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Oh damn..... I'd like to know more about this universe.

"Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

He made it personal. He hit them right at where they live to tear them apart from their core. They were all close to Spike, they played, laughed, cried, and have been together for years. To suddenly tear them apart would be a devastating blow. Their actions can't be viewed as malicious or evil because it was in the moment. They first experienced shock at the scene, denial during the gloating, anger during the slaughter beating, bargaining for a vain attempt to fix this and finally the depression sets in. If anything Sombra solidified their resolve to stop him to protect their friend.

All and all a pretty cool story. Well done my friend. 10/10

Why make him suffer? Just kill the guy, don't make it dramatic.

That was my gripe at the characters. The story was great though.

Hmm. I am very intrigued. And I have a hunch that I have got to see if it's right.

Never liked any polygamous ships, but everbody has their own preferences.

Really moving and upsetting. I felt a bit disconnected though. It might have been because it's loud where I am right now though so it's probably got nothing to do with the lovely quality of your story.

How were they all able to interact with each other in their heads? Or was it some sort of illusion that somehow connected them? I don't know, that bugged me. Still love it though.

6967806 I assume it's because they all wanted a piece, and they didn't really make him suffer it seemed to last less than one or two minutes.

6967048 I don't know, it wasn't my idea (20% of it is mine at most) but if Aurora, the one who got the original idea, comes up with a sequel or something else then I'll be sure to write it and post it here (with her permission), too.

6967351 Ah, Interstellar, beautiful.

6967713 Thanks, but a friend came up with the idea and the concept, not me. I just added bits and pieces but nothing solid. I'm happy you noticed the five stages!

6967806 Well, they didn't make him suffer at all, they didn't torture him or anything they just took a turn to beat him before killing him.

6970399 Collective illusion, yeah.

6972347 Actually, I was quoting directly from the poem. Not Interstellar, but good guess.

This so deserves a continuation :twilightsmile:

Very interesting, you know how I feel about Spike/Rarity but I'm all for SpikeJack. Really confused on how this all happened but I'm hoping for more nonetheless.

I was kinda expecting spike to regenerate or something via dragon magic and kill sombra himself or something:trixieshiftright:

Either way Spike would've probably just RIPPED AND TEARED his way out of Tarterus if he fell in battle to reunite with his ponies.

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