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(Rated Teen for: Suggestive themes, violence, crude humor, minimal blood and partial language.)

Cover Art created by Droll3

Arcane Academy: A prestigious academy which specializes in teaching magic to those willing to learn. This private institute is known by very few and is very difficult to get into, only a select few which demonstrate exceptional magic abilities are permitted to enter.

Though the academy specializes in magic, students participate in rigorous missions which test strength, endurance, cunning, and other skills on different levels in hopes to one day graduate and become a member of the Equestrian Arcane Agency; a secret faction of powerful unicorns who work tirelessly to defend Equeastria from the shadows.

Join Silverlight on his journey as Celestia's new student as he attempts to graduate from the academy and become the most powerful wizard in Equeastria. His only problem is: he’s an earth pony attempting to learn Arcane magic.

Part 1: Arcane Trials Arc
Part 2: In Progress

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With a furious roar, the dragon shot a fireball in the direction of the unicorn. The pony was able to dodge it by rolling out of the way, but as he attempted to recover from the first fireball a second hit him directly and sent him flying across the cave. Silverlight landed in a pile of gems with a rather hard thud, he let out a cry of pain as he attempted to move.

Where did the unicorn in this scene come from?

My bad, writer error, finished proof reading around midnight and I guess I missed that. Thanks for noticing, I'll fix it right away.

Can't wait to read more

Does Silverlight have the same voice as Harry Potter of the live-action Harry Potter movies? If not, then what does he sound like?

This has been an interesting read. I would like to see more of this.

7030872 I loosely based Silverlight's character and mannerisms on Naruto Uzimaki (PTS). If he had to have a voice, I'd say its similair to his in the enregetic and hyperactive sort; somewhat immature and rambunctious with a hint of obnoxious. I haven't seen any of the live-action Harry Potter movies but now that you mentioned it I'll check them out for myself and get back to you.

7031128 Thanks, feedback is always appreciated.

Wow you update fast.

7050635 Actually I write several chapters in advance and then just pick a day to update, though I've been thinking of slowing down a bit.

7051011 something odd happen. I track your story but for some reason I didn't know you posted this chapter and chapter before it until I look at my track list. The tracker works for the others but for yours it didn't.

7051430 That is rather strange, I can't say I have an explanation. However now that you've mentioned it, I'll look into it.

Okay this time the track button work. Thank goodness. Anyway, great chapter as always.

7065311 Thanks and its nice to know the tracking is working once again.

Mary kinda reminds me of Gaara from Naruto, but more friendly.

Midnight is right. That do sound like a fair trade.

I need paragraphs to the summary here.
People tend to judge the story by the covers and this looks like a solid brick you can't read through.
On a second note, it looks as if you could give your readers a few more days to absorbe the content of the story, before you publish the next chapter?
Unless you have a good reason to explain that the chapters are Chapters, it is utterly pointless to include in the titles of your chapters.
If you have an Epilogue, Prologue or anything on that line it would not have been so out of place.

Interesting to see an Earth Pony who actually manage any manner of the Arcane Magic beside all the Unicorns. Were you by chance inspired by Pinkie Pie?

7103562 Actually, yes. I was always curious what an earth pony would do with magic but than I remembered I only needed to turn to Pinkie Pie to see that. On the other hand, thanks much for the feedback! I'm always looking to improve.

7103585 Do we need more reason to love Pinkie Pie, but then she is the best friend Equestria ever saw.

You are quite welcome. The summary certainly does look much better now.

This will make the story much more well thought through on the casual look. First impression does carry weight, you know.

Improvement is a good trait among the better writers.

Ooooo. I like this chapter. I am so shipping Midnight and Mary.

7104912 If only you knew what I had in store for those two.....I'll just leave it at that. :rainbowlaugh:

What is Midnight's plan I wonder. Loving that cover art by the way.

7143706 Courtesy of Droll3, I have always loved his crossover work.

Midnight no! I just starting to like him.

This so naruto it ain't funny

See right there naruto reference

7208390 Big fan of both PTS and Shippuden series, but yeah, there's several altered quotes or references thrown in everywhere.

Oh thank goodness for both Midnight and Silver.

And so it officially begins. I'm so excited.

Wait so Midnight is still allowed to be up and about after trying to kill another student. On fact had to be directly stopped by the Principal and even then it took awhile before he stopped trying? :ajbemused::twilightangry2:

Yeah screw this for awhile, still gonna read later, but seriously what the fuck?

More more more plz...

7299220 Equestria is very lenient with it's punishment policies. On another note, he serves as a bigger purpose later on hence why he isn't necessarily imprisoned after his actions, on top of everything, having a soft hearted mother as the principal of the school could also help his case.

“And it’s the agency’s fault right?” Ignis made a large chair materialize behind him before plotting down to sit. “In all fairness to the agency, they told you Solar, they gave you fair warning and Goodwing was always very lenient with you. But he’s gone now, you can change everything that’s happened to you, everything that’s happened to him, you can get back your son.” Ignis turned his voice to a whisper as he leaned in closer to the principal. “You can discontinue Project Umbra Corde for good.”

“SHHHH!” Solar hushed Ignis by leaning up and placing a hoof over his mouth, silencing him immediately. “You know full well that we’re not to talk about the project outside of the agency HQ!”

“Then,” Ignis’s words were muffled until he removed the Alicorn’s hoof from his mouth. “You can end it,” Ignis returned to a whisper. “We know about all the shady acts that Frostbite has performed under his brother’s nose, we can bring them all to the light but only if you become the director.” Ignis watched as Solar reclined in her chair and looked down, avoiding his gaze. “I understand, you barely see enough of Shadow—”

“Midnight!” Solar corrected with an angered snap.

