• Published 21st Feb 2016
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An unusual friend - Corvus Eclipse

Where others saw a monster she saw friend. A story about an unusual Friendship

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Princess Celestia was enjoying a cup of tea while looking through the countless reports brought to her by the servants. Invitations, announcements, interesting and boring information about the land kept flowing in and out of the Canterlot castle. The mint tea provided a pleasant refreshment to the Alicorn princess, who was signing contracts which would strengthen the relation between other nations. Meanwhile, her most trusted staff was taking care of the remaining paperwork regarding interior affairs.

Everything was perfectly fine. The land remained wealthy and peaceful under the watchful eyes of the princesses and their loyal subjects. Equestria has faced many challenges in the last few years but it has endured as it always has. Celestia was sure that as long ponies like Twilight Sparkle would inhabit this magical land nothing would endanger the legacy given to the pony nation. With a relaxed sigh she took a sip of her tea and smiled happily.

"Princess Celestia..." A voice filled the great hall of the throne room. It was her steward Heinrich, one of the oldest servants working in the castle. His deep voice emitted unquestionable experience and doubtlessness, but it also affected the listener with its warm feeling of protectiveness. Heinrich was a very old and trustworthy friend and loyal servant to the crown. The elder earth pony approached his mistress with the respect she deserved and bowed gracefully in front of her. "Forgive me that I am interrupting you."

"There is nothing to forgive Heinrich." Celestia levitated both cup of tea and the scroll, which were floating in front of her, to the nearby table. "But I sincerely hope it is something of importance."

"This is a rather... unusual thing that has brought me here." In his hoof he was holding a scroll which seemed to be affected by weather. "Not so long ago a courier from the western border has arrived in Canterlot."

"From the western border?" Asked Celestia surprised and looked at the scroll with big curiosity. "We do not have many settlements there. Although the land itself is a very promising place for expansion, it is still in the solid grip of nature."

"Exactly your Highness! This is why I allowed myself to inform you about it." Heinrich cleared his throat as silent as possible. "The courier is still here in Canterlot. I personally received the scroll from her. She claimed that she comes from a village called Flankfurt. After a closer look in the achieves I was able to determine that this village truly exists. Although... the last known record about it is very old."

Celestia kept listening to Heinrich, whose voice nearly always affected her. Luna once claimed that each time she listened to him it felt like listening to a story teller. Her older sister could only agree on that. "Flankfurt... I have not heard this name for a very long time." Celestia rose from her throne and walked down its stairs with upmost dignity and grace. With her magic she grasped the scroll and opened it. After reading its content her facial expression showed that she was worried about something. "Follow me old friend. I would like to talk with you in privacy."

Heinrich's usual respond was a respectful bow. Without wasting any time for more courtesy the two ponies left the chamber behind them. Before they left the throne room though Celestia ordered one of her guards to wake up Luna. Obviously surprised the stallion saluted and immediately ran off.

"As you can probably imagine this matter demands certain discretion."

"Yes your Highness. But I have to say though... that I was surprised about the age of the last record of that settlement."

"Let us wait for my sister Heinrich. It is very important that she will be part of this upcoming conversation."

After a while they arrived in Celestia's private chambers. As usual, one of her maidens welcomed her happily and awaited any kind of orders from her mistress. The stallion was breathing heavily behind on the other side of the room. Time was a merciless presence a wise one once said. Heinrich was sadly a living example of that. On their way to the chamber Celestia adjusted her speed to the elder stallion so he could keep up with her. The maiden saw in what condition the stallion was and offered him some refreshment, which he welcomed with a warm smile.

It did not take long until Luna marched into the room. The Princess of the Night did not show any sign of exhaustion, but she knew her sister too well. She was annoyed by the fact that she was woke up so quickly.

"I am sorry that you have been woke up so rudely sister... but it is a matter that requires your attention."

"I understand dearest sister. I am not mad." Luna sat down on the already prepared pillow and made herself comfortable. "You woke up my curiosity as well. What is that matter about?"

