• Published 17th Feb 2016
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A Lonely Valentine's Day - Father Pie

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I Miss You

Sunset sat at her table, a large glass filled with alcohol sat in front of her, her mind swam through memories and feelings of faint kisses brushing against her lips.

"Dagi... stop it~" Sunset weakly protested as her lovers mouth planted soft delicate kisses along her neck. Adagio glanced up at Sunset's expression, a smirk had grown on her face as she watched Sunset weakly struggle against her.

Sunset's head jolted upwards, Sunset blearily shook her alcohol fuzzed mind back in consciousness. Sighing softly Sunset stared at her drink, watching as the liquid slowly rocked back and forth from her sudden movements, feeling her eye lids becoming heavy, Sunset rested her head on her arms and fell back into unconsciousness.

Sunset was walking down a snowy street, her hand holding the hand of her recent lover; Adagio for her part was smiling broadly as she talked about some of her adventures in the human world, Sunset nodding every now and again clearly enjoying the presence of Adagio. Sunset turned her head and watched Adagio animatedly move her hands as she was busy explaining to her how a typewriter worked, Sunset smiled softly as she watched her lover continued to talk.

Sunset once again awoke much to her annoyance, sighing she grabbed her glass of alcohol and downed half of it in one go, Sunset sighed contentedly as the drink felt warm in her stomach. Sunset turned and looked at her clock, 4:00 p.m., shaking her head Sunset felt around her table; finding her phone she entered her password and began to check for any new messages, Sunset sighed in annoyance as soon as she saw that she had received eight messages asking if she was okay. Taking time to reply to each one ensuring that she was fine. Once again her mind began to wander.

Sunset fell onto her bed, as she bounced, she giggled softly. Adagio crawled over Sunset, their mouths inches apart, instead of kissing, Adagio began trailing kisses down Sunset's body. Sunset started to breathe unevenly as her excitement began to build, Adagio started to undo her shirt, while Sunset pulled her shirt off. Adagio lowered her head and whispered into Sunset's ear.

"I can't wait for this, tonight you'll be under my spell~" Adagio softly sang into her ear.

Sunset had lost herself in a fond memory that she had shared with her special love, shaking her head Sunset scowled, grabbing her drink she downed the rest of it; when Sunset didn't feel any more liquid entering her mouth she growled angrily, reaching under her table she grabbed a fresh bottle of booze and started to drink it greedily, once that too was finished she grabbed another, as she brought it to her mouth something stopped her from downing it. Sunset brought the drink in front of her eyes and wistfully recalled what it was like to drink with some one important.

Adagio had brought Sunset to a cheap looking bar for their one year anniversary, frowning she turned and questioningly glanced at Adagio, Adagio simply smiled and shrugged her shoulders and walked inside, sighing Sunset followed her in. Once inside Sunset's jaw hit the floor, the bar was covered in expensive looking furniture and across was a cordoned off room full of tables and couples eating dinner. Adagio called Sunset over to her, she was standing in front of a small podium with a man checking a list, as she neared the man nodded to Adagio and let her past the rope that separated restaurant and bar; the man behind the podium simply lifted the rope off its hook and let her pass.

"I wondered why you were so dressed up for going to a bar Dagi, if you told me we were going to eat at a nice restaurant I would dressed more appropriately..." Sunset trailed off as Adagio grabbed her hand.

"You look beautiful my love, you look like a diamond, so~ what do you want to eat?" Adagio asked as she picked up her menu and began to scan for something that look appetizing.

Sunset watched Adagio, something seemed off about the ex-siren, she seemed fidgety. What Sunset didn't notice however was the small box Adagio had put back into her purse.

Sunset's mind was had been slipping into memories that she didn't feel like reliving, this evening was proving to be pretty troublesome– Scratch that, this day in general was terrible! Sunset looked at the drink in her hand, Sunset frowned, drinking this much wasn't a good idea but by this point she didn't care, downing the whole bottle in one go Sunset felt better again; She felt so good that she decided she should invite Adagio over, as Sunset reached for her phone her world came crashing down around her, She couldn't call Adagio...

Adagio had decided that they would go on a romantic walk that evening, after all it was Valentine's Day, the girls had dressed for the relatively warm day; Snow fell from the night sky and reflected the light in a beautiful display for all who went out that evening. The park was quiet except for the laughs and chatter from the lonely couple, both were unaware of their third wheel.

"Sunset, I love you so much, you've help me so much... and I want to ask you a question," Adagio trembled as she worked up her courage to ask Sunset to marry her, Sunset for her part was shaking with excitement, could this be the moment she was waiting for? Her question was confirmed when Adagio dropped to her knee and pulled out a small jewelry box, inside sat a golden ring with a small red ruby. "Sunset Shimmer... Will you marry m–" Adagio was cut off as a man interrupted her question.

"Hands up! I hope you two will forgive my interruption," Adagio and Sunset immediately threw their hands into the air, the man wore a ski mask and was pointing a gun at them. "Alright, I want this to go smoothly okay?" The stocky man spoke clearly, both the girls nodded. The man approached them and with his free hand began to search their purses. With the man preoccupied going through their purses Adagio began to slowly move around him, Sunset stared at Adagio shaking her head back and forth silently pleading for Adagio to stop her plan.

"Hey! Where'd that girl of yours wander off too!" The man shouted as her check behind Sunset, Adagio swung her hand as hard as she could, her fist connected with the side of their culprits head; the man finger reflexively pulled the trigger of pistol, the bullet passed right through Sunset's leg, Sunset's fell to the ground screaming in pain as her hands instinctively grabbed the wound, Adagio began to beat down on the man savagely.

