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The war is over. The Autobots won, and the Decepticons lost.

But that is not to say that all of the Decepticons were killed or captured. Many have escaped to the stars, Megatron among them. Optimus Prime captains but one of many ships that search known space for these escaped war criminals.

One day, Optimus caught up with Megatron. There was a battle, a space bridge accident, and now both leaders and their followers are in a strange place called Equestria. Optimus Prime easily befriends Princess Celestia and the ponies, but conspiracies from all factions threaten this alliance.

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Alright, as a huge Transformers fan you get a like and a moustache from me:moustache:. I am curious to what you meant by off the rails though...

Good so far but it needs more dakka and energon

I would give you a detailed account of the battle, but that is ultimately not important. The battle lasted ten minutes and the only casualties were some Vehicons. The important part is what happened at the tail end of the battle.

I understand a lack of desire to write a fight scene, but honestly we're talking transformers. There's gonna be fighting. That's part of the draw. Skimming it like this kind of, well, detracts from the story, and says a lot about later.

7074938 I agree.
Its not like we're expecting him to narrate a fight like the ones in the Michael Bay movies.
If he can't pull that off, then ask around for helping describing the combat. Combat author collab!

Super-fascinating. :)

632360 Hi, Here is a Fourm Thread I Just Posted Today on the Transformers Crossovers Category...http://www.fimfiction.net/group/649/transformers-crossovers/thread/271201/inhumans-vs-x-men-storylineidw-hasbro-universeimage-comics-inter-company-fanfiction-story-crossover-idea
...Nuff Said.
To: The Good Dark lord
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