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After breaking free of his stone prison, Discord had some time to go about his business before anypony could get organized. A little chocolate rain isn't the only chaos he managed to produce.

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Looks like a interresting story (poor Gilda). Lets see to where this story will continue.

grats on the eqd featured :twilightsmile:
ima read now

I've always like 'Dark' Discord fics


And he's proud of it...

On a side note, how do I set it up so it shows a name instead of a number when replying?

747883 It does it automatically. :derpytongue2:

I've found it really adds to the story if you read it with John de Lancie's voice in your head.

Anyway, nice story. The way you've portrayed Discord is brilliant.


In canon, Rainbow Dash tries to pick fights with random strangers at minimal provocation, helped destroy an innocent zebra's home out of fear and ignorance, keeps crashing into people, is often lazy, harshly mare-handles her oldest friend trying to get her to go to an event that absolutely terrifies her, nearly got her killed on two separate occasions (and one of those also almost got herself and her other friends killed), broke into a hospital to steal a book and in so doing spooked what may very well have been a cancer patient, destroyed a cake that a couple with newborns worked months on, had such an extreme bout of narcissism that people almost died because she couldn't stop showboating long enough to save them despite claiming that she would, smacks people around to get attention from the people she likes, and has helped destroy two major social events.

If anything, Rainbow Dash is the bad influence.

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Nice job on chapter 2. I found it more powerful than chapter 1, and I really liked chapter 1. You've got the same sinister Discord being awesome, plus Gilda's problems let you extract more delicious melodrama from the same setup.

Watch out for those introductory clauses attached to the wrong sentence, though. There are still a few of them present throughout the chapter.

Yessssss, this is the Discord I know, a wicked trickster who delights in tormenting everypony, practically salivating at the idea of tormenting them into emotionally broken toys before discarding them for something new.

No tragic past, no silly melodramatic origin story; just a cruel demon god whose entire existence is focused on producing mayhem and misery in ways that most amuse him.

To be fair, a lot of that list happened in Season 2. You could argue that's mostly leftover disharmony, really. Or just Dash being the short-sighted speedster she's known for.

Look at that, he gave Aloe a new sister.

Discord is such a generous guy.

*Alondro's leonine muse nods with a scowl and she crosses her paws* And ponies wonder why I have gone to such lengths to secure Discord's final destruction at the hooves of the Doctor. A more disgracefully cruel monstrosity did never the bowels of Echidna spew forth, save for his foul sire Sutekh, father of the gods of chaos, whom I and my kin fought eons to finally destroy and scatter.

Well, that was unsettling. Discord's epiphany this chapter was much subtler than before. It took me a bit to find it, but when I did... Very clever.

Also, turning ponies into G3.5? :pinkiegasp: The fiend! There's chaos, and there's pure evil.

I like to think Discord watches a lot of Disney cartoons. He seems like he'd be a big fan of Kim Possible and would use words like 'Sitch' for 'Situation.' He's such a nerd.

Well the Mayor's reaction was certainly unexpected. Props to her for maintaining that composure.

Best chapter yet XD Props to the Mayor for keeping it together like that.. Loved how she yelled at Screwball for flying around, like she did things like that daily or something.. awesome.

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