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Challenge completed successfully.

This story has all my yes.


Time to dive into this.


So what you're saying is, within this fic, you... cum inside rainbow dash?


I'm saving this for later.

Cause, y'know, research purposes.

Fucking Rainbow Dash! Once she's got you, your hers all the way!:rainbowwild:

I eagerly await the sequel: Rainbow Dash Is Shitting On You.

That's no cake
That's no frosting all over my keyboard.
That's no moon.
You just got mooned.

The cake might have been a lie but there was definitely some cream involved.

I think I died from a giggle fit.


Didja forget that Imgur don't work on this site no more?

~Skeeter The Lurker

This is why I prefer to use this website.

6956729 Really? Weird, it's working for me.

*Looks at the story directly above this one on the home page*

So, is this Rainbow's way of hitting on others?


And it's non-canon side-quel: "Rainbow Dash is Spitting on You."

My first attempt at 2nd person clop. Written as a challenge from Megapone to get this up before this fic falls out of the feature box.

You know how hard I face palmed when I saw them both in the feature box right next to each other? Very hard. great story btw

6956217 6956219
Let me know what conclusions you reach
That is pretty much the reason why the challenge was issued

:pinkiesmile: I'm happy that I managed to get this up in time to have the stories together in the box. Would be so sad if it didn't happen

Just remember to enjoy the ride before "Rainbow Dash is Quitting on You".

The title says it all.

6957140 Damn. That's cold.

Wait... did you take this title from the recent story, Rainbow Dash is Hitting on You? They're right on top of one another (lel, pun not intended) on the home page. Was this intentional?

It was absolutely intentional

Well goddamn, someone understands ass worship as good as I do.

Da booty is life.

That lucky bastard

My mind has changed for eternity... oooor, untill tomorrow morning :twilightsheepish:, this was very, very... uhh... comical and cool(?) it's still a great fic and thumbs up dahmn son ¡ASTUNISHING!

I usually don't like anal, especially anal where the vagina is neglected completely, but this was pretty hot regardless. Not the butt cheek worship, but the anus itself.

I don't think the world is ready for the next natural step in the story title mutation.

Just a word of advice to everyone: if you're ever playing Dungeons and Dragons, don't let Rainbow Dash be your GM. Like, I had this dragonborn barbarian, right? Totally powerful, 18 strength, just destroyed anything his axe touched. Put him up against a herd of bugbears, but no matter what I did, I couldn't take them down. Meanwhile, every single roll Rainbow Dash made was a 20. I got so frustrated, I finally had to just shout "Rainbow Dash is Critting on Me!"

Also, I enjoyed this story quite a bit and applaud you for it.

I like how this fic is right next to the "Rainbow Dash is hitting on you" fic in the feature list:rainbowlaugh:

So when's Rainbow Dash is Shitting on you coming out?

Written as a challenge from Megapone to get this up before this fic falls out of the feature box.

Welp. You succeeded.

6957922 But it was hilarious and original.

It's time for you to stop.

Where are your parents.

I'm calling child protective services.

It's a good title, but I hope you're skipping out on 'Rainbow Dash Is Shitting On You' :pinkiesick:

6959631 The world isn't ready.

seems likean eternity

author please.



I've read this and I've come ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) to a conclusion.

6961930 Oh sweet papa franku.

Mm good stuff, it's great to see more facesitting and felching on this site. Cant wait for the sequel :rainbowkiss:

6960117 In fact, I'm gonna write it myself before anyone else does:

Pinkie Pie and Rarity was sitting by one of the imported machines from Earth, trying out the newly established connection to this strange thing called 'internet'.

"Wow," said Pinkie Pie. "Those humans sure are into some strange things."

A sickened moan, interrupted by loud splashing, sounded behind the captivated Pinkie.

"That's a–" Rarity started before being interrupted by a dry heave "–haah, haah. That's one way of putting it, Pinkie."

"Camera Rolling?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Uh, yeah. Are you sure about this?" You asked her hesitantly, trying in vain to get eye-contact with her around her flanks, so dreamy in any other situation.

"Yes!" she insisted. "That 'two girls one cup'-video was called 'extreme entertainment'. But nothing is more extreme than me!"

"Well, yeah, but don't you think that–,"

"No more talking, here goes," Rainbow Dash said. "Hnnnngh!"

And there you have it, everypony. There's no need to write another.

You can write the story where Rainbow Dash has become a grandmother and uses you are her rocking chair. I am of course talking about Rainbow Dash Is Knitting On You.


Don't forget the one where you deeply offend Dash: Rainbow Dash is Spitting on You.

6962586 You got together again after that. It must've been the sex. After all, Rainbow Dash Is Fitting On You. (That could have been a Cupcakes-fic, too, I guess :unsuresweetie:)

And it was either another short-lived fling, or she thought you were a good partner for her stretch exercises, as shown in Rainbow Dash Is Splitting On You.

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