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Don't let people stop you from using creativity. Some may be bad, some may be dreadful, but that's the thing with creativity. You create ways to make it even better. That's the creative truth.


After the events of the Friendship Games, things with the Shadowbolts didn't just end there... Romance has bloomed between students from Crystal Prep and Canterlot High...

The competitive and athletic Rainbow Blitz finds an unusual competitor that challenges him to a race: Indigo Zap. He takes the challenge from the athletic Shadowbolt, but there's a little more to that...

(Canterlot High students are 63'd, Crystal Prep will be still girls.)

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 10 )

this is an excellent story keep up the good work

This story was very enjoyable good job Gen.

You should make more of these it really interesting my friend

This is cute. ^^

I approve of this ship! :yay:

this is perfect! i love it

He also had a nice pair of white Air Jordans, too.

Make more of this but with butterscutch

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