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Button Mash is a connoisseur of video games, an owner that prides in keeping his CDs and cartridges in good order even though the same can't be said about his room.

Then why does he find a damaged cartridge hidden within the mess around him?

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This... this is beautiful. It should be featured. It should also have the sad and tragedy tags, though...

6936819 Completely forgot the sad tag but wasn't sure if this counted as tragedy. Went ahead and added both.

It's never easy dealing with the one that got away. :fluttershysad:

I had to go through this once...
Just hope me and Button find someone,
Hope? Da heck am I thinking of course we're gonna find someone, it's just a matter of patience.

OMC it's so sad!!

My heart broke. As Button made one of my memories trigger on my head:fluttercry:

One of my favorites. This story introduced me to the Button Mash and Sweetie Belle ship.

7435775 That ship has been around for ages. This story just happens to be my own twist to that.


7879042 Not sure where else I could go with this. Well, okay. Maybe Button Mash finds someone else but I'm sure that's been done already.

7879546 so a sequel is not going to be made?:fluttershysad::fluttershysad::fluttershysad:

7879546 and also I have read alot maybe all buttonbelle/sweetiemash stories in fim fiction and I can say without a doubt 3 or 4 stories have button mash finds someone else but what makes that interesting is how button meets them *cough* scootamash/buttonloo *cough* or you know any pony maybe even a oc it only works if you make the moment they meet special

And I have no doubt you can make that moment special

I'm a gigantic buttonbelle shipper, and I'm not gonna lie but when this story mentioned that this new guy came and stole sweetie from button and that he never got the chance, I got pretty pissed and started to cry. This story was very well written and if you have been hooked to Buttonbelle for a while, I think that this would've been upsetting to some people. Very well done.:applecry:

i enjoy this. a dosage of reality many fimfictioners dont wish they experience, but they do. relatable in every sense of the word. i would definitely enjoy a sequel of perhaps button’s downfall as i would imagine from someone with a psyche like his, he couldnt be able to keep it up for too much longer. or just maybe button finds somebody else. to people who might’ve experienced this or are even treading down the same path, it’d do different people like myself some closure towards the story, rather than button just seemingly walking towards the abyss of “hopeful loneliness”, which can only lead the reader to believe possible suicide, never meeting his special someone or even meeting a special someone, only for it to fall apart due to his sore wound that still keeps his attraction to his “princess”. some sort of closure would be appreciated, but alas, the author chooses not so i will respect his choice. this is a masterpiece of reality, nonetheless. reminds the readers not all endings are happy.

this story wants that, and by god does it deliver with the sense of want. a desire to see the end. an end that like button, we only wish we could see.

I've had a few wanting a sequel to this but I figured I would let the reader determine what happens afterward. Besides, this story was practice for me on writing something where things don't work out.

acceptable, but nonetheless an excellent story

Nice story, excellent indeed, BUT MY SHIIIIPP!!!

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