• Published 15th Feb 2016
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These Final Words - Scorch215

Twilight and her friends listen to the final transmissions of a dying planet.

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It had been a few days since Twilight and her friends had listened to the alien captain’s call for help and in that time Twilight had been having an inner battle between her curiosity about the aliens and the fact she was horrified by what seemed to be happening to them. She hadn’t been sleeping to well do to a few nightmares she had been having about what little she had heard over the radio but the last couple of night Luna seems to have noticed as her dreams have been her normal good dreams.

It was a little before lunch when a knock came at the castle door and Spike went to answer it as Twilight finished the page of the book she was reading, she reached the end of it and marked her place she was surprised to find Fluttershy entering the room following Spike, the yellow Pegasus had a concerned look on her face.

“Fluttershy is everything alright? Is something wrong with one of your animals?” Twilight asked setting her book to the side.

“Oh, no my animals are fine, thank you for asking. “Fluttershy said and shifted on her hooves a bit uncomfortable as she stared down at them. “It’s just….”

Twilight waited for a few moment to see if her friend would continue band when she did not she spoke up. “Just what? Fluttershy you know you can talk to me about anything.”

Fluttershy looked up at the purple Alicorn and hide partly behind her mane. “It’s just…I want to see how the aliens are doing.” She said in a soft voice.

Twilight blinked. “What? But….you heard what was happening, why do you want to hear more?”

The other mare nodded. “I know and that’s why I want to hear more, I want to make sure they are ok and know if they got any help.” She said. “It’s been bothering me since we left here a few days ago and I need to know they are ok.”

Twilight stared at her friend in disbelief, out of all her friends Fluttershy had been the last one she had expected wanting to hear more of the aliens plight but she could see the determination in the other mares eye, she knew what she was asking but she wanted to know.

Sighing Twilight got to her hooves. “Ok, we can listen for a little bit if I can the signal again, I haven’t used the radio sine that day.” Twilight said as she started to make her way towards the radio room the yellow Pegasus following close behind.

Once they reached it Twilight turned on the radio and started to adjust dials as she searched for the alien signal.

…and water are not an issue, the bunker has more than enough for how many of us there are.

Twilight stopped as she heard the voice of Captain Graceland talking from the speakers.

Mrs. Andrews has set up a sort of school for the children and when I asked why she was setting up a school she told me that even if we are stuck in this bunker it is no excuse for the children to abandoned their learning. Needless to say I was taken aback by her response and I had expected the kids to groan and not want to learn but it seems they are enjoying it, I think it’s because of the fact it is something familiar while everything else is so up into the air right now.

Twilight couldn’t help smiling as she heard the Captain explain that the aliens seem to be doing ok and actually were adapting to whatever was happening to them and she saw Fluttershy with a relieved smile as well.

So far everyone seems to be settling in to wait, I keep trying to raise command but have gotten no response, I evens started broadcasting on open frequencies hoping to hear from anyone though it seems if anyone is out there they either can’t hear this or have no way to respond or that our antenna isn’t working and I’m talking into dead air.

That produced a small frown from the face of the two ponies at this. If the captain hadn’t been able to reach anyone then why was he broadcasting, they got their answer when the Captain continued as if he heard their thoughts.

I have no idea why I’m even bothering to broadcast at this point, maybe it’s on the off chance I get a response or maybe it’s just something for me to do that doesn’t involve trying to keep things organized among a hundred and fifty scared civilians when all I have are twenty of my fellow guardsmen. Who knows, I’m not a psychologist, I just do what I am told and follow my duty.

Twilight blinked at this, psychology was a relatively new science in Equestria but the way the captain spoke it sounded like it was well established on the aliens world, at least enough so for him to mention it

Anyways I suppose I should get back to….what the hell?

Twilight blinked as the Captain suddenly shifted tone and then she started to hear a low rubbing sound from the speakers.

Is that a….oh shit!

Twilight flinched back as the captain yelled as the rumbling grew louder and she could hear crashing over the radio.

After a few minutes the rumbling stopped.

Is everyone alright? Report damnit!

Twilight could hear Captain Graceland shouting, he sounded distant from the radio.

You there go check on the civilians make sure they weren't hurt in that quake.

There was a short pause and then the Captain spoke again much closer to the radio.

We just had a massive earthquake, I’m signing off as we need to check to make sure the bunker wasn’t damaged, this is Captain Graceland of the US National Guard signing off.

Twilight heard the radio go dead as the Graceland shut off his radio and twilight made her way over to hers to shut it off as well. Once that was done she turned back to her friend. “Well they seem to be doing ok all things considered.”

Fluttershy nodded and smiled. “Yeah, I’m so happy to hear that.” She’s aid and then he smile fell. “Um…Twilight…if its ok with you…could I come by in a couple of days and maybe listen to more? I want to make sure they are all ok after having an earthquake as it sounded bad.”

“Well…”Twilight thought, she had to admit her curiosity had won out do to hearing that the aliens were doing ok despite everything. “I don’t see why not.” She said with a smile. “We could invite the girls over again and make it a small get together.
Fluttershy nodded with a smile. “I’d like that.”

After that they two talked for a few more minutes before Fluttershy said her goodbyes and left as Twilight returned to her reading.

Author's Note:

well here is the next chapter of this story, not sure how much longer it will last.