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A normal day in Ponyville, ponies go about their business, buying, selling, fillies conning ponies into buying lemonade, the usual. Twilight Sparkle heads out to the market to buy stuff for a salad and doesn't expect anything else.

Then there is an explosion.

This story is part of The Equestria Tales series.

This story is technically speaking old and only been recently spruced up a little so it fits the minimum word length for submission here on Fimfiction. It happens somewhere during season 3, so this is pre-ascension Twilight.

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:rainbowlaugh: Typical CMC!

6935675 Typical indeed, I quite enjoy writing the CMC and their antics. :pinkiehappy:

Well since there is no remains of the barn raining down they did a really good job of BLOWING it up

7384143 They certainly did. :pinkiehappy:

Nice story. but I don't think you need the mystery tag, since there;s not much mystery around. Other than that, it's a neat little story for a short one-shot.

7388958 Glad you liked it. :twilightsmile: And yeah good point, I think I originally just put it as a joke, though I don't recall. :rainbowlaugh: I have now removed the unnecessary tag.

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