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Spike the dragon is known for many things, but his wit is not one of them. He lives for the simple things like making ponies laugh, but for the love of Celestia! Can someone please shut him up?

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This. As a master punsmither, this is my story.

Uuhg. The puns; they hurt but at the same time, they're BEAUTIFUL :rainbowlaugh:

I don't think I get the Pun-ch line. :derpytongue2:

My reaction to this story is the same as Papyrus.


As soon as Spike made it to the main room of the boutique, however, he began laughing at the sight of Rainbow Dash wearing an exuberantly feminine sun hat. “Wow, Rainbow Dash! That hat's really captivating.”
Rainbow Dash glumped irritatedly in her spot. “I’m taking this off,” she said, throwing the hat back into the pile.

“Huh. Never took you as one to fold under pressure.”
“Uggghhh!” Rainbow Dash groaned loudly. “Can somepony just chop my ears off already?”

RD reacting to puns gives me life. :rainbowlaugh:

The word 'duty' is a classic comedy.

I laughed far too hard while reading this. Puns are my kryptonite, and I couldn't let this one slip past without giving it a read.

Have a like.

Wow, this was punful to read...


This story was pun-derful. :moustache:

As a representative of the "Lucky" Jack Aubrey School of Punnery and Gunnery established on the first of April 1800 in Port Mahon, Minorca I am proud to award Mr. Spike the Dragon with his Masters in Punnery. May he always choose the lesser of two weevils!

Those poor girls.

One week later, all of them booked a vacation to the arctic circle. In the human world.

sans:i like this kid

Comment posted by No I Will Not deleted Feb 19th, 2016

And later, at the evening, the girls chased Spike into the twilight.
Rainbow was dashing her, while Fluttershy simply votes to flutter on. At last, he didn't get jacked.

Good for them, Spike's puns remained a rarity after they bribed him with a pink pie.

[I'm totally not sorry.]

Good story!

Quoting a good part is OK, but maybe you were a bit overactive here.
I mean, you ended up quoting half the story. (I count about 30 quotes.)

It is right to write comments to a story you liked, but better not like this.
Just an well-intentioned hint for the future.

Lel. Funnier than my story tbh.

How do you do that page break thing?

6952273 There is a difference between seals and sea lions. Sea lions have much larger flippers, and have visible ears.

As a part-time pun maker, and all around pun loving guy this story was pun-tastic. It made me groan more than twice. Good job.


Do you mean this line?

You can do it using the command [ hr ] (without the spaces).
In story-mode (not in comment-mode) is also an icon for that (left to the "Add-Link"-button).

Whoa. That's pretty legit. Definitely gonna utilize that in the future! Thanks!

If you liked this, read Twilight Finds a book of Puns by Troll. It's so punfully punny! :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by BrownDog77 deleted Feb 27th, 2016

could use a fresh pale of water
give him a second pale
grabbing the pale and heading

1. Pail.
2. Pail.
3. Pail.

Guess Twilight gave Spike a dead pancake look.

Spike is going to help Fluttershy? Oh Spike, you're such an animal.

I have to give my hats off to Rainbow for not exploding much sooner.

I wonder if Rarity is sew going to regret this day.

Guess Pinkie brought the punch line this time around.

Applejack really is getting the fruits of Spike's pun labour.

Huh, thought Ditzy would've flown off the handle there. But I guess she delivered the finishing blow instead.

Comment posted by the other sans deleted Mar 25th, 2016

6997670 I think I've seen you do better, Other Sans. Either that, or I'm just recovering from all those bad ones. :applejackconfused:

Man, so many of those puns were really cringe inducing. I really liked the part when Rainbow gives up on life though. :rainbowlaugh: I'll give you a like for coming up with all of those terrible puns. :twilightsheepish:

You should feel really bad for making so many bad puns in such a small chapter.
*Says the guy that was wearing a shit eating grin through out the whole story while laughing his a butt off*

Mach 10 pun reaction. Unless that's a constant of Spike, your pacing was interesting.

My inner Papyrus is raging with anger right now after reading this story.


But other than that, I liked it, especially when Derpy said her pun to Spike at the end. :pinkiehappy:

Good try I have heard wrost, it's no Chuggaaconroy

“This is how I’m going to die. Surrounded by hats.” ~Rainbow Dash

New favorite quote. Thank you for that.

7347845 my mom would surely hate this fic. She doesn't like puns all that much.

I nust FINALLY read this. It made my day!

Comment posted by Sandstorm94 deleted Dec 4th, 2016

I bet this is what spending a day with Chuggaconroy is like.

This was a very pun time I would furget this it was a punful

...or maybe Edd (RIP), Sans, or Yang. XD

Jeez, with Derpy joining in on the action, imagine how this fanfic can end if given another pair of paragraphs...

Nightmare Moon breaks through the ceiling


Spike looked around the kitchen, trying to find a way to set up his next joke when suddenly, he found the perfect prop! He quickly ran to the open utinsel drawer, pulled out a cheese grater and replied, “I slept grate! ”

How cheesy.

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