As Sunset lay on the ground her vision had blurred from the pain but she could here the struggle as the man tried to defend himself from Adagio, it sounded as if she was winning. Then a loud 'bang' resounded around the park, the park fell deathly still, Sunset's vision cleared as adrenaline rushed through her body; Sunset's eyes found Adagio standing still, her hands were shaking softly and her eyes wide from shock, her coat had turned noticeably red.

Adagio's face conveyed a shocked expression as she fell to the ground, Sunset's eyes widened in horror, how could this day have gone so wrong! The man pulled himself to his feet and was muttering to himself, Sunset stared at him willing for her hatred to kill the man on the spot.

Sunset felt her eyes begin to water, she once again grabbed another bottle and slowly drank this one as she relived repressed memories.

Sunset awoke in a hospital, the constant 'beep' 'beep' of the monitor beside her had begun to give her a headache. Her mind barely registered that her friends were trying to get her attention, her mind was preoccupied with images of Adagio's expression just before she fell to the ground. Sunset felt a prodding on her arm and turned her attention to find the source of the annoyance, it turned out to be a nurse taking her blood.

When the nurse left the room soon afterwards a doctor walked in, he gave her a soft smile and pulled a chair up beside her bed, he turned to the girls and asked them to leave, much to their annoyance.

"Ms. Shimmer, right?" The doctor asked her, Sunset just nodded as she stared at the wall. "I'm sorry to inform you of... Um– Ms. Dazzle's recent passing, we tried our hardest to save her life... But the trauma she suffered from that gunshot, there was no way we could have saved her. I'll give you some time to yourself okay?" The doctor got up from his seat and left the room. Sunset continued to stare at the wall, her mind was in overdrive and her emotions were being overloaded.

Sunset regarded the bottle in her hand... Sunset scowled angrily and threw the bottle against the wall, the bottle shattered and any liquid inside splattered against the wall and floor, Sunset flipped her table and began screaming as she ran into her room, as she threw herself onto her bed she buried her face in some pillows and began to cry; as Sunset thrashed around on her bed her foot kicked the nightstand.

Calming down after a few minutes she began to clean up the mess in her room, as she was cleaning her bedroom her hand bumped against a picture frame, Sunset felt tears forming again as she stared at a picture of her and Adagio sitting in a cab on a Ferris Wheel overlooking Canterlot City. Sunset sighed and began to walk towards her kitchen, she'd would also have to clean up the shattered glass.

Sunset sat alone in a funeral house, the funeral had ended about an hour earlier. Sunset stared at Adagio's peaceful form wondering if they would ever meet again, Sunset glanced at her own hand, on her ring finger sat a golden ring with a red ruby in the middle. She didn't smile or frown, but regarded the ring thoughtfully, Bringing her eyes to Adagio's face again Sunset started to tear up.

"Adagio... Why did you do it? Why'd you leave me!" Sunset fell over onto Adagio's still cold chest, tears streamed from Sunset's face onto Adagio's clothed corpse.

Sunset failed to notice as Aria walked up to her, though she did feel her arms wrap around her shoulders and she heard the soft cooing in her ear, this only made Sunset cry harder.

Sunset finished cleaning her kitchen, tears slowly fell from her eyes. Sunset took a seat back at her table, pulling out her phone she dialed Adagio's number.

"Hello, You've reached Adagio Dazzle, please leave a message, thank you~" Adagio's voice played into Sunset's ear.

"Hi Adagio, it's Sunset... I– Ugh– I miss you, and wanted to say yes to your question, I will marry you... I love you..." Sunset trailed off as she finally said it, though she wished with all her heart that Adagio was still around to hear it.

Author's Note:

This came to me suddenly, Please feel free to point out any typos/ Spelling errors.

Comments ( 10 )

I genuinely shed tears for this one. Good job.

Wow... Just.... Wow

Aw now im sad :raritycry:

This one is going to my faves.

Have you gotten inspiration from "Daniel gabits"(I probably spelled it wrong) or is this just 100% you?

6960202 I've no idea who that is, so yeah, 100% me.

I...I...I..have no words, this ship is my entire heart. Never in my thirty years have I found a better couple..but this fic...makes mine look like trash. Amazing pure..amazing

I like your style, it actually scarily reminds me of my style when I started writing. Even the almost-inappropriate-but-completely-PG-13 implied liaisons in the flashbacks.:pinkiecrazy:

The overall storyline is very simplistic - predictable to a T - but you allowed for some wiggle room by splitting it up between present/past and that made it a lot more interesting. That said, the plot isn't engaging: it's possibly even a cheap tear-jerker tactic, though effective and evocative.
No, the strength of this piece is the detail and language. Honestly, I'd want more to the language. There was a lot of vague descriptors (aka "telling, not showing") that really made it felt phoned in, like Sunset Shimmer was 'just going through the motions again' but had no passion, like it had been drained out of her while she tries to throw her weight around and live her life. It's like mac and cheese without butter or mashed potatoes without salt, the flavor is there but not the soul.

This needs editing/proofreading because there are a few minor errors (capitalizing after a semicolon, missing apostrophes in improper nouns (eg "culprits" should've been "culprit's"), possibly more I didn't catch on a first read through).
A tip: a semicolon breaks things up and commands the reader to stop there for a moment, where a comma is nearly invisible. Food for thought. Also, some sentences drag on quite a bit even after the pivotal "a-ha!" point.:facehoof:

Though it certainly doesn't deserve a downvote, I can't in good conscience upvote this. I had a reasonably good time reading this fic and look forward to going through your other ones. Should you ever need an editor, I'd be alright if it was you asking. :twilightsmile:

7232075 Thank you for the feedback! Also if you could forgive my late reply, I've been busy lately and away for the last month, and I will be busy for the summer.

Oh, this was sad, but done well.

I cried,this is an amazing story.

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