"We received a message from Flankfurt." Celestia answered and took her place next to her sister. Luna's eyes widen up slightly after hearing the name of the settlement. She did not say anything though and simply waited for more. "I have read the message already. After that I decided to call for you. It is a matter that simply cannot be ignored."

"I see..."

"Please excuse the old stallion's curiosity." Said Heinrich and came close to the two royal sisters. "I have been your servant and advisor for many years. I have heard things and witnessed decisions which have affected this land. Soon enough I will take them with me into my grave." The way he said it made Celestia shiver. Because he knew that his time was slowing running out, but he seemed to not be concerned about it. "After I went through the archive I noticed the age of the record regarding Flankfurt. It seems that it is over a thousand years old. Is this information accurate?"

"I can assure you that it is. Although it might sound ridicules at first." Said Luna and smiled at him. "There is always a reason behind our actions Heinrich. Since you will participate in this meeting there is no need for me to hide anything from you."

"As always I shall honor my vows and respect your trust in me your Highness." His eyes laid on the young maiden that was in the corner of the chamber. "But what about her? Is she trust worthy?"

"That she is Heinrich." Celestia was amused that Heinrich was always thinking about any possibility of maintaining a secret. The stallion nodded and concentrated on his mistresses. "But before I will explain anything you will have to listen to a story first. Otherwise you will not understand my actions."

"Understandable your Highness. Please continue."

"In the ancient times the land was once laid in forests. Ages ago mythical beings of great size inhabited and ruled over it. Back then, those beings lived peacefully with the slowly emerging pony race. But as time passed by, the pony race started to expand over the land. Many forests have been destroyed in the process of this expansion. This act enraged the mythical creatures and friendship was replaced by hostility. In that time the three Tribes united and eventually Luna and I became its leaders."

"Back then there were still many forests... but it was dangerous to venture into them." Luna continued the tale. "Which is why we have forbidden to build any settlements near them. In that time Discord appeared and brought chaos upon Equestria. In the process even more forests have been destroyed. Only the Everfree is the remaining witness of that time sadly."

"The last remnants of the ancient forests are in the west." Celestia took over the story and gave Luna the time to recover from some unpleasant memories. "On the map it is simply called 'Undiscovered West' but there is more to it. After Discord has been defeated many of the mythical beings scattered over the land. Some simply adjusted to the changes that has befallen them. Others looked for refugee in the remaining forests: among them the Everfree. But the most of the ventured into the west. Once there have been many settlements there... sadly they have been destroyed in an act of revenge."

Heinrich was listening carefully to any word spoken in the chamber. So did the maiden who seemed to be as fascinated by the story as the elder.

"Together with Luna we arrived at the village called Flankfurt. The local ponies were being haunted by the creatures and called for help. But we could not simply use our powers to harm beasts who were also victims in that story. Which is why we established contact with one of them. After a very long debate we have found a solution to the problem. With the power of the Elements of Harmony and the support of the creatures we have created a great wall that separated the 'Wild Lands', as the ponies called it back there, from Equestria. The ponies of Flankfurt willingly offered to guard the wall so both beasts and ponies could live peacefully. I agreed to the bidding and made sure that the existence of the wall and the settlement would remain a secret."

Celestia let out a very long sigh. It sounded like a sigh of relief to Heinrich who was still silent. One could say that he was probably processing the information he has heard.

"And now, after a thousand years of silence, a message arrives in Canterlot." She looked at her sister while she was speaking out these words. "The message says that after an unexplainable event a crack was spotted in the wall. A crack so vast it could be compared to a castle gate."

Luna let out a gasp after hearing it and covered her mouth with the hoof.

"Do you want to tell me that the wall has been breached already?"

"It is a possibility we cannot simply ignore. The message is three days old... who knows what might have happen in that time?" Celesta closed her eyes and started to massage the temple with her hoof. "We must find out what happened in the west... and make sure that no conflict will erupt between ponies and beasts again."

< The roots of anger and revenge are deep. I can only hope that the past won't repeat itself... >

Author's Note:

I hope you will like it :) Sorry for any mistakes x.x

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