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My passion is writing. I love to create vivacious worlds, characters, creatures and tales and fashion imaginative and engaging history thereof.


This story is a sequel to Home for the Holidays

It was something the dragon never expected to happen. Not by a long shot.

A few months ago, during the Hearth's Warming Eve celebration, Spike discovered that Rarity, the mare of his dreams, had been harbouring feelings for him for just about as long as he had been for her. It was surely a surprise to him, though that and the kiss her confession came with was not an unwanted one.

Now, on Hearts and Hooves Day, the most romantic day of the year, and with all of the necessary preparations made, the dragon resolved to show Rarity just how much she meant to him.

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Comments ( 15 )

6948769 You are most definitely welcome and this has got to be the best Sparity fic I have ever seen!

6948776 Thank you very much, that's kind of you to say. I have more like it on here, if you're interested.

6948935 You're welcome and you are also welcome to see my blogs.

6948962 Hmm. Interesting story ideas. Are all of the characters from the show going to be involved in your story?

6948997 Yep including Rainbow Dash and Flash Sentry.

6949593 I see. Well I'm intrigued to see what you do with that story of yours.

6950353 It will combine the elements of Mass Effect and the G1 Series.

6950380 Ahh, that would make sense. Interesting.

6951033 And guess who the villain is?

6951086 Do I have multiple guesses? Because I can think of a couple from G1 of ponies, such as Tirek and the Smooze, and Harbringer from Mass Effect.

Another beautiful Sparity story. It's so nice to see Spike's dreams come true.

I hope we will always have our fan fictions to give them a happy ending.


Thank you quite truthfully. I haven't received comments on either of these tales in years. The only tale with rather consistent comments is Heart Scales and Diamonds of the Soul, which isn't an atrocious matter by any means. Yet I do enjoy reading about what is excellent and likely what requires a bit of polish. I wish that I garnered supplementary comments about those matters which require a touch of polishing, yet that is quite alright. I am a perfectionist and only publish these chapters thereafter finding no errors within.

If I have any matter to speak of in regards to these two lovely and generous individuals, there will always be a magnificent life awaiting them. Thank you once again for the comment, it means a great deal to read that my tales bring joy and cheer to others. These tales are how I express myself and my feelings in every fashion.

I cannot wait to read your thoughts on my further tales.

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