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I used to not watch MLP much, but after reading fics on this site, I had to write my own. Today, I'm a passionate fan with few complete fics, but a firm desire to finish all of my fics.


NOTE: This fic is not canon to the ANWANW timeline, as it contains Fakemon. Also, check the bottom for something awesome!

Jason Turner, Salintra's new Champion, thought he could just finish the pages of his Pokédex and return home victorious. After all, Team Verdure has been defeated, ending their attempts to destroy all signs of human influence. With the region safe, what could go wrong?

How about Arceus waking up and immediately trying to take a member of his team from him?

Giganoth, the Guardian of Humanity, refused to be separated from her trainer, so Arceus left them behind when he took the rest of the Legendaries to Equestria. But instead of admitting defeat, Jason and his team will help "Glitterwings" perform her duty, even if it means defying the very being who gave her that duty in the first place.

Join Jason Turner and his team of six Pokémon—Wanda, Flash, Eternia, Burst, Adorakill, and Glitterwings—as they travel Equestria to find a way to restore humanity and spread the truth about catching, training and battling, and how there's nothing bad about it at all.

Another note: Yeah, I know that's Rainbow Mothra in the pic, but Giganoth looks quite a bit like her, so that pic will have to do for now.

Now has its own ask thread! Check it out here: CLICK ME!

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 35 )

6954362 Thanks for catching that. Now I feel stupid.

So she's Mothra? Just use a pic of Mothra as a temporary cover.

.........what the f*ck is a "giganoth"? Is it a Pokemon you made up?

6954776 Read the author's note at the end of chapter 1. This fic is non canon because of all the Fakemon in it. And yes, Giganoth is my creation. Also, please watch your language, at least when commenting on a fic rated "everyone". Language that's too strong for the fic should be considered too strong for the comment section, too. If you only censor one letter, everyone's still going to know what it is.

6954793 I think this person commented before reading. Still, you do say it is a Fakemon story at the very top of the description.

Ooooh!!! Eternia vs Luna! Round 1! FIGHT!!! :rainbowdetermined2:

“Oh come on, Sweetheart!” Glitterwings giggled. “I know a giant talking moth is far from normal, but seriously. You must have seen weirder things than little old me, right?”

Lyra:.....Well, Discord.

6957634 Exactly what I was going for. Discord's a lot stranger than a giant, talking rainbow moth.

6958103 speaking of which, please don't nerf Discord by having him get captured in a pokeball. It's one thing if he tags along to cause trouble, but the ball actually being able to catch him...

6959073 Jason won't be catching anything while here. Glitterwings might cheat at some point and use a Master Ball as a cheap automatic win, but Jason's going to heed the message his Dex gave him saying not to capture anything that's not a Pokémon.

And if Glitterwings does use such a cheap tactic, she'll be in for quite the lecture from Jason after doing so.

Ahh pokemon (the games) where kids who have just left home within a day. can become champions, who are effectively the head of the region with no political, or social responsibility like in the anime.

6966530 Jason's journey was much longer than that. It took him six months to go from rookie to champion. And even then, his little sister, whose starter was weak to his, beat him to the Champion title, so he had to battle her for it, and though some members of her team fell like flies, others were a royal pain to take down, especially since her starter's secondary type is super-effective against Jason's starter's secondary type, making the two more evenly-matched, so even having a mascot Legendary didn't give him that much of an edge. His rival lost to him at the end of Victory Road, and she also put up quite the fight.

I figured I was referring to the games though, where it is easy enough to go from starting out as an early teen, to the champion of the region in less than 24 hours, Of course the wayverse follows the anime more, but still it's impressive the implied influence champions have which a little kid can acquire in a day from leaving home for presumably the first time.

6966644 I've never seen anyone beat the game in 24 hours or less of play time. I've heard it can be done, but it kind of defeats the whole idea of the Trainer growing and learning alongside their team. While the Team grows more powerful and learns better moves, the Trainer learns valuable life lessons and grows as a person both socially and mentally. Sadly, in the anime, Ash forgets all of his valuable life lessons every time he goes to a new region (with the lone exception of Johto.) I started to find the show lacking after he went to Hoenn because suddenly he was the same naïve kid he was when he first set out. That, and they'll never let him become a Champion. I prefer Red, Gold, Ruby, etc. from the manga, for they all became Champions. (Though the first manga series made the Elite Four more evil than Team Rocket, which was weird.)

You get through a lot of revival items as your team tends to be underlevelled for Elite 4 and champion but you can do it. Mega evolutions made it a lot easier.

6966682 I'm of the opinion that Ash is just an idiot.

Guess you dicid t need my help. And I was not mentioned

6969251 There. Fixed. You're mentioned now. Sorry about that. I don't know how I forgot something as vital as giving credit to everyone who helped. Please forgive me.

6969269 Yes! Well, I have something to talk to you about first, but I'll contact you in a bit. It's lunchtime here, and I'm starving.

“Remember when she punished that pair of Beheeyem by turning them human for a few days?” Cosmaraid huffed.

Given what I know about Beheeyem, it's not that hard to guess at what they were probably doing that caught her bad grace

6970515 Oh. My. Arceus/Celestia/Insert-Diety-of-Your-Choice-Here! It's you! You're reading my fic! The Zeus is reading my side fic! I'm honored!

It's sort of a shame you published this so soon, if you had waited a week you could have based it off the sun and moon titles that were leaked.
That is if you would have used them anyway.

6973436 Eh, I'd been writing and rewriting the first chapter over and over again for months, and I really wanted to use my old fic's Fakemon. I have a Pokédex of 303 Pokémon for the Salintra region, and a good portion of them are from my list of Fakemon. I love them to bits, and wanted to finally use them somewhere.

The whole dialogue between the team in this chapter just sounds really, really awkward. It involves a lot of characters casually discussing game mechanics, which just sounds unnatural. You could explain what these characters are in narration. Also, hidden machines are really only a game thing.

7003779 Well, have you actually read the Pokémon Adventures manga or watched Pokémon Origins? In both of them, TMs and HMs are real. Brock is shown giving a TM to Red in Origins, and Red gives a TM to another Trainer in the manga to help that Trainer out so they can teach their Eevee Mimic, which helps them win a battle. HMs are also mentioned in the manga, but I'm not sure if they're actually shown. But the fact that the manga and the Origins anime acknowledges the existence of Technical and Hidden Machines is enough for me, for I prefer to use the games, the Origins anime and the Adventures manga as my primary sources. I haven't watched the regular anime in years. I don't even watch the movies anymore. Besides, this is already a noncanon story for the Wayverse. Things can be done a bit differently here, since I'm not even trying to be canon. Well, I'm trying to acknowledge canon to an extent, but because of the Fakemon, I'm not even going to try to break away from the way I'm writing this, with the exception of trying to make it flow better. I even use the damage calculation and stat formulas for every battle I write that has Pokémon on both sides. It's how I had intended to do it with the Pokémon fanfic that never got very far (because it was a three author project, but the other two authors never contributed anything to the story) that uses the same Fakemon, so I'm still using it here.

Not exactly. Still figuring out how to proceed, actually. I had writer's block on this one for quite a while, and a bit of it still lingers, though I'm also trying to find the notes on what to do next, and I need to get in contact with The Asmusmentist to get things back on track. I hate it when people just presume that I gave up on something. Sometimes, I need to take a few steps back and think things over so get my creativity back.

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