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Im a Fanfic writer about drama and touching events I like to make emotions and make the story come to life with the words that I use


"Everything happens for a reason, some better than other....thats what I always believed.....but if everything happens for a reason....why am I here? Maybe just to suffer..? Is that the reason for my living to suffer..? Well.......not anymore..."

This story goes to a friend of mine she is going through a lot right now and she is the best and deserves the best! Im going to make this story best I can!!! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

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Very nice - please get someone to edit/proofread this.

I love this story:pinkiehappy:..sequel. I don't want her to die:fluttercry:

WAIT, did Luna just kill herself?!!!!

Very good, but which tense is this written in?

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