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"This nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing an astronaut on the moon and returning them safely to Earth."

- Excerpt of speech to US Congress by President Amore. It inspired her nation in such a way that her sucessor, Sombra, vowed to make it a reality.

The Space Race is considered by most to be the most ambitious undertaking in the history of humankind. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration launched a series of programs that aimed to advance scientific discovery and engineering by leaps and bounds, and push the world into a new age of exploration. It was almost the crowning achievement of our species.


-Inspired by William Safire's contingency speech for Richard Nixon during the moon landings.

Also, The Martian, Gravity, and pretty much anything else space-related.

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I vote B. After "Nightmare Moon Incident," it would be silly to treat this too seriously. :)


It would do better than the Friday the 13th franchise's Actual entry into the sci-fi genre.

Still... Wonderbolts as the cast of a slasher flick... Spitfire could be the headstrong leader that suggests every pony split up to cover more ground, Soarin is obviously the goofy comic relief, and Dash is the Final Girl.


And why the hay not. :)

I like this! ANOTHER.

Really though, it is very good.

I'd have to go with option A mixed with the Option B part of the Orion One crew establishing a base then throw in Option E for good measure then have Luna ex Machina. Then other stuff. Other than that, great story waiting for more.

i literally loled at the second one, it was just so out of left field.

So... It's another portal; presumably to the Pony universe? I wonder who that lost astronaut became in Equestria?


Full disclosure, I did not come up with a good answer for that. If you have any good ideas, I'd love to hear them. Maybe the portal dumped her far back enough (Portals are jerks sometimes) to where she eventually became the Nightmare force that posessed pony Luna? That's kind of a downer though, not sure I like it.

After wandering around Canterlot Castle as a unicorn for a while, Selene was picked up by the Guard and brought to Celestia (because she was an intruder, wearing a full-body suit that seemed to be designed for an entirely different species and could make no satisfactory explanation of herself... as well as continually screaming about 'Where are my hands?!?'). Eventually, after Celestia got to the bottom of the story, she was resettled in Canterlot in exchange for teaching the ponies whatever she could about Earth science and technology.

Selene was very surprised when she fell for a cute research assistant in the Royal Library. She was even more surprised to become the mother to a foal named 'Sunset Shimmer'. There is a reason why Sunset does not have a counterpart in the human world; that's because she is her own counterpart: the only being whose heritage makes her a child of both worlds, equally at home in both.

Destiny sometimes plays a prank on you.


Hmm, I like the Sunset Shimmer angle. Canterlot Castle seems too convenient, though. She's an astronaut, if she wants a happy ending, she has to work for it.

I like stories where ponies are on earth or an earth equivalent. EQG is okay as long as it doesn't get too... weird. We've seen crossovers and so many human in Equestria fics that the opposite is disturbingly sparse. If you do continue, I hope it keeps its straight-faced veneer. The science part of humanity peeking through the crack in the door to see magic is what made this kinda fun. I hope it stays rooted in science.


I'm not exactly sure what you mean here. It is set in the Equestria Girls world, not the 'real' world, I just took some historical figures and events and EQG-ified them. (I'm not really a fan of HiE unless it's exceptional in some way, like ARTICLE II or Arrow 18.) I'd like to develop it more, I've got lots of ideas for more world-building but not much for a continuation of the story. I'll only do another chapter if I can figure out something that works, I don't want to completely reverse the whole 'lost at sea' and 'conspiracy' airs I was aiming for.

I considered an epilogue with the girls visiting the National Air and Space Museum (I am a huge aviation nerd if the whole plot of this story didn't give it away) and have SciTwi tell Sunset a little more of the story (the 'NASA coverup story' anyhow),, with it still ending on somewhat of a mystery... buuuuut, that exact setup's been done quite a few times, mostly for SunLight shipping. (Not that that's a bad thing.) Right now I'm thinking of something like a NASA report detailing what (little) they've managed to find, and a mirroring document from the other side.

Or maybe just go with the Jason Vorhees idea. I really want to make Spitfire say "We should all split up, we'll cover more ground that way!"

Personally, I think it'd make the most sense geographically wise if the portal came out on Equus's moon, the portal itself being created by Nightmare Moon in an attempt to escape from her lunar prison. Selene talks with Nightmare/Luna and learns about Equestria while she tells Nightmare about the human world. Nightmare, glad to have somebody to talk to after so long, keeps Selene alive with her magic but also blocks off her access to the portal. Eventually, Nightmare Moon returns to Equus to fulfill the prophecy, but she forgets about Selene.

Then Selene turns into Matt Damon and Equestria has to organize a global rescue operation. :pinkiecrazy:

Or just go with the Jason idea. That one sounds the most fun, honestly; "Come on guys! Let's go hide in the old, abandoned lander!"


That was my thought too, that the other end is on Equestria's moon. Had a few ideas similar to yours, including one that would connect it to another story. Though let's be realistic here, any continuation will probably end up something like this:

Option A would be interesting - if anything to know what happened to Selene Skies after she crossed the EG-World's version of the Monolith of 2001-A Space Odyssey and to see if she and Sunset were related - maybe the dimensional crossing left she too weak to use the Mirror to return?

It would be great if the mention of Selene Skies (maybe in a history class of CHS?) was the thing that makes Sunset return to Equestria and finally reconcile with Celestia (who now is finally free to actually tell Sunset about her mother...)

This is full of possibilities! :yay:


I've been kicking around the idea of a CHS class trip to the Air and Space Museum as an epilogue. Haven't been writing much lately due to a new job.

As a bona fide space nut, I enjoy these kinds of stories. Personally, I'd go for a combination of sequels A and E.

Really only replying to your last sentence. I propose the Dr. Vinkman version instead, "We can do more damage that way."

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