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This is where the stuff gets HYPE and I can't explain why.


"We're going to play a game, so pay very close attention. I put a tiny little spell on one object in your house. The spell is simple: If you touch the object, you turn into a pony." She smiles like this was a most clever thing to do. "But it's up to you to find out which object is cursed."

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Very enjoyable, and darn well written.

Whoa whoa whoa hey whoa! Rags youre alive! .... again! Saw this on the front page. Gonna read this thing.

edit: Read it. Amusing as heck, with the same kind of twist that I expect from your writing.

This amused me. And I'm glad you're not dead. I like your horse words.

I'm confused about the thing about getting stepping stools I can tell it probably has to do with swapping genders from looking between his legs but why would that create a need for stepping stools?

Because horsification entails smallification. Can't reach into cupboards and pantries on those stumpy legs.


Sharkrags isn't dead?




Then you're still alive enough to suit me, and also, afterlife confirmed for real thing.

6987516 Insert your display picture here.

this was a great laugh! 10 pinkies out of ten! :pinkiehappy:

Ahaha, that telegraphed itself so hard and still worked.

Heh. You got a good chuckle out of me on this one. Trollestia is best Celestia


Fortunately, I'm a shape-shifter, so this doesn't matter to me!

Lab accident gave me powers. It happens.

6987516 ... I'd totally do that. Thank you.

I now have a contingency plan for the PONAPOCALYPSE!

I like to stay 100% predictable. Surprises frighten and confuse me.

She really is.


6989186 Hey, leave me out of this. I had nothing to do with it.

Celestia broke into your house,

I got that far when my phone rang and looked away. After the call, half of the first line sunk in and I just remember thinking, "Okay, seems plausible."


Human tag added.

Clever mare

That was indeed an interesting corruption of Celestia's character and the MLP:FIM concept.

Personally,.. If an item in my home was cursed, I'd treat it as I would if there was a toxic spill in my home--I'd leave and try to find a friend who'd let me stay over until the joke got old... Still, the victim gave it a good try. Maybe he can join a circus. Or sell sips of soda.

Ah, Celestia. Never change:pinkiehappy:


skittle donkey

I'm just going to use this from now on
this...is my lab, and THIS is my labratory!

You know what would have been worse ?
One single pill of a cough medecine.
That way , he would have been turned into a pony for being a little hoarse. :rainbowlaugh:

*So Celestia turns up and does this to Alondro's house... and now he's a pony.*

Neato! I wonder if... *looks between his legs* DAAAAAAAYUM!! :rainbowwild:

*Celestia blinks* Oh god... he's a furry too! WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!??! :raritydespair:


My general sentiment to this story.

This was a great read. Amusing too!
Indeed, the one liquid detail is all that was missing.
Oh well, at least our hero earned quite a lot of cash over the course of one day!

Short and sweet, very well done!



Without reading, I'd choose the doorknob. No matter how hard you try to find it, it will never be found with your intent. And if you do not wish it, when you try to leave it strikes.

If this was me, I would have probably figures out what the object was.

Then I'd start selling it to bronies!

Celestia bites her lip and smiles. You look at the Dr. Pepper can and realize the guy only touched the outside of it. The soda inside glows.

It was at that moment when he realized... He done fucked up

To be perfectly honest, I clicked on this before I realized it had the second-person tag. I usually avoid second-person stories like the plague, but this one was short and had an amusing premise, so I gave it a try.

The second person POV still grates a bit, but it's a genuinely funny story. Upvoted :pinkiesmile:

Yaay I'm a pony even though my OC is a timberwolf!!!

Celestia is worst Nome King?

Celestia is a terrible pony! Good job!:moustache::trollestia:

She shakes her head. “I'm afraid there's something I need to tell you, first." Her muzzle moves next to your ear and whispers, "We're going to play a game."

Am I the only person who thought of Jigsaw when I read that?... Wait... Sawlestia confirmed.:trollestia:

Personally, I'd find anything to make Me a pony instantly. But with money and a troll Celestia really make this enjoyable.

The house horror of horse.

The horror horse of house.

The horse horse of horser.

I was calling the megaphone (with delayed reaction; the rules didn't state how soon!) but that worked fine. This was funny in a slightly convicting way.

I would sell the cursed Dr. Pepper for big bucks. Easy cash!

That's not an object! That's a substance! :twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2:

Don't think he's not considering that.

Don't also think I didn't consider letting him mess up the name and make it longer and longer each time he said it.

I find that 2nd person pov gets a bad rap in a lot of literary circles, period. Not to say this is literary in any sense of the word, but I always try to make these things as well-written as I can (if not actually good.)

Oh jeeze, the megaphone would've been perfect, but I like to think he bought a new one at the megaphone emporium.

the proper response to this is to burn the house down immediately.
edit: I would also like to point out that the first thing I would have done upon drinking the soda, if I were in his shoes, is go for her throat, and rip it out with my teeth.

I really wanna see a pick of what he? I dunno. Anyways I still wonder what he? Looked like c;

Damn it, I don't even like Dr. Pepper.

...So what should my name be now? Slow Dancer? Yeah, Slow Dancer. I like that one.

Well, that was fun. Nice to see cleverness on both sides. Really, I'd say this was one of the best possible outcomes for this scenario.

"Wait, wait, it's the six pack of Dr. Pepper I bought yesterday, isn't it?"

Who is he, Short Skirts and Explosions?:rainbowwild:

6996353 No, clearly it's you. Wait, isn't it me?
If it's me, then you can call me/you EoH the Bear Killer, has a nice ring to it don'tcha think?!

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