It's hard to get invested, though, given the nature of the fic. I instinctively keep wondering where the scene will go, then remind myself that it goes nowhere. Randomly chosen ponies just act out a scene...then stop. It's like a bizarre segment of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" I keep imagining that it's the same two pony actors acting out shipping skits that Scribbler pulls out of a hat.

Maud Pie x Starlight Glimmer

Well then...

Minuette x Sunset Shimmer is what I got from the wheel...wow

Svengallop x Photo Finish? Wut?:rainbowhuh:

*grins* a very intriguing snippet. I love the final line.

diamond tiara x braeburn is what i got, that's some kinky stuff

Shining Armor + Blueblood


The wheel of shipping is clearly onto me.

Big Mac x Apple Bloom on my first spin.


I spun the ship wheel... but, how does one ship Apple Bloom and Tirek?

I'll give the ol'wheel a quick spin! :pinkiesmile:

Derpy Hooves and Apple BloomPrincess Celestia! :pinkiegasp:

(Sorry, re-spun the second time 'cause I thought it was wrong to go that way :pinkiesick:)

Nightmare Moon X Rarity

Given what happens in one arc of the comics, I couldn't help myself from wondering how that would pan out. :twilightsheepish:

Why does your cover art look like there's two ponies sucking you off, Obabscribbler?

It looks sexually suggestive.

I would like to see a shipping chapter with Obabscribbler and Mandopony. Like in this animation I 'found' on YouTube.

Much as I cringe at infidelity plots, this was a nicely-written Drabble with a solid close. Looking forward to the rest of them...

I liked this one. It was amusing and gave Svengallop just enough redeeming qualities to be ever-so-slightly sympathetic while definitely still being a selfish jerk.

*snickers* Very nicely done. You have a way with final lines.

You have something of a trend going. Jerks showing they are more than just two-dimensional caricatures. I too would like to see more of this Blueblood

this could be an interesting story if this goes on

Nice take on Blueblood! He has the feel of a P. G. Wodehouse character, a upper-class twit with hidden depths

Another unpopular character given some depth.

A sweet little chapter...Twilight wouldn't like it though! :twilightangry2:

How do you make me like most of these? They're so odd and I would probably have never paired them together, but the spinning will does what it wishes, and I like most of them.

For completely random pairings, you're making these shockingly credible.

Darkest fic, darkest timeline. You are awesome! All praise be to the March-mare!!!

Oooh! Dark and twisted take on these series of ships... :trollestia:

A crack-ship writer a fim fiction cartel in action.:rainbowlaugh::pinkiegasp::flutterrage::ajbemused::raritystarry::moustache::facehoof::eeyup:

I think Blueblood had a bit of an epiphany here.

Like a rarely-used part of his brain fired a message down his synapses: "Prince, you might have the social skills of a scraggly piece of melted tin, but even you see what not to do now!"

Thus, romance was born.

Ouch. Worst random spin for best pony. :fluttercry:

Blueblood's kind of got this Hugh Grant-ness about him...

Cracky as hell (thanks, wheel!) but very cute. :pinkiesmile:

This is a ship I can even see being for real. What had the Wheel of Fate done?

Random wheel spin throws a surprisingly intuitive and non-cracky pair at you. This was sweet!

I think this has an idea that could be explored as a full story.

Hey there... I know you said you'd let the Wheel of Shipping do all the choosing for you... but if I could possibly rig the wheel a bit towards landing on Tom x Bloomberg...

Regardless, loving all these short shipping one-shots. Keep up the great work!

Aw, poor Noteworthy. I like the idea that a lot of these are all happening in the same general universe, though. Interesting that he still focuses on his Podunk status even after she's clearly seen making time with a Ponyville farm pony, and it makes me wonder at the tone of the wrap up...

Anyway, really enjoying these!

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