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Comment posted by Kindabrony deleted Apr 14th, 2016

The beginning of a new hero! Awesome chap

Another awesome chap!

Oh~things are getting interesting!

I like where this story is going ????

Sorry meant to say good job

7123775 I find that ironic considering your profile picture.

Soooo. . .

This is a HiE now essentially.

A shame.

Comment posted by Kindabrony deleted Apr 14th, 2016

i cried a little with the song and feels at the end.
Awesome story , fave.

Thanks. I'm getting a lot of hate for this story for some reason. People always see stories and just thumbs down it for no reason. WTF. Anyway. I appreciate the thumbs up. Hope you continue to like it.

This... this definitely earns a badass seal of approval. PLZ continue this PLEASE!?!

7125139 I guess but my opinion still stands. this story is not my style.

Comment posted by Vongoalyken deleted Apr 14th, 2016
Comment posted by Kindabrony deleted Apr 14th, 2016

man I love both of your stories keep up the good job:twilightsmile:

7125326 you would not know a good store if they kick you in the balls:flutterrage:

7125729 Probs saw the random powers he got from popular media and were turned off by the fast acquisition of extremely powerful abilities.
Think this is one reason lots of people don't like Displaced stories (Other than most being pretty much exactly the same)

They like the full feeling Ice-cream gives them and you're giving them chips which you can eat endlessly without feeling full.
I like chips, they pretty good.

Long story short: Different tastes for different people :twilightsmile:

Idk. I kinda liked his comment. Made me feel all tingly inside. LOLOLOLOL

Now this does not mean I am gay, for all of you brony haters

thank you

No words can describe how ASWOME THIS STORY IS

Holy shit............this. Is. AWESOME!! FEED ME MORE!!!!!:rainbowkiss:

I'm really liking this story so far, keep up the good work.

like it good work and I would have the same reaction to having to fight people right after I got out of the hospital and figure out its a test

All this time and he has yet to show them his bending abilities and his Devil Trigger. Think he'll use them while training the guards?

Seems like he accepted the apology a little too easily

Wait... How the hell is he talking to Houston? Hell, how is he in another galaxy? The closest galaxy is andromeda and that's 200 million light years away. That ruins the whole Houston and the travel aspect. Sorry, but this confused me.

Worlds fastest space ship ever created by NASA. Only took fifteen days to get past Pluto and its just a story man. I don't shit about space travel and I doubt you do. Just enjoy it. Damn.

7132470 Maybe not devil trigger unless absolutly nedding too. but the bending i think will be a part of the training


Now this does not mean I am gay, for all of you brony haters

Ironic that this is on a site with next to no brony haters LOL

You never know. I honestly believe that some of the thumbs downs writers get are from people who come on here just for that. Also, I wrote that just because a lot of people called me gay when I told them I liked MLP even though I'm not. I have nothing against them, but I do think its wrong for such a stereotype view on Bronies.

I grabbed Rebellion from my back and planted it firmly in the ground.

dull ass blade alert

Of course the most badass warriors of all time are used to teach a lesson.
I doubt that Equestria would survive if the Spartans marched against them.

when he said punishment I thought having to lift up heavy rock chunks on your back

Glad to know I can get you wet. LOL


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