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A rhyme for an orange, we must arrange


But... what happens next? I HAVE TO KNOW!

Did you mean to mark this "Complete"?

:rainbowlaugh: Hilarious!

Fedora rhymes with Zecora. It's a type of hat, did you not know that?

This was perfect.
Bravo to your rhyming, sir. :yay:

Hilarious fic. Who knew Zecora's one weakness was an inability to form a coherent rhyme?

Your own name doesn’t even rhyme with anything.
I need to find a really good dictionary ''where's Sweetie Belle?''
:rainbowlaugh: Somone! Give this filly a cutie mark!

She shoulda used 'door hinge'...
Goodness, that was brilliant. Well done on your rhymes.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT???? MOAR PLEASE!!:pinkiehappy: loved it by the wat:twilightsmile:

Waht a twist

Anyway, this was great to read, and I'm still laughing in the end. A few grammar errors are presnt, but not enough to set a reader off. Good job.

Another great story.

Congrats again, Sorren.

Brilliant. This honestly deserves the feature box.

Not sure what to do with "orange" or "silver" though... :twilightsmile:

Still an absolutely hilarious read!

One has found a orange fruit full of orange

They may not have Fedoras in Equestria, or, if they do, they may not be called that.

That seems more like only a partial rhyme to me....not sure. Just doesn't sound right. Personal opinions, though, eh?

Brony master sent me


Does it honestly matter? Don't nit pick the small stuff

No, it doesn't matter. I'm glad we are in agreement.


Then why bring it up in the first place?

738842 To solve the issue. Fedora is a half-rhyme and as far as I have seen, fedora's don't exist in the canon mlp world yet.

736728 Flora is just a fairly unknown word that is not normally used at the end of a sentence. And really, who the hay says flora anymore?

738842 And I'm not an imbicile, I know what a fedora is. I kind of own and wear one.

And alas, all arguement is over.


It was part of the rhyme scheme, never said anything about you being an imbicile.

738894 It was the way you asked it. (Quote) "It's a type of hat, did you not know that?"

Quote suggests you are unearthing the idea of a fedora to me for the first time with a condescending tone.


I loved this story :pinkiehappy:


It was the only type of rhyme I could think of at the time. You're digging to deep to find something that isn't there, no insult was intended. Ever.

738918 Okay, none insult taken.

That was hilarious!

Fun fact: 'dreamt' is the only English word that enda in 'mt'. I think.

I say flora. Hope this doesn't count as me being a smartflank.

Orange may not be shared against all whorange

Gorange rhymes with orange. On QI they mentioned it, it means to binge on something. Blorange is apparently a place in Wales.
Or you could just use the word Door Hinge.
There you go Apple Bloom, there's a few.

Great Story Sorren. Thanks to Bronymaster for recommending it:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the fun read Sorren, consider this favorited! :twilightsmile:

739078 Yes, but all of that would be cheating, and ponies don't have a Wales

739090 Thank you for favoriting. Every favorite puts me a twitch closer to featured!

739094 Gorange is cheating? It's the only one word in the English language that rhymes with orange. But if that was added it probably wouldn't be as good a story as it is.:rainbowwild:


Twitchy twitch? Twitchy twitch!?! :pinkiegasp:

I wish you the best of luck, I assume this will get on the front page no problem :derpytongue2:

739208 Not if updates for stories that were popular months ago keep coming out. I'm getting pushed down the list by Anthropology and Discordant.


I've heard of Anthropology, but not Discordant... Luckily Bronymaster is shamelessly plugging this one-shot, and since I checked this out earlier today, the views, thumbs up, and favorites have jumped up quite a bit :pinkiehappy:

739235 I have my hooves crossed. If I don't get these butterflies out of my stomach I'm going float away with nearvous jitters.


One of the applebloom's is still uncapitalized.

739505 shoot, where!?


and an everfree forest, somewhere that I don't remember
sorry, I just got back from a college thing, and I'm really tired.


738882 Fluttershy says "flora" in "The ticket master"

You could assume that she didn't think of it at the moment Applebloom told her her name didn't rhyme. She was freaking out and not thinking straight, after all.

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