• Published 15th Feb 2016
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These Final Words - Scorch215

Twilight and her friends listen to the final transmissions of a dying planet.

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Twilight and her friends sat in the radio room, Twilight adjusting dials on the radio trying to find the alien signal, it had been about three days since she had last heard from Captain Graceland and they all wanted to know what was happening to them.

“Twi I don’t think they are going to be on.” Applejack said walking up beside the Alicorn. “They are probably busy dealing with the sick.”

“I know but I just want to know they are ok. “Twilight said, she knew her desire to hear from the alien was moving past just curiosity about them but she couldn’t get what Graceland was having to deal with out of her head. The Idea of a stallion having to deal with so many sick ponies while having no help from the outside do to some sort of disaster and the Captain talking into a radio in the vain hope of somepony hearing? She felt if she didn’t listen then she was abandoning the aliens and somehow making everything the captain was doing mean nothing.

“Twilight darling, I want to know what is happening with those ponies as well but I think he are getting to close to this. “Rarity said placing hoof on her friend’s shoulder.

“No, I’m fine. “Twilight said as she adjusted dials once more her wings shifting in frustration. She didn’t see her friends all share looks of concern.

This is Captain Graceland of the US National Guard broadcasting on all frequencies.

“YES!” Twilight cheer, a large smile on her muzzle as she heard the captain’s voice and she stepped her smile slowly dropping as she realized the Captain sounded exhausted and was taking a while to speak more. After a few minutes there was a sigh.

My men did a sweep of the bunker with their Geiger counters and confirmed significant damage to part of the bunker allowing radiation to leak inside.

Twilight blinked and searched her mind for a definition of radiation but came up blank as Graceland sighed once more.

I had the section of the bunker sealed but it maybe too late as the leak was significant and more and more people are getting sick and the sicker are getting sicker. I fear we may all be suffering from severe radiation poisoning.

The six mares recoiled their ears plastered against their heads. They may not know was radiation was but poisoning they did know.

I ordered my men to give their Iodine pills to the kids in hopes it will be enough to counteract the effects at least for them. I’m not going to lie though, I don’t think our chances are very good and a lot of people are scared. Oh who am I kissing we are all scared shitless.

The way I see it the earthquake mixed with whatever damage was caused by the bombs landing nearby lead to the breech and we didn’t catch it in time.

The mares jumped as there was the sound of something being thrown against the wall.

I should have fucking had my men sweep the bunker with their Geiger counter just after the quake that way they could have found it early and sealed the section off and prevented all of this. But no, no I had my men do a visual inspection only I didn’t even think of a leak till after people started getting sick.

And now because of me we may all die in this godforsaken hole in the ground.

Twilight looked at the radio in horror. Whatever was wrong whatever this radiation was doing it was bad enough that the captain thought they were going to die.

I know I could make an excuse of me having to keep track of so many things, or it’s due to how little I’ve been able to sleep or any number of other excuses available to me but that won’t change the fact of what is happening now.

Come on we know you have meds for this, you are the fucking military.

You all need to return to the main room, we are doing everything we can for you.

What the hell?

Twilight blinked as she could hear distant raised voices.

Bullshit you are just keeping everything for yourselves to save your own asses!

Sir step back now! You are all ordered to return to the main room now!

Fuck you we aren’t leaving till you help us!

Sir don’t--

Twilight and the other jumped as there was a crash and then the radio speakers were filled with the sound of loud bangs and clatter and the sound of screams of pain and fear.


Twilight head the sound of hooffalls galloping from the radio.

Cease firing! Cease firing! I am fucking ordering you to cea—

Twilight blinked as the radio suddenly cut out in a wave of static. “What? NO!’ Twilight cried out and teleported over to the radio and started to turn dials desperately trying to get the signal back. “Come one, where is it.” She said.

She didn’t notice the fact her friends had all paled. After a few minutes Twilight felt a hoof on her shoulder. “Twi I think that’s enough for today.” Applejack said.

“No, I can get the signal back.” Twilight said and kept turning knobs, she had to know what happened.

“Twilight darling Applejack is right. I think we have listened enough.” Rarity said and gently used to magic to pull Twilight around to face the,

Twilight blinked as she saw her friend’s faces and then took a deep breath looking down. “I guess you are right.

Applejack placed a hoof on the young Alicorn’s shoulder again. “Cheer up Twi, everything will be ok, I am sure of it.”

“I guess you are right AJ.” Twilight said, her friends shared a look and when Twilight walked out of the room they all followed.

Author's Note:

well one more chapter left and then this story is concluded though I think everyone can tell how this will end.