“Sorry, Midnight. You barely see him as it is and if you were to become the director then you’d see little to none of him anymore.” Ignis rose from his seat and made it disappear he made his way to the door and paused as he looked over his shoulder back at the Alicorn. “He’ll have to learn the truth eventually, you won’t always be there to protect him.”

What are you hiding Solar? Midnight/Shadow is a shadow pony isn't he? Could he be related to Sombra?! Oh my Luna the conspiracies are endless! :pinkiecrazy:

dark blue mane

I always thought Rarity's mane is a dark shade of violet or purple.

Anyway, great chapter. This have some funny bits and I will enjoy seeing Celestia doing some teaching.

7301126 Guess there's really only one way to find out, huh?:raritywink:

I prefer a nature themed mage when I think of Earth ponies. And they use magic differently from a unicorns...Through their hooves, mainly (and well-verse in internal enhancement through magic). And pegasus use their magic through their wings and a little bit through their hooves for wind, electricity and probably a little bit of water (also some what well-verse in internal enhancement). Weather theme, basicly. Or even elemental. As for unicorn. I image them to have more freedom with their horn magic (focus a bit more on external) but they aren't quite as effective in the domain of the earth ponies and the pegasi. Still, their versatality, range and precision help them a lot. Combine with many spells that only unicorns can cast due to their horn magic, they are the leading force, the spearhead in magical research and studies.

a unicorn who may have had a homicidal tendency to destroy you because you touched him' present"

I don't understand this line...
Seriously...work on your grammar a bit. Actually, better to just get an editor. Or re-read the chapter yourself, carefully. And then fix the mistakes.

How in the wide world of Equeastria did you manage to get your hooves on that Astral? I know the cafeteria doesn’t have any,”


“Actually, how the story is going is YOU got your flanked kicked and worse would have happened if principal Solar Wind hadn’t intervened,” Astral explained with nervous laughter.

Feel like something is wrong here.

“Oh yeah, your right. Darn it!”
“If it’ll make you feel any better, I won’t participate in the trials if you don’t won’t me to?

don't want

I have a serious problem with him trying to cast spells the unicorn way and not trying to do it the Earth ponies way. He keep thinking like he has a horn when he does not.
It's getting a bit frustrated.

7306894 Thanks for spotting the mistakes, I'll take everything you mentioned into consideration. Thanks, I'm always looking to improve as a writer.

Silverlight’s speech was interrupted by a blood curdling scream which rang throughout the forest; the sound startled both ponies and sent chills down their spines.
“Wh-what in the wide world of Equeastria was that?” Astral stammered as she forced out the question.

Again, Equestria.

Use Ctrl+H to find and replace Equeastria with Equestria if you're using word.

you’ve been acting strange since your meeting with Mary. She Canterlot be that weird,

What do you mean she canterlot be that weird?

Uhhhhhhh...............Was Silver female when he was young or something?
The battle in his mind is confusing...
Stallion = Grown male horse/pony
Mare = Grown female horse/pony.
Colt = Young male horse/pony.
Filly = Young female horse/pony. And you were using this with Silver, who is male.
Foal = young horse/pony.

7308878 He was a male, I wasn't sure if filly was a restricted entirely to female or if it stood for young ponies in general

“Alright, that should do it,” Silver said to himself as he put his now empty saddle bag away in his nightstand drawer. Next to the candle lamp on his nightstand was his journal that his parents had given him when he was a filly, he still wrote in it from time to time, though not as often as he used to. He trotted over to the mirror and placed several quills and scrolls away in the drawers, afterwards, he took a moment to look at the small blue framed picture in front of the mirror. In the picture were two ponies, a grey filly earth pony with white hair who was on the back of a large cream white unicorn stallion who’s hair was a light shade of grey with pale white streaks mixed in. His orange flamed eyes seemed to burn into Silver’s soul, this feeling made him smile. “I did it bro……I’m on my way to being an awesome, important wizard just like you were.” Suddenly, there was a knock on Silver’s bedroom door, soon followed after by a gruff voice.

Again...It's foal or colt. Not filly.
If you meant to put filly there, then that means he changed his sex sometimes in the past, right?

7309236 Filly is strictly for young female pony/horse.
Even the show only use filly for it.
Foal on the other hand, as stated, is for both.

“Their not just clothes,” the unicorn chimed in from the doorway. “Their everything I need for my spring lineup, I have an idea for an ensemble that I know will just—” She stopped when she eyed Silver’s scarf and rushed over to his side. “Goodness darling! What are you doing with such a thing around your neck? It’s nowhere near Winter to be wearing such an attire.”

They're not Their.

he locked eyes with the unicorn once again, “I’m sorry but I gotta go. Your welcome and everything.” With that, he exited and continued on his way to see his teacher.

you're welcome

By the way...Is the mane 6 going to play any important role for long? The tag usually means "this character is going to be a main focus" not "this character will show up in a few chapters and then disappear".

Tags like OC and Others is kinda the exception because while they are not the focus (in the story that they are not the main characters)...The story does involve them. And that they tend to stay around. Or that the tags can stand for the entirety of all OCs characters or Others characters. And there are always OCs and Others around throughout the story.

7311634 Now that you mention it, I may remove the mane six tag. I mean sure, they are going to appear here and there in some chapters but I wouldn't necessarily say they're the main focus.

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